War of the Dragons

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Chapter 31 - Revealed Identity

Flynn’s voice cut through the solemn silence of the room as everyone turned around to face the strange soldier. Lillian’s tear-filled eyes were wide as she stood up from the bed in surprise of his announcement.

"I can save the King's life."

“You can?” she asked, seeming confused. “How?”

“Yes, how exactly?” Prince Marcus added, his eyes still narrowed.

With a great sigh Flynn moved in toward her as he spoke.

“By using my powers to heal him.” he explained, turning to glare back at Prince Marcus.

As soon as he suggested it Lillian knew what this would mean for her new Veemon friend and she sucked in a sharp breath, her expression of concern obvious as she shook her head. Lillian knew that by using his powers to heal the dying King, Flynn would in turn expose his true identity to Prince Marcus and the others. He would literally be signing his own death warrant!

“Flynn… no. I won’t let you do that.” her voice was stern and somewhat commanding.

Prince Marcus’ eyes suddenly widened with shock and disbelief upon hearing Lillian call the soldier ‘Flynn’. He knew that name! But it couldn’t possibly be the same Veemon he had helped break into the castle and kidnap the Queen before, could it? Why would a Veemon be in the castle and disguised as a soldier?

“There’s no other choice.” Flynn reminded her with a shrug of his shoulders, “It’s alright Lillian. I’ll be fine, you don’t have to worry about me anymore.”

Feeling conflicted, Lillian gave him a small smile even though she knew he would regret doing this for her later on. Guilt flooded over her.

“Thank you.” her voice was soft, but she sincerely meant it.

He returned her smile and then stepped past her, moving to stand over the dying King lying on the bed in front of him. As he held both of his hands over Draxus’ bandaged wound and closed his eyes, the others in the room stood by watching with expressions of confusion and wonder. Just what in the hell was going on here?

None were more interested in what was going on here than the Prince!

“Forgive me your majesty, but what is he doing?” the General asked with a frown.

“What’s going on?” Zaar asked from the other side of the bed, clearly feeling left out of the conversation.

Lillian’s voice was far more commanding this time as she spoke to everyone present in the room with her. At last she was speaking like the Queen she was born to be.

“Silence, all of you! Let him work to try and save our King.”

Before Prince Marcus could form a single word to interrupt what was going on, his hazel eyes widened in disbelief at the suddenly glowing light emanating from the side of King Draxus’ stomach.

Flynn’s eyes were still closed as he channelled all of his Veemon powers into healing the wound and in turn saving their King. Both of his palms were held outstretched and hovering over the wound as he chanted over and over in his native language, commanding the wound to heal.

“Lauur... lauur... lauur...”

“What sorcery is this?” Marcus demanded rudely.

“My word…” the doctor chimed in, removing his thin glass spectacles from the hook of his crooked nose, “What strange magic.”

Scrunching up his face, Flynn gave it everything he had until the light was so bright that it blinded everyone standing in the room, causing them to all close or shield their eyes. After a moment of blinding light illuminating the room, the glow began to die down and the room slowly returned to normal once again.

Flynn proceeded to exhale loudly, slumping his shoulders over as if he were now extremely weakened and out of breath from using such powerful Veemon magic.

As everyone’s eyes began to readjust to the normal lighting once more, they all peered with intrigue at the figure standing over their King, waiting eagerly to see if his magic had indeed worked to heal King Draxus and in turn save his life. Lillian was the most eager of them all as she stood silently waiting, her chest heaving in and out with each of her nervous breaths. You could hear a pin drop from the deafening silence surrounding them in this uncertain moment.

“Did it work?” Zaar finally asked, breaking the silence.

Everyone gasped in unison as their King suddenly sucked in a huge breath of air, filling his massive lungs and then proceeding to breathe it all back out in one large lengthy breath. Marcus’ stomach dropped with furious disgust and disappointment; the King had been healed. Somehow he was breathing normally again. Draxus’ amber eyes shot open and he looked around the room in a surprised daze wondering what had just happened to him; how was he still alive?

Lillian’s emerald eyes lit up brightly with the warmth and happiness she was feeling as soon as he met her loving gaze.

“Oh thank the gods.” she muttered, leaning down to embrace him with her arms as she wrapped them around him. “Don’t you ever leave me!”

