War of the Dragons

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Chapter 14 - The Temptation of Revenge

Flynn stood tall in front of Lillian, blocking her path from the unfamiliar and highly dangerous figure standing before them on the darkened pathway.

“Sorry, am I missing something here?” the Veemon warrior asked, looking from Lillian back toward the stranger. “Who the hell are you?”

“Ask her.” Rathman taunted, an upward gesture of his chin used to point toward Lillian who stood cowering behind Flynn. “I’m sure she can tell you all about who I am... and of our time spent together... such precious time...”

“Bastard!” Lillian surprised Flynn as she suddenly snapped at the stranger before them, stepping forward with anger. “How dare you!”

“Oh come now, you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy every single moment of it!” he continued to taunt her, seeing that it was clearly aggravating her.

Flynn reached out to grab Lillian as she went to brush past him, her entire body rigid as her face showed a deepened resentful anger and frustration towards this stranger. Whether it was hormones from her pregnancy or something else, she struggled angrily in his arms and snapped back at Rathman again.

“You son of a bitch, Draxus should have killed you when he had the chance!”

“Lillian, calm down!” Flynn tried to sooth her as he used his muscular strength to keep her at his side and out of harm’s way. “Don’t let him get to you...”

She suddenly stopped struggling, looking up at Flynn with newly formed tears in her emerald coloured eyes.

“Get to me?” she seemed hurt by his comment as her brows knitted together in the centre of her forehead. “This cowardly bastard tied me up and allowed his men to stand by and watch as he violently raped me!”

Flynn’s face had the expression of shock painted across it as he turned to face Rathman; the King simply tilted his head to the side as his shoulders gave a slight shrug of guilt.

“And you knew I was with child!” she spat with fury.

Both of Rathman’s brows rose upon hearing the confirmation.

“So, it is true then, Rayvinn didn’t lie... You do indeed carry the Dragon King’s child... How interesting.”

Lillian instinctively moved her hand to cover her belly as she maintained her eye contact with Rathman.

A new level of anger built within Flynn. He stood as a barrier between Rathman and Lillian now, his sword still grasped tightly in his right hand as he glared across at the cowardly King.

“Listen, I’ll give you one chance... Leave now and I will choose not to harm you.” he warned, his purple eyes narrowing with intensity.

Rathman looked to the floor as he shook his head and spoke.

“Yeah, that’s not happening.” he replied, his eyes flicking back up at Lillian as he spoke his next comment. “I’m not going anywhere without...her!”

“Not an option!” Flynn shot back firmly. “Last chance stranger... Leave now!”

“How about this for an option...” Rathman suddenly suggested.

Lifting his fingers up to press against his lips, Rathman gave a loud high-pitched whistle and in turn signalled his men to reveal themselves from their hiding places. Several figures began to emerge from the surrounding buildings and shadows of the darkened pathway they were currently standing on, beginning to surround the pair in a large circle.

“Flynn!” Lillian whispered with fear.

“I know...” he replied, his eyes moving from one soldier to the next as he began silently counting them.

“We’re outnumbered!” she continued to whisper from behind.

“I know!” he spoke, seeming a little more concerned this time as his count had now exceeded over fifteen soldiers, perhaps twenty!

King Rathman hadn’t moved an inch, the only change visible was his growing smirk as he crossed both of his arms across his chest and watched as his men positioned themselves around the pair; their ambush had worked perfectly!

“This changes nothing.” Flynn announced, moving his sword up a little higher. “She stays here with me. Try and take her and you will lose your life!”

Lillian could hear several of the hooded soldiers standing around them chuckling at his last comment, as if they hadn’t believed the Veemon’s warning.

Rathman’s voice was deeper now, more commanding as he made a warning of his own.

“Now I will give YOU one last chance... surrender the Westorian Queen to me and I will have my men spare your life.”

Flynn’s purple eyes only narrowed slightly; his chest heaving in and out with each of his breaths was his only visible movement. He stood his ground and was not backing down, even though he was clearly outnumbered more than fifteen to one!

Seeing the Veemon’s choice to defy him Rathman shrugged, turning to face one of his soldiers and barking his command.

“Kill this fool and bring the dragon bitch to me!”

Before Lillian got the chance to inhale, several soldiers moved in on the Veemon protecting her, swinging wildly and using all of their brute strength against their opponent. This wasn’t a wise move as Flynn who was clearly more skilled and well-trained, dodged each movement and used the blade of his sword to deflect each oncoming thrust. With a series of thrilling kicks and timed punches he disarmed one soldier after the other and sent them flying in all directions.

As one of the soldiers began to advance upon Lillian, she focused all of her strength into the single instruction, repeating it over and over inside of her head and using her powers to aid her against the enemy threatening her.

“Stay away!” she chanted over and over in her head.

With a simple thrust of her hand, she watched in surprise as the soldier suddenly flew backward and into a nearby brick wall, hitting it hard with a loud grunt and falling down into a crumpled heap on the ground below.

Lillian’s expression mirrored her surprise as she glanced down at her open palm, shocked that her powers had worked for her so easily for once.

Unfortunately for her, it was enough of a distraction for yet another soldier to make his move on the Dragon Queen. The firm grasp of two hands suddenly wrapping themselves around her shoulders from behind caught her off guard and Lillian let out a terrified scream as he began to pull her in towards his chest.

“No... Flynn!”

“Lillian!” Flynn cried out amidst dodging yet another oncoming thrust from the enemy’s blade.

Deciding he needed to assist her, the Veemon quickly swung and connected his closed fist with the soldier’s face, sending him down to the ground and out cold.

He quickly darted across to where Lillian was struggling against the soldier and whipped out a small curved dagger made of Lunai. With a flick of his wrist, he threw it at a tremendous speed, sending it zipping straight into it’s intended target; the soldiers’ forehead.

Wide eyed and shocked, the soldier suddenly released his grip on Lillian and fell backward, down to the ground and lifeless.

“Lillian, run!” Flynn shouted out to her as more soldiers moved in to fight him. “Go now!”

“I won’t leave you here!” she shouted back at him. “Let me he-!”

Head-butting the soldier in front of him, Flynn quickly turned to her as he shouted out again, cutting her off.

“-Get out of here... find a place to hide, I’ll come find you...” he caught an oncoming sword with the edge of his blade, spun around and sliced in one fluent motion, severing the soldier’s head from his shoulders. “Lillian, GO NOW!”

“Damn it!” she snapped.

Scrunching up her face and shaking her head, she forced herself to turn around and run. Being three months pregnant, it was difficult for her to run at a quick pace and her hand moved own to grasp at her growing belly as she moved along as fast as she could handle.

From where Rathman was standing he could see that Lillian was headed in the direction of the neighbouring trees of Binliin Forest. She was planning on losing them in the darkness of the surrounding trees. He grinned at the challenge. Reaching down behind his back, he took out a small dagger and gave chase, straight into the darkness of the nearby treeline and eventually out of sight.

He would have his revenge on the Dragon Queen, one way or another!

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