War of the Dragons

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Chapter 16 - The Warlord Drovan

It didn’t matter how hard Lillian pulled against Drovan’s mighty grip on her arm, she was clearly not strong enough to fight him as the massive Warlord began to pull the struggling Queen along after him. He was forcing her toward the treeline where there was a large clearing located just beyond the trees.

“Let go of me!” she demanded, pulling pointlessly against him. “Please don’t do this. I don’t know who you’re working for, but you don’t have to do this... please, you have a choice!”

“I loyally obey my master, King Xytsis.” Drovan bellowed as he continued pulling her along effortlessly. “He has ordered me to bring you to him.”

Lillian froze upon hearing this.

“Xytsis?” her voice was less than a whisper, showing her new-found concern. “You’re taking me to King Xytsis?”

He merely grinned in response as they finally reached the edge of the treeline and began moving out into the large clearing located right in the centre of the forest. While she struggled, Lillian wondered where this giant monster of a man was taking her; he had to have a means of transportation but she could see no carriage nor horse anywhere in sight.

And where the hell was Flynn?

Suddenly, the terrifying sound of a large creature’s shriek forced its way into their ears, vibrating the very ground beneath their feet as both Drovan and Lillian froze with fear. Glancing upward to see where the sound had come from, they could see nothing but the darkened blanket of the starry night sky looming overhead.

Drovan’s eyes narrowed as his body became rigid with caution, his grip on Lillian’s wrist was tightening with each passing second as he anticipated some sort of an attack.

“What was that?” Lillian asked him, obviously more terrified than he was.

Before he had the chance to reply his eyes shot wide open as the sky itself appeared to have come down right in front of them!

A gigantic black creature emerged from the sky, camouflaged by the darkness of surrounding night as it descended to the ground below and landed on all fours less than ten metres away from them. The impact of it landing created a tremendous ‘BOOM’ sound loud enough to reverberate the grounds for kilometres around. Both Drovan and Lillian worked to steady themselves as the grounds shook from the impact of this monster’s landing.

Turning around, the creature revealed itself to them and Lillian sucked in a deep breath of air as both excitement and relief filled her. It couldn’t be!

She knew this dragon! It was Drako, her husband’s faithful companion!

And that would have to mean that Draxus himself was around here somewhere as well! Would she finally see her husband after being away from him for so long?

Lillian began to scan her surroundings, searching desperately for Draxus as in the meantime, Drovan sized up the giant black-scaled beast standing before him in the large open clearing. Even though Drako was hundreds of times larger than Drovan, the mighty Warlord did not seem to fear the mythical creature as it glared down at him with its almost glowing reptilian eyes.

Drovan surprised Lillian as he suddenly threw her to the ground and looked down at her, pointing with an outstretched finger to emphasise his warning.

“Do not move from this spot!” his words laced with warning as he then turned to focus his sights back on the dragon standing tall before him, adding “This won’t take long.”

Lillian frowned.

He couldn’t be serious, could he? Was he really about to take on a freaking dragon? All on his own? He had to be insane!

She watched in concern as the Warlord squared off against Drako, positioning his feet as if preparing to take an impact of some sort. She did not understand what he was doing. Not until she saw Drako preparing to breathe fire!

“Show me what you’ve got, beast!” Drovan shouted at Drako, his hands out either side of him as he watched the massive dragon's throat lighting up as it breathed in, intent on using fire to take out the Warlord.

All Lillian could do was watch with her eyes wide open as Drako suddenly released the glowing green flames from his open mouth in an intense blaze of death and destruction. Flames which seemed to totally engulf Drovan as he stood still in the same position he had been in only seconds before. Shielding herself from the intense heat of the flames, Lillian could feel her skin warming even from such a distance away.

After the flames had died down and the smoke began to clear, Lillian gasped in surprise as she noticed Drovan’s large figure still standing in the same spot. He was still alive!

“What? How did he do that?” she whispered to herself as she watched Drovan step out from the burned patch of grass and begin to march across the field toward the dragon.

Was he actually challenging a dragon?

“My turn, you ugly beast!” Drovan snapped as he began to jog.

Lifting his right arm up, his fingers touched against the palm of his hand and as if by magic, a long silver spear suddenly formed in his right hand while he continued jogging along toward the giant beast standing before him. He manoeuvred his body to the side slightly as he held the spear tightly and prepared to throw it with the intention of bringing down Drako.

“Drako, no!” Lillian cried out in fear, but it was too late.

With an unhuman like throw, Drovan sent the spear hurtling through the air headed directly for the dragon’s chest.


A darkly-dressed figure suddenly appeared from the shadows of the surrounding trees and moving at lightning speed, came between the giant creature and the rapidly approaching spear. All of this seemed to happen in slow motion for Lillian as she sat on the ground watching the scene play out before her very eyes.

Using his giant long sword, the dark figure slashed at the spear and managed to deflect it from hitting its intended target, saving Drako’s life. Drovan snarled in frustration as the spear fell down to the ground and he turned his attention toward the figure who had intervened with his kill. A familiar figure whom Lillian had also recognised.

“Draxus!” she cried out with excitement.

A big smile spread across her face as her husband, the mighty Dragon King marched across the clearing toward the Bounty Hunter Warlord now responsible for an attempt on his dragon’s life. His expression mirrored his emotions in this very moment as he spoke directly to Drovan with his amber eyes glaring in disgust and anger.

“Why don’t you try that on someone your own size!” Draxus boomed confidently.

Drovan grinned at the challenge.

“So, you’re the infamous Dragon King…” he taunted playfully, “After all the tales I’ve heard of your unlimited power and glory, I have to say I’m rather disappointed… You’re just… so small.”

Draxus smirked as he effortlessly twirled his long sword around in his right hand, while keeping his amber gaze locked onto the Warlord standing before him. He would make Drovan eat those words!

“I’m happy to disappoint you.” the Dragon King commented, stopping about two meters away from the giant Warlord. “Now... I’m afraid you have something of mine…”

“Do I?” Drovan asked with a frown. “If you’re referring to the young woman behind me, I’m afraid she is no longer your concern. She is now property of my master, King Xytsis. I am but one of many tasked with delivering the Queen and I will not fail my mission.”

Draxus shook his head.

“You’re mistaken. That there is my wife, Lillian, Queen of Westoria and I will be reclaiming her safely from you, one way or another. I suggest you hand her over nicely if you value your life.”

Drovan’s eyes narrowed with fury at Draxus’ cockiness. He felt insulted.

“You tiny pathetic fool! Do you really think you stand a chance against me? I have fought thousands of men, conquered armies and spilled blood in the name of my master… Men tremble before me when they-“

Draxus rolled his eyes as he cut Drovan off mid-sentence with his left hand raised up as he spoke.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s enough… Look, are we going to fight or do you plan on boring me to death?” Draxus countered.

The large Warlord’s eyes widened in serious insult as he gritted his teeth together. As he spoke next his words were deeper and surrounded by threatening hatred.

“When the time comes Dragon King, I will truly enjoy crushing your tiny skull between my fingers!” he promised, reaching behind his back and grasping the handle of his massive double-bladed axe.

Draxus held his long sword up, preparing himself in a fighting stance as he replied.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” he urged the Warlord. “Come and get me!”

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