War of the Dragons

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Chapter 29 - Deathbed

The next morning seemed darker as a mass of thick grey clouds had moved in from the East and were blocking out the majority of the sunlight that would normally filter in through the balcony doors of Lillian’s chambers to wake her. As a result she had slept in much later than she usually would have and was enjoying her moment of peace; a moment that unfortunately would not last long.

That was until the chamber doors burst open and several figures marched in, headed in her direction. It was General Shasharan, several soldiers and the disguised Veemon there to protect her, Flynn.

Waking suddenly Lillian gasped and clutched at her thick blanket, lifting it up to cover her body from the neck down as she shot upright in the bed and looked toward the doorway with both shock and surprise.

“What is the meaning of this?” she commanded.

“My Queen, you must come quickly!” General Shasharan announced with a rather concerned expression as he made his way across the thick black rug laid out over the cold stone floor and stopped by her lying on the bed. “I’m afraid that it’s urgent!”

Lillian frowned, looking from Flynn back to the General.

“What is it, what’s happened?”

Shasharan’s face seemed much paler than it usually had and he seemed to hesitate from replying to her questions, as if he were worried about something. His expression alone told her all she needed to know; something was very wrong indeed.

“It’s the King, my lady…” he finally spoke, his voice hinting both sorrow and concern.

Lillian’s eyes widened as she threw the blanket off of her legs and shuffled out of the warmth of her bed, standing barefoot on the cold stone floor as her breathing suddenly became shallower.

“What happened? Where is he, is he alright? General, say something!” she began shooting a series of questions at him but Shasharan stepped up before her, taking her hand gently and meeting her terrified gaze. “Please, Shasharan… tell me he’s alright…”

As she stared at her General, Lillian could see the sorrow hidden behind his eyes as he forced a small smile for her. As hardened as he normally was with anyone else, Lillian was different; he couldn’t bear to upset her and he struggled to form the necessary words.

Flynn spoke instead as he moved up to stand beside the General.

“Your majesty, the King was attacked.”

Lillian’s heart sank.

“He’s… he’s lost a lot of blood.” Flynn shook his head slowly, “It’s… not looking good. You should probably come and be by his side.”

She looked across to Flynn, her brows furrowed as tears began to form in the corners of her eyes. It couldn’t be… could it?

“I’m sorry, my Queen.” Shasharan added with a solemn expression as he squeezed her hand comfortingly. “I truly am… If there were anything I could do to help…”

Lillian had heard enough; she needed to see Draxus right away!

“Take me to him immediately!” she commanded as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

Flynn quickly grabbed the Queen’s large black robe and proceeded to dress her. Once she was ready the General, escorted by the disguised Flynn, led her back through the doorway and down the corridor on their way to go and see the badly injured King.

The darkened room had all of its large black curtains drawn and blocked out the sunlight as several figures stood around the large bed in the centre of the room where King Draxus lie silently. The royal doctor was currently dressing the King’s wound and had his back towards Lillian as she, the General and Flynn made their way into the room and over to where their King lay with his eyes closed.

As the Queen stepped up beside the bed her pulse hammered heavily, echoing in her head as she unknowingly held her breath and glanced down at her husband. She had never seen him looking so vulnerable in all the time they had been together and it terrified her.

She had always thought the Dragon King to be invincible.

His skin was deathly pale and he had a large thick bandage wrapped around his naked mid-section. As she watched him closely for a moment in silence she noticed as his chest rose and fell slowly with each of his shallow breaths and she fought back the burning tears threatening to gather in the corners of her eyes.

“Oh Draxus… you damned fool.” she whimpered softly, turning to the Doctor, “What happened to him?”

“We believe he was lead into an ambush and then attacked, my Queen.” Zaar replied from his position facing her at the other side of the bed. “We’re not entirely certain as to who is responsible just yet.”

The doctor joined in, “The King is badly wounded, your majesty…” he paused, letting out a small sigh before adding, “I’m afraid he’s lost far too much blood. There is nothing more I can do for him.”

She turned to face the doctor, swallowing nervously.

“What do you mean by that?” she asked.

It was visibly clear to her that the older doctor didn’t want to have to be the one to tell her, but as it was his job he had little choice in the matter. He would have to be the one to break the horrible news to this young leader and soon-to-be mother.

“I… I’m truly sorry, my Queen.” he shook his head as his expression mirrored his emotions in this terrible moment, “I’m afraid the King... is dying.”

“No…” Lillian shook her head.

Her voice was but a soft whisper as she stared at the older man with wide open eyes. It couldn’t be! Draxus couldn’t die, it wasn’t possible.

It had to be a nightmare… nothing but a terrible nightmare!

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