War of the Dragons

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Chapter 26 - Explaining Everything

Lillian had no idea of what Flynn had meant by ‘blend in’. How could he possibly think to blend in with the other humans in the castle? He was Veemon and the bright purple eyes were a clear give away.

As he proceeded to stand up from sitting on the bed, Lillian watched as he turned around to face her and spoke one word.

“Phroseet.” which translated as ‘transform’.

The next second, his entire body began to change from his natural Veemon appearance into one of a human soldier of Westoria. His eyes had even changed from their glowing purple shade into a deep blue colour as he stared down at her. Lillian noticed that his hair remained the same, trimmed short at the back, slightly longer at the front and dark brown in colour. And finally, Flynn now wore a white traditional soldier’s uniform instead of his dark hooded cloak.

“That’s incredible.” she complimented him while her eyes roamed across his body and clothing. “How did you do that?”

“Magic has its uses, my lady.” he joked with a smile. “What do you think? Convincing enough?”

As he gave her a little preview by spinning around with his arms outstretched the Queen giggled to herself, a rosy blush forming on both of her cheeks.

“I believe it will do…” she paused and frowned suddenly. “Oh, um… what should I call you?”

“What do you mean?” he asked, standing still now.

“Well, I can’t possibly call you by your real name, especially around the Prince.” she pointed out.

“That’s right. We can’t risk arousing suspicion...” he appeared to be deep in thought for a moment before finally speaking again, “You can choose a name for me.”

“Me?” she asked, seeming surprised by the offer. “Why me?”

He shrugged.

“You’re human, you’d have a better idea of a more common name.”

She had to admit that he made sense. Biting her bottom lip for a few seconds she began to run through some names and then suggested some aloud for him to choose from.

“What about… David? Or perhaps James?”

Flynn curled his nose up at those suggestions clearly not liking them. But Lillian ignored him and continued to suggest more.

“Um… Scott, Harold, William-“

“-William… is that a human name?” Flynn cut in suddenly.

She nodded her head, “Yes, have you heard of it before?”

“I think so though I can’t seem to remember where from exactly.” he shook his head and smiled. “William it is.”

“William, I like it. The name suits you...” she complimented him, but as soon as she noticed the expression on his face she backtracked awkwardly, “…Uh, I mean it suits how you look now.”

An awkward moment of silence passed between the two before a sudden groaning sound broke through the silence and caught both of their attention.

Flynn turned to glance in the direction of where the soft groaning was coming from and realised it was where he had left Lady Ruby lying on the ground after putting her to sleep.

She was waking up.

“Oh sorry about your maid, by the way.” he apologised to Lillian quickly. “Couldn’t risk her overhearing anything.”

“I understand.” the Queen replied, pushing the covers back and climbing out of the bed. “Although I’m not so sure she will feel the same way.”

Flynn walked with Lillian across the room to find Ruby rubbing her eyes and looking around the room from where she sat on the floor. Her expression showed how confused she was to have woken up on the floor in the royal chambers but as soon as she noticed the Queen approaching her she let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh your majesty, I was worried for a moment there.” she said, attempting to stand up but clearly having trouble doing so for some reason.

“Be careful, you may have a concussion.” Flynn warned her as he leaned in and took her by the arm, assisting her to stand upright with his guided support. “Are you alright?”

Ruby turned to look at the unfamiliar soldier who was now holding her upright. She did not recognise him from anywhere, but he was quite handsome and clearly kind hearted. She smiled politely.

“Yes, although I don’t remember what happened.” she explained. “How did I end up on the floor?”

Lillian quickly spoke up, “I’m afraid that you had a nasty fall, Lady Ruby. Sir William here witnessed as you apparently tripped over the chair and hit your head rather hard against the floor.”

“Oh, really?” she turned to look at William for confirmation.

He merely nodded his head and smiled back at her.

Lillian continued, “I was awoken by him tending to you. You’re incredibly lucky that Sir William was here doing his rounds when he was…”

As the Queen looked to Flynn, her smile dazzled him.

“How can I possibly think to repay you for your kindness, Sir William?” Ruby asked as he assisted her to walk across to the chair and sit down.

“That’s not necessary, milady.” he replied, taking a step back from where she was seated now. “I’m just glad that you’re alright.”

