War of the Dragons

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Chapter 20 - The Impatient Visitor

Draxus was awoken to feel his wife’s warm body beginning to stir beside him, gentle moans coming from where she was now stretching out her arms and yawning. Rolling himself over, he lay on his side balanced on his right arm and watched as she slowly opened her sparkling emerald green eyes and looked around with a confused expression.

“Good morning.” his voice was smooth and rough.

Lillian turned her head to the side and met his loving gaze. She couldn’t help it as a large smile spread across her face and she rolled over onto her side to face him.

“There you are.” she spoke softly. “I never thought I’d be lucky enough to wake beside you once again... to have you all to myself, it feels like I’m in a wonderful dream.”

“Maybe you’re still dreaming.” he taunted her with a smirk.

She lifted her right hand to meet the side of his face and held her warm palm against his prickly stubble-covered face as she gazed deeply into his amber eyes with both loving admiration and deep devotion.

“Well if I am, I never want to wake up!” she replied with a smirk of her own.

Unable to resist him one moment longer, Lillian pushed off of the mattress and lunged forward, pressing her soft lips against his and using her hand now tangled in his long dark hair to pull him in closer as they shared a passionate and well-needed kiss.

Draxus wasted little time reciprocating her emotions and deepening the kiss between them as he slowly climbed on top of her, being careful to skilfully balance all of his weight and not crush her.

Lillian could feel as he slid his large hand down the length of her silk nightgown and then proceeded to gather it up with his fingers, pulling it up high enough to give him access to her most sensitive area.

As he trailed his thick fingers higher along her inner thighs Lillian let out a sinful moan of desire, her voice muffled by his tongue wrestling with hers inside both their mouths. Closing her eyes, she let out a long moan inside his mouth as he began playing with her tender clit, rubbing circles over her soft folds over and over. He could tell how much this was affecting her, simply by the reactions of her body as she writhed beneath him and her fingernails gently grazed the skin of his bare back.

As he slowly slid a single finger inside of her moist centre, it caused Lillian to pull away from Draxus’ lips and suck in a sharp breath of air, her eyes now boring into his with incredible need and lust as he looked down at her with hooded eyes.

“Draxus…” she whispered, closing her eyes and lowering her head, allowing herself to succumb to such powerful sensations as her entire body heated up. “Oh god, don’t stop fucking me with your finger… please, don’t stop!”

He grinned at her obvious enjoyment in what he was doing to her.

“Mmmm… you like that don’t you?” he hissed deeply. “You like it when I take control of your body like this… relinquish control to me, Lillian. Give yourself over to me, body and soul.”

“Uh, I’m yours…” she cried out, “Only yours, Draxus.”

“That’s my girl…” his voice seemed to rumble against her skin as he slipped another finger inside of her now dripping wet opening. “I want you to ride my fingers until you cum!”

Lillian moaned loudly again as the feeling of her climax began to stir from deep within and she arched her back, pressing her supple breasts up hard against his toned chest.

“That’s it...” he watched over her as she seemed to desperately fight the urge to allow her release. “Don’t hold back. Cum for me Lillian!”

“Draxus… Ohhhhhh GOD!”

Her entire body tensed up as she threw her head back against her pillow causing her long golden hair to splay out across it. Both of her hands gripped his shoulders firmly and Draxus smiled as she dug her fingernails into his skin; they would no doubt leave some sort of marking but he didn’t seem to care. Her entire body began to tremble as it finally found its release and she did as she was commanded; rode the wave of unbelievable ecstasy all the way to its end. Moaning again, Lillian was now panting and struggling to catch her breath from the overpowering orgasm she had just experienced thanks to her loving husband.

Draxus, feeling somewhat proud of what he had just done to his beautiful wife and admiring how she looked now after he had finger-fucked her; the way that her golden hair was tousled in knots and the skin of her body appeared glistening with sweat. She smiled up at him as he stared at her with admiration.

“That was incredible!” she announced, panting heavily yet still managing a smile.

Draxus’ voice deepened even further as he chuckled.

“Oh baby, we’re just getting started!”

Having sent his scouts out on separate missions to act as spies and gather intel on surrounding enemies or possible places to raid in the nearby vicinity, King Xytsis sat alone in his private tent silently waiting. It had been almost twenty four hours since the three hired Bounty Hunters departed from his campsite and yet there was still no word from them.

His patience was beginning to wear thin.

Aiming to distract himself, the hooded King sat by the fireplace sharpening his long sword against a small chunk of whetstone. His ears echoed with the shrewd sound of the steel blade sliding down across the hard surface, over and over as he carefully manoeuvred the sharpened blade.

The unmistakable sound of voices arguing close by caused Xytsis to pause what he was doing as the two soldiers suddenly emerged, stepping through the tent’s entryway and marching across to meet their leader where he sat alone by the fireplace. Placing his sword down onto his lap he turned his hooded head to watch as they both fell to one knee and bowed their heads with fearful respect.

“My King, you have a visitor.” the one on the right suddenly announced.

“I said I was not to be disturbed.” his voice was calm yet tainted with warning.

“Uh… yes sire, it’s just…” he paused, glancing to the other soldier for a moment.

Xytsis’ eyes narrowed.

“Well, what is it?” he boomed impatiently.

The soldier sucked in a deep breath before replying, clearly terrified about angering his King with this unscheduled interference. Not that he had much of a choice.

“She won’t take no for an answer, my lord.” he explained hesitantly. “And… well, truth is she’s already taken out several of my men. She insists that you speak with her immediately…”

“Oh does she now?” Xytsis spoke with a smirk, his left brow lifting and revealing his lack of surprise for the way his daughter was acting, yet again. It appeared that her lesson with Prince Marcus hadn’t taught her the meaning of respect after all.

It could only be Rayvinn, of course. No one else would dare to be so stupid!

“What should we do, sire?” the soldier asked, his head still bowed down.

Snarling, Xytsis lifted the sword up from his lap and pulled himself up to stand on two feet. Lifting the large sword up, he slid it inside of its sheath and used a damp cloth to wipe his hands as he gave his next command.

“Send her in.”

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