War of the Dragons

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Chapter 19 - No Mercy

As Flynn watched from afar, Lillian wasn’t sure of what she should do next. While the Veemon warrior had in fact saved her life on more than one occasion, she knew how her husband would react to seeing him, especially now with everything that had transpired as of late.

Draxus’ deep and husky voice sounded, “Come, we should begin our journey home.”

He began to usher Lillian along with him as they made their way across to where Drako loomed overhead, just beside the remnants of bright green flickering dragon fire. She couldn’t help but feel a little guilt beginning to surface as she walked along with her two escorts, seemingly turning her back on Flynn. But the fact remained, she was safe with those who cared about her now. And she was going home.

Lillian sat just behind Draxus, her arms wrapped around his wide waist and her head resting against his hunched over back as she glanced down to where Flynn had been standing only moments before.

But now, he was gone.

She wondered where he would go now, being an outcast to his own race and most likely an enemy to the throne of Westoria as well after the kidnapping. None of that mattered to her of course; she knew the truth of what happened that night and as soon as they returned home she intended on telling her husband the truth.

Unfortunately for her, she had no idea of just how deep the roots of deceit had been planted within the closest circles of those supposedly most loyal to King Draxus. From what she had learned during her time held as captive, she knew that someone inside of the castle had assisted the Veemon to enter the castle and kidnap her from her chambers that night, but she didn’t yet know who it was.

It could quite literally have been anyone! And that worried her.

As the enormous canvas of bright painted shades of yellow, orange and pink surrounded the trio of riders while they soared high into the clouds and on their way home, Flynn stood by watching from a completely different positon. He now stood on a submerged Cliffside, his purple eyes locked on the woman he intended to devote the remainder of his life toward protecting.

With his newly-found knowledge of the true meaning of her powers and what they could actually do, he knew that this was not the last time that he and Queen Lillian would cross paths. If she truly was the ancient descendant of Rahn the Conqueror as he suspected, and the only one who could possibly free the Great Pearl Dragon from its eternal prison, she was not out of harm’s way just yet...

At that exact moment, from another location on the opposite cliff side, two more figures stood watching as the giant black dragon flew away off into the distance with their precious bounty. Ziya was not pleased, knowing full-well that this would piss off their master. They had failed their mission to retrieve the Dragon Queen, although her current demeanour did not show it.

“Well that didn’t go according to plan…” Salid spoke softly from his position beside her on the edge of the cliff. “Drovan’s dead... So what now?”

Ziya narrowed her empty black eyes, replying with a lack of emotion.

“Now… we simply wait.”

Salid with his face concealed by the strange black mask turned to face her, showing his obvious concern. He knew their master did not like to be kept waiting, so what did she mean by this?

“Wait?” he enquired, his voice muffled by the mask covering his face. “Wait for what exactly?”

She remained silent for a moment, to add effect as a devilish grin caused the side of her mouth to curve upwards.

“We wait for the perfect chance to strike.”

“That’s rather vague, don’t you think Ziya?” Salid pried further, placing both of his black gloved hands onto his hips. “You know something don’t you… What is it you aren’t telling me, priestess?”

With her left brow raised in confidence, she turned to face her companion before replying.

“I’m afraid that’s for me to know, and you to find out...”

Arriving back home and everything that came soon after was nothing but a blur to Lillian as she was welcomed by those who cared the most. While she did remember certain parts of her arrival back at Castle Krillian, the most satisfying part was getting to bathe away such a terrible experience and climbing into a bed of warm silky sheets and countless plump fluffy pillows. She couldn’t remember the last time she got a sound sleep and being halfway through a pregnancy, she needed rest like she needed air.

But she didn’t want to be left alone.

Being alone now terrified her.

Fully aware of this, King Draxus had ensured that there was an increased guard on the Queen at all times and even allowed Lady Ruby to accompany her in his absence. Of course as King, Draxus had a lot to report back to the High Council and plans to put in motion regarding their next move against their growing enemies.

The entire day passed by swiftly and before they knew it, the sun had set and the cool night slithered its way into the giant stone castle. Finally finished with his royal duties as King, Draxus was eagerly making his way up to their chambers to see his wife for the first time since she had returned. He’d been thinking about her all day and needed to see her more than he needed anything else.

As one of the four guards standing watch at the entrance to the royal chambers opened the door for him, he stepped inside and immediately looked across the room toward the large bed. Even in the candlelight, he could see that a blonde figure sat in a large chair beside the bed as he slowly made his way across the room. It was Lady Ruby, sitting watch over his beautiful wife who slept soundly on the bed beside her.

Seeing his approaching shadow looming over her from behind, Ruby gasped and quickly spun around as she rose to her feet prepared to scream out for help.

“Oh… Oh, your highness… It’s only you.” she spoke with relief as her hand moved to cover her heart and she bowed her head slightly as she continued, “My apologies, I was startled by your shadow.”

Draxus spoke calmly as he stepped to her side.

“How is she?”

“Still sound asleep my lord. I’m afraid it was quite difficult for her to relax enough to allow sleep to take her, the poor dear. She was terrified and refused to be left alone.” Ruby reported softly, yet showing obvious concern for her Queen.

Draxus seemed solemn upon hearing this.

“She’s been through a lot. I’m not surprised.”

He stepped over to sit on the bed beside her, raising his right hand and gently brushing a strand of her long golden hair away from her face, tucking it in behind her ear as he looked down at her admiringly.

“She asked where you were, more than once.” Ruby added from behind him, being careful not to overstep with her words before her King’s presence. “Forgive me my lord, but given everything that’s happened to her recently, I believe she misses you a lot, my lord.”

Draxus reached down and placed his giant hand over the top of one of Lillian’s as he exhaled and nodded his head. Seeing the way he cared so deeply for her, Ruby knew this was the perfect moment for her to leave and she bowed her head once more as she spoke.

“Well, if there’s nothing else, Your Highness… I will take my leave. Goodnight sire.”

Draxus replied, keeping his eyes on his beautiful wife as he did so.

“Goodnight, Lady Ruby... and thank you.”

With a small smile, she turned and exited through the chamber doors. As they closed quietly behind her, Draxus sat there for a moment, watching her chest rise and fall with each of her slumbering breaths. She was safe at last; she and their child. He would do whatever it took to keep it that way from now on. No matter what the consequence.

The time had finally come for the mighty Dragon King to rise up and spread his wings. He needed to unfurl great fear throughout the lands once more and re-establish his reign over those who plotted against him. To show his enemies that they would be foolish to oppose his great power.

Only this time, his enemies would be shown no mercy!

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