Ruby looked to her Queen for a moment, noticing that Lillian’s gaze was fixed on the soldier’s who returned both her stare and her smile. Something here was not quite right here. She decided to pry a little further and find out what it was.

“So are you new here, Sir William?” Ruby asked casually.

Flynn broke his gaze upon Lillian and turned back to the seated lady before him.

“I suppose you could say that, yes.” he replied.

“And are you recently tasked with watching over the Queen?” she probed further. “Is that why you’re here so late at night in the Queen’s private chambers?”

Flynn made the mistake of answering before he had the chance to properly think it through.

“Uh, yes. I’ve been ordered to watch over the Queen as her own personal bodyguard.” he announced confidently.

Unfortunately for him it gave him away immediately and Lady Ruby’s demeanour suddenly changed as her eyes narrowed with both suspicion and anger at him. She was not a fool.

As she had no idea of who this stranger really was and why he was in the Queen’s chambers she needed to find something to fend him off with, should she need to. Her right hand slowly reached down beside her to grasp at a wooden jewellery box.

Then with lightning speed she hurtled it straight at the impostor with incredible accuracy and strength. It hit Flynn hard in the left shoulder as he turned to try and shield himself from it but failed. He let out a loud groan as it impacted.

“AH! What was that for?” he demanded.

Ruby was already on her feet again and quickly moved to stand in front of Queen Lillian, who was also surprised by this sudden act of violence from her young lady-in-waiting.

“I don’t know who you are, but you stay the hell away from us imposter!” she cried, holding out a now empty flower vase in front of her and using it as a weapon to defend both her and Lillian. “Come any closer and I’ll bash your skull in!”

“Whoa, wait. Calm down...”

Flynn automatically held both of his hands out in front of him, in a form of surrender as he tried to explain to the human wielding a ceramic vase dangerously close to his head.

“Lady Ruby, what are you doing?” Lillian asked from behind her.

“Protecting you from this impostor.” Ruby replied keeping her sights fixed on the stranger. “You and I both know that the King had no soldier tasked with protecting you as he claims. Therefore, this man must be working for the enemy.”

Flynn began to chuckle to himself.

Lillian decided it was time to stop this madness and she lifted her hand to rest on Ruby’s left shoulder from behind as she spoke calmly.

“You’re right Ruby. This man is lying about being a soldier tasked with my protection.”

Hearing this, Ruby seemed to lower her guard slightly.

“Well then, who is he?”

“A friend…” Lillian replied politely, stepping in and forcing Ruby to lower the vase to her side with her hand held over her maid’s. “He’s a trusted friend. You have nothing to fear from him, you have my word.”

Turning to meet Lillian’s gaze Ruby’s expression showed her confusion as she looked between the two, many questions running through her head all at once as she suddenly began to feel a little dizzy.

“I… think I need to sit down.” she announced, slowly making her way back across to the chair she had been in only minutes earlier.

Flynn walked across to the opposite chair and sat down resting his right calf up on his left knee as he leaned back and stared across at Ruby. Lillian joined them, choosing to sit on the chair next to Ruby instead so that she could explain everything and put her closest friend’s mind at ease.

“Is someone going to tell me what’s going on here?” Ruby asked, looking from Flynn to Lillian.

“Lady Ruby, I would like to officially introduce you to Flynn. He is the one responsible for saving me from the Veemon kidnappers.” Lillian explained. “Flynn, this is Lady Ruby of Westoria. She is my closest and most trusted friend.”

“I thought we agreed not to tell anyone who I am?” Flynn asked, his left brow raised in protest at her.

Lillian looked at Ruby as she replied to him, “I trust Ruby with my life, Flynn. She’s always been there for me in the past and I know I can count on her, and that she will continue to keep our secret…”

“I don’t understand, why is this soldier's identity a secret?” Ruby asked.

“Because I was the one who kidnapped Lillian.” Flynn bravely announced, causing Ruby to gasp with disbelief.

“You what?” Ruby asked, turning to Lillian and shaking her head. “I’m sorry your majesty, I… I’m lost… I have no idea of what’s going on here.”

Lillian sighed, realising she may have to go into it in a little more detail in order for things to make sense to Ruby, now that Flynn had bluntly admitted to kidnapping her.

Reaching out her hand she placed it on top of Ruby’s knee as she licked her dry lips and then proceeded to explain everything.

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