War of the Dragons

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Chapter 10 - Tracking

Lillian wasn’t sure if she had heard Flynn correctly or not as she stood still in his embrace, strapped to him and surrounded by his muscular arms. Did he just say that they were flying off the cliff side? No, that couldn’t be right! There was no way that he would...

Her eyes went wide as he intentionally leaned them both over the edge and gravity suddenly began to take hold, pulling them down at a rapid pace toward the ground below.

Lillian screamed loudly, forcing her eyes closed tightly as she snuggled in against Flynn’s chest.

Then, just when she swore her heart had stopped beating due to immense fear, she heard a ‘tearing’ sound and felt a sudden change in their direction, as if something had begun to lift them up again. She opened one eye at a time and looked around in complete terror at where they were now.

They were up at least one hundred feet in the air and soaring through the sky!

“What?” she whispered to herself, then noticing the pair of giant purple-tinged wings flapping from behind Flynn as he held at her and looked down below for a place for them to land safely.

“You have WINGS?” she seemed shocked by this.

He gave her a puzzled look, with his brows furrowed in the centre of his face.

“All Veemon have wings, your highness.” he explained. “You really don’t know a lot about my kind, do you?”

She seemed shy when answering.

“No... I’m afraid not.”

The truth was that Lillian had never even met a member of the Veemon race until Flynn. She knew absolutely nothing about them, other than the fact that they were known to have been wiped out a long time ago.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have you safely on the ground in no time.” he assured her as he began to glide to the right, turning and heading in a different direction entirely.

“Where are we going?” she asked, struggling to speak loud enough through the sound of the passing wind rushing by.

“Finding a place to hide out...” he replied loudly enough for her to hear his voice. “For now anyway. We need to get them off our tail before we head back to Westoria. They’ll be expecting we do that.”

Lillian’s heart warmed suddenly.

“You’re planning on taking me back home?” she asked him, seeming surprised.

“Of course.”

He quickly gave her a warm smile, then focused on where he was going once more. The two of them continued to soar through the sky together, headed for the thickest part of the surrounding Binliin Forest and hopefully, a place they could hide until they were no longer being chased.

Draxus’ amber eyes would not blink as he sat there, staring down at one of Lillian’s nightgowns as he held it in his hands. The white silk material felt soft in such masculine hands as he lifted it up closer to his face, right underneath his nose. Taking a deep breath in, he closed his eyes and inhaled her sweet scent in through his nostrils; he could almost picture her lying there on the bed beside him. Those beautiful emerald eyes, staring back at him and her soft pink lips curved upward in a loving smile...

He missed her so much.

The wait was silently killing him inside; he wasn’t sure how much more his heart could take of this uncertainty. He needed to get out the castle and go search for her! Staying put was getting them nowhere and his patience had worn dangerously thin.

A welcoming distraction caught his attention just at the right moment as there was a knock at the royal chamber doors. Without glancing up from Lillian’s nightgown, Draxus called out with his deep and husky voice.


The doors opened and in marched Zaar, followed closely by the Master Mage Paladin and General Shasharan, each with a matching smile on their face.

“My King, we believe that we’ve finally located the Queen!” Zaar announced eagerly as they stopped at one of the large oak desks in the room and Paladin began to roll out a large paper map across its surface.

Draxus placed the nightgown onto the bed beside him as he quickly stood and made his way across to join them standing around the desk. He looked down at the map and listened as his visitors began to explain.

“Give me a report of your findings.” he commanded calmly, although his heart was racing deep within his large chest with anticipation.

Paladin pointed with his finger to the ink drawing scrawled on the large map, his finger hovering just over Binliin Forest, beside the massive Hyvanuss Mountain Range as he began to explain.

“It took several attempts, but the crystal finally locked onto her position. I believe this was due to powerful concealing spell that had been used to block any attempts at tracking her location, probably being used by whoever was behind her kidnapping.” Paladin explained. “But now...”

He pulled out the crystal, tied to the end of a long piece of string and held it over the top of the map. All four of them stood watching intently as the glistening gemstone suddenly began to shudder, then flew straight down and landed on top of the Forest on the map.

“It’s like whatever was blocking her location is gone now.” Paladin added, shaking his head as he narrowed his eyes and leaned in closer to see where the crystal was on the map.

“Hold on a second... it’s moved!” he spoke softly with both surprise and concern.

“What?” Draxus asked.

“What do you mean by that?” the General added.

“The crystal, it’s moved from where it landed the last time I performed the tracking spell. They’re no longer in the same place... It’s as if she’s travelled further in this direction... or something?” he pointed with his finger.

“They’re moving her?” Zaar asked, his expression of confusion mirrored by each of the men standing there. “Why would they do that?”

“It would make no sense to move her. They have to know we’d be searching for her.” Shasharan reminded.

“Can we confirm the direction she’s headed in?” Draxus asked, crossing his bulging arms across his chest.

“Yes sire, it appears she’s headed North-West, across the dense Binliin Forest.” Paldin replied.

“I know it well.” Draxus announced, turning and moving to stand beside Paladin now, slapping his hand down onto the Mage’s shoulder. “Paladin, prepare for our journey.”

The Master Mage’s eyes widened as he turned to watch the King making his way toward the doorway, alerting them all to his sudden departure.

“My King, where are you going?” Shasharan queried.

“Wait, you mean I’m coming with you?” he called out after Draxus as he quickly grabbed the map and crystal and followed along after him out through the doorway.

Draxus spoke gruffly as he ignored their desperate calls behind him and marched out the doorway.

“I’ve waited long enough... I’m going to find my wife.”

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