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This is a story about all the zodiac signs I have had relationships and relations with. This will definitely be a rollercoaster of emotions and sexual fantasies.

Erotica / Humor
Apríl Ross
Age Rating:

A Taurean Woman in the making.

Wassup y'all my name is Dawn Rivera. I was born in Baton Rouge,Louisiana. I was raised in a small country area in Zachary, Louisiana. I'm not going cut any corners with y'all. I'm a sex addict and here's where it all started. I was taking a bath one-day and happened to rub my wash cloth on my pussy the right way. It sent chills to my spine and feeling of ecstasy throughout my body. The more I did it the better it felt. So I went faster and couldn't take it anymore It felt like my pussy exploded with happiness. I blacked out and woke up in the tub. I cleaned myself off put my robe on and ran to my room. I laid down in shock from what I had just done to myself. I knew from that day forward I wanted to make my myself feel like that everyday. So days went by and I made myself cum over and over the same way everyday. It eventually got old. So I started thinking of new ways to make me nut. Then I discovered porn. I spent my entire summer break masturbating and making myself feel good. I'm not sure if I can interact with people after all the freak stuff I've watch and climaxed too. I spent my last middle school years thinking of some wild things I'd do to people. I never acted on it. I was entirely too shy. One day in highschool I met this guy who unleashed all my sexual desires. It was my freshmen year when I met Avery Matthews. A cancer or should I say. A mean sensitive insecure freak from hell itself.

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