War of the Dragons

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Chapter 21 - One Last Chance

With their newest command, the two soldiers standing before King Xytsis turned around and exited the tent, on their way to escort his impatient guest in to meet with him. Knowing full well what it was that his daughter was there to talk with him about, Xytsis threw the cloth onto the small dresser and walked across to pour himself a drink while he waited for her to be shown in.

It hadn’t taken more than a few seconds before one of the soldiers cried out loudly while being thrown by an invisible force through the opening of the King’s tent, skidding to a halt no less than a metre away from where Xytsis was standing with his back to him, casually continuing to pour himself a drink. The soldier groaned painfully as Rayvinn marched in through the doorway after him and set her sights on the one she had come to vent her rage upon; her father!

“You infuriating bastard!” she snapped through gritted teeth.

The soldier quickly gathered himself up onto his feet and ran back out through the entrance to the tent, leaving his King to deal with this crazed woman.

Rayvinn’s eyes shone a bright white as her powers surged with seething rage. Both of her hands were on her hips now as she continued to vent her anger, furious about what her father had done by choosing to involve Marcus in his sick little games.

“Hello daughter… what brings you to visit?” Xytsis spoke calmly, still with his back to her as he finished pouring himself a drink of crimson liquid.

“You know damn well why I’m here, you son of a bitch!” she barked, this time louder than before, “Did you really think I’d allow you to get away with it? For what you allowed that fucker did to me, your own daughter?”

Xytsis couldn’t hide his smirk as he slowly turned around to face his angered daughter, drink in hand. She stood in front of him with both of her hands clenched into fists either side of her as both her eyes laminated brightly. Her chest heaved in and out rapidly as she struggled to overcome the amount of raw anger and hatred for him she currently possessed.

“Why Rayvinn, whatever do you mean?” he asked, seemingly acting oblivious to what she was talking about.

“He told me everything, so don’t for a single second think to deny it!” she hissed. “He said that you’d sent him to teach me a lesson! Is that right?”

Xytsis’ grin widened upon hearing this.

“Ah, yes… that.”

“He fucking raped me!” she shouted with fury, her eyes widened as she watched him take another sip of the crimson liquid filling his goblet.

“Did he now?” the demonic leader queried with a raised brow as he met her eyes. “That’s unfortunate… for you, I mean.”

“I can’t believe you’d think to stoop that low! You gave that pitiful bastard the power to defend himself against me and he used it to fucking have his way with me! You’re responsible for what happened to me, damn you! It’s your fault!”

His eyes narrowed, showing his apparent displeasure with the way she was addressing him, even in such a furious state. His voice was laced with a harsh warning as he slowly began to make his way forward to meet her in the middle of the tent. The demonic King’s massive figure was cloaked in a long black robe and his trademark large black hood sat over his head as he advanced upon her confidently.

It was time to put her in her place…

To remind her of who was the one in charge here.

“Yes, it was I who bestowed a protection spell upon the Westorian Prince to protect him from your magic… Yes, it was I who commanded that he teach you a lesson as consequence for your lack of respect the last time we crossed paths… The fact that he chose to use this opportunity to fuck you is of little concern to me.”

“I am your daughter!” she announced, “Does that not mean anything to you?”

“Daughter or no, you have failed to deliver the girl to me on several occasions now and I am growing tired of your insolence! In truth, I am beginning to wonder whether I will in fact have a use for you in my upcoming war with the humans or whether I should perhaps consider the option of replacing you with someone far more competent…”

Her brows furrowed together as he stopped right in front of her, within reaching distance now as he glared down at her with his demonically darkened eyes. Swallowing nervously, Rayvinn couldn’t help but feel fear in his presence.

As fearful as she was, she still looked up to him as her one protector in this terrifying world. He was all she had, as horrible as he had been to her in the past.

“You wouldn’t harm me…” she dared to challenge him, realising the mistake she had just made as soon as she had made it.

His expression darkened even further as his hand suddenly lunged out at her and his large fingers wrapped around her throat, lifting her entire body up into the air and off of the ground about a foot higher. Struggling in terror, Rayvinn looked into his eyes as he glared back at her with seething rage and terrifying demonic chaos.

“Would you stake your life on that?” he challenged with a sudden grin.

As her hands pulled helplessly at his fingers, fighting desperately to get him to release his grip on her throat, Rayvinn grunted and shook her head to signal her reply. She would forfeit, obey his command… at least for now.

“What was that?” he asked, bringing her in closer towards his face as he turned his head to speak next to her ear now. “I didn’t quite hear that.”

Her reply came out quietly, as a grunted word.

“N… no!”

“That’s what I thought…” he announced snidely, suddenly releasing his grip on her neck and allowing her to fall down to her knees on the ground below him.

As she knelt before her King, Xytsis glared down at his disobedient daughter as he offered her one final warning; one he hoped she would take seriously this time.

“This will be the last time I forgive your insolence, daughter.”

With her hands instinctively holding at her now throbbing sore throat, Rayvinn forced herself to look up and meet him eye to eye as he loomed over his kneeling daughter, peering down into her glowing eyes as he finally spoke again.

“I have one last task for you to complete for me… One of utmost importance, so there is no room for failure.” he explained, peeking her attention. “This is your last chance to prove your loyalty to me.”

After a moment of shared silence between them, Rayvinn gave in and spoke.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked, bowing her head to add to her show of respect.

As yet another sadistic grin spread across Xytsis’ mouth, he replied with his strangely demonic voice seeming to echo with each of his spoken words.

“I need you to assassinate someone…”

Lifting her head and meeting his gaze once more, she frowned as she asked.

“You have many who could pull off such an easy task… why use me?”

Tilting his hooded head, the King replied.

“I’m afraid this one will be quite difficult. I will need your unique set of skills to find a way in close enough to make the fatal strike. He will be well-guarded at all times and will quite likely use his powers against you. This needs to go smoothly, without any repercussions.”

“Who’s the target?” she asked with a sudden keen interest.

King Xytsis wasted no time answering her as he smirked devilishly.

“The ruler of Westoria… the Dragon King, Draxus.”

Not even realising she had, Rayvinn sucked in a sharp breath of air as her eyes widened from the sudden shock of her newest command. He had finally given her his permission to take out the infamous ruler of Westoria, at long last!

But could she find a way to do something once thought impossible; could she kill the Dragon King?

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