War of the Dragons

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Chapter 12 - Seeking Lodging

As per Flynn’s instructions, Queen Lillian kept her hood up over her head from prying eyes and keeping her identity a secret from those around them as they entered the village’s local Inn. Lillian stood close behind him as he paid money to the Inn Keeper, hoping to hire a room for them for the night.

“We don’t serve your kind around here, Veemon scum!” the Inn Keeper sneered loudly, his unfriendly manner obvious as he frowned back at Flynn. “Leave now or else!”

With a great sigh of disappointment, the Veemon warrior knew what he would be forced to do, as much as he hated doing it. As soon as he raised his hand into the air, his eyes began to luminesce a bright purple as his powers activated and he began to take control of the human’s mind while speaking calmly.

“You will agree to give us lodgings for the night...” Flynn commanded dryly, watching as the Inn Keeper nodded in agreement. “Your best room.”

“Yes, you can hire my best room for the night.” he droned, his grey eyes wide and unblinking as the trance maintained control over his thoughts and actions. “Here’s the key to room 5.”

Lillian watched in amazement as Flynn reached out with his free hand and took the small iron key from the man behind the counter, pocketing it with a smile.

“Much better...” Flynn said, patting the Inn Keeper playfully on the side of his cheek. “Oh, and one more thing, best be nice to any Veemon you come across. Believe me, you don’t want to piss any of us off!”

Flynn gave a mischievous grin as he stepped away from the counter and began to lead Lillian across the small room towards the hallway leading down to the rooms. Lillian followed along after him, her eyes never leaving the Inn Keeper as he suddenly shook his head and blinked rapidly; coming out of the trance and wondering what the hell had just happened!

“How did you do that?” she asked as she caught up with his quick pace.

“Hmm?” he asked, turning his head as he walked. “Do what?”

“You... made him act against his own wishes...” she shook her head. “How?”

“Yet another one of my powers your highness, but also the one most frowned upon. Tampering with the minds of others is not something I like to do where given the chance.” he explained. “But in this case, we needed a room and I didn’t want to have to tear up the place to get it. We need to keep a low profile while we’re here Lillian. It’s extremely important, do you understand?”

“Of course.”


He stopped suddenly before a large brown wooden door with a large ‘5’ carved into it’s surface. Flynn reached into his pocket and took out the small iron key, carefully guiding it into the lock and then opening the door inward to reveal their room for the night.

It wasn’t much to say the least.

There was a single bed positioned close to the small fireplace in the corner, a singular window high on the far wall and two small chairs tucked underneath the equally small wooden table. It certainly wasn’t the royal chambers that Lillian was used to, but it would have to do for the night. A place to keep themselves safe and warm from the cold relentlessness of the impending night lurking just outside of their door.

“Alright, remain here and rest. I’ll go find us something to eat.” Flynn began barking orders casually.

“What, no! I’m coming with you!” Lillian snapped.

“Not a chance.”

“I’m serious! I’m better off with you than to remain here alone. It’s not safe for me to be left alone. Please, I’m... I’m...” she paused, her eyes filled with sorrow as she stared at the Veemon standing by the doorway with his hand already on the handle to leave.

“I’m afraid to be alone...” she whispered finally, feeling obvious signs of fear as the words escaped her mouth.

Closing his purple eyes and lowering his head for a moment, Flynn let out a frustrated sigh, then shaking his head as it lifted and his eyes opened again.

“Very well. But you will follow every command I give you!” he pointed his finger at her with raised brows. “No deviations!”

“Understood.” she nodded and smiled with delight as she pulled her hood back up over her head to cover her identity. “You won’t hear a peep out of me.”

Flynn rolled his eyes.

He could feel it; this mistake was going to bite him in the ass later!

Draxus removed his horned helmet as he and the Master Mage Paladin made their way up the small hill leading to the top of the mountain peering out over Binliin Forest. His amber eyes searched desperately for any signs of movement or light in the darkness of night, but found nothing.

Behind him Paladin was busy using a large flat boulder as a temporary table as he worked to lay the large map out over it. He held out his hand and chanted a single word to himself.

“Brise!” (meaning ‘light’)

As soon as he had, a bright blue orb formed above his hand in the air, hovering on its own as the Master Mage then lowered his hand from it and continued on with his work, now clearly visible before him.

Pulling out the crystal tied to string, he held it over the map and closed his eyes for a moment, summoning up his powers to cast the tracking spell for a fourth time.

Within seconds, the crystal darted downwards, landing on the surface of the giant map as Paladin quickly leaned over to see where it had landed. His eyes scanned over the name scribed beside the crystal; ‘Krohas’. The Master Mage read it out aloud.

“Krohas... It’s a small village if I recall.” he announced loud enough for Draxus to hear his words.

The Dragon King turned abruptly upon hearing him and made his way back to the large boulder to join his traveling companion. He too leaned over to take a look at where the crystal had landed this time.

“Yes, and a perfect place to seek lodging for the night.” Draxus added as he stood up straight once more. “We move out, now.”

Paladin wasted no time quickly rolling up the map and pocketing the crystal once more, then following along after Draxus as he made his way back down the hill to where Drako stood waiting for their return. Draxus could feel his heart thumping loudly within his head and chest as he held onto the small strand of hope; hope of seeing his wife again soon.

“The Dragon King’s headed for the forest’s outskirts... most likely the small village that resides there.” the dark priestess Ziya announced as her demonic black eyes peered out across the wilderness below, locked onto Drako as he flew high in the air.

The Bounty Hunters; Ziya, Drovan and Salid stood together on top of a nearby mountain with their dragons waiting just behind patiently. They had been lucky enough to come across Draxus during their search for the Dragon Queen and were allowing him to do the hard work of locating her for them. All they would need do is follow him and the love-struck King would lead them right to wherever Lillian was hiding.

“Come on!” Drovan commanded sternly as he marched back toward his dragon. “We need to hurry!”

Salid moved along after him, silently as usual while Ziya remained standing still, her demonic eyes locked onto her prey. A devilish grin formed at the corner of her mouth as she thought to herself.

“That’s it Dragon King... Lead us to your precious Queen.”

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