Draxus gave a small chuckle as he returned her embrace, breathing in her intoxicating scent with his nose buried deeply beneath her golden locks. Closing his eyes he took in this precious moment shared between them; one that he should not have been able to experience. Then he began to wonder, what had happened to change his fate? Who was responsible for this blessed moment?

Now standing off to the side, Flynn was feeling a severe drain of his powers as he shook his head in an effort to try and rid himself of the lightheaded sensation he was currently feeling from performing the healing incantation.

Finding somewhere to sit and holding his hand over his forehead, the Veemon closed his eyes and focused on attempting to control the violent throbbing sounds banging over and over in his head. An unfortunate side-effect of such a powerful use of magic. Flynn was well aware of the price he would have to pay to heal the Dragon King and save his life. Draxus should have died. His wound was fatal and he had lost far too much blood to recover. But thanks to Flynn’s assistance, fate was once again changed for them all.

But who would this benefit and would it be the right choice for Flynn to have made?

By now the Veemon’s appearance had already begun to change back to its normal state as he sat on the chair and breathed heavily over and over. Standing at the other side of the bed, Zaar stood and watched with disbelief as Flynn’s disguised appearance began to dissolve, revealing the Veemon’s short brown hair, luminous purple eyes and long hooded cloak.

Prince Marcus began to glare with fury at the weakened hero of the moment; his suspicions were in fact correct! It was the Veemon known as Flynn sitting there, responsible for healing his brother and saving his life!

“Treacherous bastard.” he whispered beneath his breath.

Before he could do anything to silence the weakened Veemon he paused in place as Zaar immediately unsheathed his sword and held the blade’s tip directly beneath the Veemon’s chin, using it to tilt Flynn’s chin upwards to meet his eyes as he glared down at the intruder and spoke.

“Why did you do that?”

Flynn, clearly weakened and unfazed by this obvious threat gave Zaar a smug expression as he met his eyes.

“You mean save your King?” the Veemon countered.

Zaar’s eyes narrowed at this.

“Speak Veemon!” he shouted, drawing everyone’s attention towards their conversation. “Why would you want to heal our King? What do you have to gain from this?”

“A Veemon!” Prince Marcus acted visibly surprised. “Alert the King’s Guards immediately! Seize him!”

Lillian froze with fear as her emerald eyes fixed on the furious man standing with a sword held at Flynn’s throat. So much for the plan to remain disguised, he was now more vulnerable than he would have liked and Lillian knew that she needed to do something to help Flynn, fast!

“Zaar, lower your sword immediately! No one is to harm him, do you understand?” she spoke her command with a stern dignity, surprising even Draxus as he sat up in the bed and looked across to where the Veemon sat.

Zaar looked to his Queen, his expression showing his obvious surprise at her command to refrain from harming their intruder. After all, it was the Veemon race who were responsible for kidnapping her from the castle only recently and it made absolutely no sense as to why she would insist on protecting this one.

“My Queen, you can’t be serious…” Zaar queried with disbelief. “But he’s a Veemon!”

Draxus glared at the purple-eyed intruder sitting across the room.

“Lillian, what is going on here?” he demanded.

Marcus interjected, “He’s a Veemon, arrest him immediately and take him down for interrogation!”

Lillian’s voice held firm as she gave her next command, rescinding the Prince’s order.

“NO! No one harms Flynn without my say so!”

Draxus looked to his wife now, his eyes still narrow after hearing her call the Veemon by his name. How would she know the Veemon’s name? Something was going on here and he wanted to know what it was.

“Everyone out.” he spoke softly at first. “My Queen and I need a word alone… You will leave the Veemon where he is.”

Both Prince Marcus and General Shasharan went to interject, each for their own reasons, but both were quickly cut off by their King.

“My King-“



Gasping at the sudden fright of her husband’s thunderous voice, Lillian looked down at him with nervous breaths, swallowing hard and watching as everyone began to file out of the room one by one.

Zaar sheathed his sword and shook his head, marching off to exit the room with the others.

From his seated position Flynn watched as Prince Marcus scrunched up his face with built up anger and gave the Veemon a death-stare while making his way out of the room. His expression alone was laced with warning; a warning that Flynn hadn’t chosen to take on board.

The doors seemed to echo loudly as they closed behind Zaar, leaving Draxus alone at last with his wife and the Veemon intruder.

It was time for well-deserved answers from his wife.

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