The One That I Picked

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Chapter 7

After that amazing experience you just had with Reynold and after a few minutes in bed relaxing to recover, he takes you home. It was late, so when you got to your building, you just gave him a kiss on his cheek and left. He waited until you were safe inside before he drove away. When he got home, he sent a text.

Reynold: “I just got home. Tonight was fun!”

Hannah: “Yes, it was. Thanks for the coffee.”

Reynold: “Anytime…”

After that, you noticed a few messages from Sofia.

Sofia: “Hey! You still not home yet? Are you okay? Please call me!”

Shoot! I forgot about her…

Hannah: “I just got home. Sorry I didn’t say anything before.”

And right after that, she calls you.

“Where were you? I was worried sick!”

“I met Reynold for coffee, then he took me to his apartment, and…”

“OMG!!” She doesn’t let you finish, “I’m so happy for you…”

“Gosh! Stop screaming…”

“How did it go? Did he make it up for disappointing you last time?”

“Oh yeah… you can bet on it.” You smile proud, remembering the many ways he made it up to you.

“Hahaha… that’s great. I’m proud of you for getting laid. Baby steps until you forget all about Stephen.”

“Ugh… tell me about it!”

You were very exhausted, after the activity you just had. So, you only had the strength to take a shower and put your pajamas. Sleep came easy that night.

Few days pass by, and you kept talking with Reynold through text, but just shallow conversations. You didn’t want to make the first move because you were hoping not to sound too desperate, and seems like he was doing the same; so, it basically became a game of cat and mouse. One late evening, after a long day processing salaries and closing the month’s budget, you were getting ready to sleep when you got a text from Reynold.

Reynold: “What are you doing?”

Hannah: “Getting ready for bed.”

Reynold: “What are you wearing?”

Should I tell him the truth?

Hannah: “On my most comfy pajamas looking like an old lady.”

Reynold: “Ah! I would like to see if that’s even possible. Can I come and confirm?”

Hannah: “Yeah, sure.” You dare him.

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