War of the Dragons

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Chapter 2 - Indulgence & Consequence

The combination of heavy pants and skin slapping against skin could be heard from outside of one of the tents as several of the soldiers began to gather around with eager interest about what was happening inside. It was clear what was happening of course, but they seemed intrigued about who this mysterious woman was that had just arrived at their campsite and was taking soldiers one by one to bed with her. The odd thing was, not one of them had come back out!

The childish nature of the soldiers forced them to surround the tent and listen intently to the loud moans of ecstasy; the couple inside were obviously engaged in a rather vocal sexual act and it had begun to cause a noticeable scene in the campsite. As the crowd grew in size news spread to their frustrated leader, King Xytsis who decided to head down and pay his insatiable daughter a visit.

“Uh, fuck me harder!” Rayvinn commanded sternly as a muscular soldier thrust his slender cock in and out of her from behind at a steady pace. “I said harder you fool! Harder!”

“Oh you want it rough, huh?” he grinned, tightening his grip on her slender waist. “I bet you do, you little whore!”

Sweat was dripping down the soldier’s forehead as he panted with each of his now more forceful thrusts, his pelvis slamming into her rear end hard with each motion. Both of his solid hands held tightly as he continued his assault on her from behind.

The dark sorceress had always liked to be rough with her men; she enjoyed the force but make no mistake, she was always the dominant one in the bed chambers. She was always the one in charge.

“Oh... I gonna cum!” the soldier panted between breaths as he leaned his head down and closed his eyes tightly together.

“Don’t you dare-” Rayvinn began to warn, but it was too late; the soldier tensed up and let out a loud grunt as his shaft began to pulse deep inside of her.

“Fuuuck!” he groaned as he thrust twice more and then relaxed his body, pulling himself out of her and proceeding to pull up his pants, intending to leave her unsatisfied.

Rayvinn was beyond infuriated by his actions as she turned around, her glowing white eyes glaring at him with unquenchable anger. She lunged forward and grabbed him around the throat, causing him to suck in a gasp of shock at her sudden strength; his eyes were wide with terror now. Stark naked and holding the soldier up above the ground, the dark sorceress glared up at him with her demonic expression as she spoke with such harshness and menace.

“You dare to leave ME unsatisfied!” she boomed with her deep and haunting voice as her eyes glowed brightly. “Pathetic human! I’ll have to settle for your life force instead!”

With those words, the sorceress threw her head back and began to absorb his life’s energy through the skin of her hand held tightly around his throat. His energy radiated a golden glow as it transferred from him, through her arm and into her.

Rayvinn let out a satisfied moan once all of his life’s energy had been sucked out of him and her hand opened, leaving his limp body to fall down to the floor beneath with a loud ‘thump’.

Glancing down at the lifeless body crumpled beneath her feet, Rayvinn shook her head as she let out a loud sigh.

“What a waste...”

Stepping across to where her long black robe lay across a chair, she grasped it and dressed herself with it, then making her way to the tent’s entry to find her next victim. Popping her head out from the tent’s opening she was surprised to see all of the attention her ‘indulgence’ had amassed as over twenty soldiers stared at her with deviant smiles while she looked around at them, one by one.

“Well, come on then... who’s next?” she asked with a raised brow.

A deep and commanding voice called out from the middle of the crowd and silenced everyone within an instant.

“I believe it’s my turn...”

The soldiers all parted to allow a path for the voice that had just spoken; it was none other than their King, Xytsis. He glared back at his daughter with his neon blue eyes as he began to march down the centre of the crowd and toward the tent. Rayvinn rolled her eyes and stepped back inside of the tent, waiting for her obviously frustrated father to join her inside.

Looking down to the floor Xytsis noticed several pale bodies lying wide eyed and lifelessly on the floor; his fallen soldiers all thanks to his menacing daughter’s insatiable appetite. Many of them were naked, others partially dressed, but it was clear that they were all dead. He let out a loud huff as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and narrowed his eyes at her.

“I was hoping you would leave me some soldiers to use in my upcoming war.” he spat venomously. “Please try not to fuck and kill them all will you.”

“Oh, come now. You can’t say they didn’t enjoy their last moments alive... well, most of them did.” she announced cockily as she poured two glasses of wine. “So what brings you to pay me a visit, father? Don’t you have a war to plan or an army to command... lands to conquer?”

That was it; the final straw. His patience had run out entirely and he instantly hoisted his hand out toward her, sending her forcefully hurtling toward the back of the tent where she landed hard against the tarp material with a grunt, then falling down to land on her hands and knees on the ground below. The wine glass slipped from her hand and smashed as it hit the floor, spilling the crimson liquid everywhere.

“ENOUGH RAYVINN!” he roared, his voice bellowing with demonic energy as his eyes glowed brightly with warning. “You test my patience.”

Breathing heavily, Rayvinn lifted her head to meet her father’s gaze as she forced herself back up to stand on her two feet. She could feel a trickle of her warm black blood seeping out from the newly-formed split lip and she casually lifted her hand up to wipe it away.

“Forgive me father.” she spoke softly, as if she hated saying each word. “I meant no disrespect. I live to serve in your name.”

The bright neon blue glow of his eyes began to dim slowly as Xytsis began to calm himself back down. It was true that Rayvinn was a difficult child to say the least, but she had clearly forgotten her place in the presence of her father and master and needed to tread carefully from here on out. She needed a little reminder of who was in charge.

“I don’t know why you choose to continue putting up with me, father.” she muttered. “If I’m such a handful.”

“You know why, Rayvinn!” he announced sternly. “I put up with your insolence because of who your mother was. Because of what she meant to me. But make no mistake, that will not save you from my wrath should you choose to bring it down upon yourself!”

“I understand.” she looked down at the ground in a submissive gesture. “It won’t happen again, I assure you.”

“Let’s hope not.” he warned, pointing down to the bodies beneath his feet as he added, “I want this mess cleaned up, then you will meet me in my tent for your next assignment.” he commanded, then turning and marching back out of the tent without another word.

Bowing her head as her father exited the tent, she let out a deep breath she hadn’t yet noticed she was holding in. Being as powerful as she was, nothing in the entire world had ever frightened her before...

Nothing except for Xytsis!

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