War of the Dragons

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Chapter 32 - Answers

An angered Prince Marcus strolled through the corridors at a tremendous pace, on a desperate mission to reach his private chambers and make contact with one of his secretive allies.

Time was running out.

After requesting a private meeting with both Lillian and the treacherous Veemon Flynn, it was only a matter of time now before Flynn was pointing the finger at him in relation to the Queen’s kidnapping, spilling all that they knew of his plot to overthrow his older brother. That of course meant that his true intentions of becoming King of Westoria would be revealed and he would be labelled as a traitor to the crown.

He could not allow that to happen, not now!

Throwing the door open and quickly closing it behind him, the Prince carefully locked it with a large iron key from the inside and made his way across to the far corner of the room. A familiar figure sat casually in the shadow of the corner of the room, resting back in the comfortable chair and twisting the infamous ’krath-veit mannur’ dagger between her pale fingers as she spoke with her hauntingly captivating voice.

“Having some trouble, Prince Marcus?” she asked, surprising him as the Prince suddenly stopped and noticed her sitting there.

“What? How did you get in here?” he demanded, still frantic about his current situation and clearly appearing flustered as he straightened his shirt.

Rayvinn’s white eyes suddenly flicked up to meet his as she stood silently.

Prince Marcus, being fully aware that he no longer had King Xytsis’ spell of protection to prevent the dark sorceress from ripping him apart in retaliation for what he did to her during their last encounter, seemed unconcerned as he looked around the room. Rayvinn noticed this immediately.

“Something on your mind, my lord?” she taunted him. “You look… worried.”

Marcus simply glared back at her as he replied.

“Yes, worried… but not of you. Don’t flatter yourself.” he casually spat. “It’s Draxus. He’s about to learn of my part in Lillian’s kidnapping. Everything I’ve worked for is about to come crashing down. I need to contact your father and figure all this out immediately.”

Rayvinn grinned as he moved to brush past her.

“Contacting my father won’t do you any good, I’m afraid.” her words caused him to stop as he slowly turned back around to face her; to hear her out, “You see Xytsis has already sent an assassin here to help take your brother out of the picture for good, ensuring your place as King and in turn, his alliance with Westoria.”

Marcus frowned with scepticism.

“Why are you telling me this?” he looked her up and down, “And why haven’t you used that dagger on me yet? As I recall the last time we met I forced myself on you.”

Rayvinn narrowed her glowing white eyes at the last part.

“Oh there will be a time for my revenge, you can count on that Prince Marcus. I will make you suffer incredibly for what you did to me on that balcony. But luckily for you, that time is not now. And as for this dagger…” she paused and held it up proudly, “You’re not worthy of such precious things. No, this dagger is meant for someone far more important…”

“Who?” he asked inquisitively.

Her grin was terrifying as she met his gaze and replied, “Who else? Your brother, the Dragon King.”

“Someone had better start explaining exactly what’s going on here.”

Draxus fought to keep his emotions at bay as he began pacing up and down the room in an uneasy state of mind. He was now wearing his long black robe which hung over his muscular shoulders and parted in the middle, revealing his perfectly sculpted chest, long pants and the large white cloth bandage which covered his fast-healing wound. His untamed dark hair fell over his shoulders as his amber eyes darted between Lillian and the Veemon intruder.

“What is it? Draxus what’s wrong?” Lillian asked.

“Why is there a Veemon in my castle Lillian?” he asked sternly, “And how is it that the two of you are on a first-name-basis? What the hell is going on here?”

Lillian hesitated, unsure of how she should proceed from here. True Flynn had kidnapped her from the castle and held her as a captive under his leader’s command, but he had also aided in her escape, kept her alive up until now and helped her to return home with Draxus. Not to mention his most recent good deed of saving the King’s life. But how to explain all of this to an obviously confused and suspiciously jealous husband?

“The truth is… Flynn here is the reason that both you and I are still alive.” she began explaining confidently. “If it weren’t for him we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.”

“Oh, how convenient for him.” Draxus snapped with narrowed eyes, “But that still doesn’t answer my question. How do you two know each other?”

“Because I’m one of the Veemon responsible for kidnapping her.” Flynn suddenly joined in, startling both the King and Queen as they turned to him with shocked expressions.

“Flynn! Why would you say that? Are you insane?” Lillian cried.

“Because it’s what I did, Lillian. I won’t pretend to be innocent, that I hadn’t played a part in all of this. Your husband deserves to know the truth in all of this; I will not lie about what I did. Just as you must warn him of those who would plot against him.”

“You… kidnapped my wife?” Draxus’ voice was suddenly deepened as a terrifying glow filled both of his eyes. They were filled with hate. “You dare to come in here after doing such a thing!”

Lillian’s heart began to thud quickly as she watched Draxus begin to slowly stalk in towards Flynn, both of his hands clenched into tight fists at either side of him revealing his fury about to be unleashed.

She needed to intervene, for Flynn’s sake!

Bolting across to stand in front of Draxus, blocking his path to where Flynn sat she grabbed him by the arm firmly, intent on forcing him to listen; to hear her side of the story whether he liked it or not.

“Draxus please, it’s not like that at all!” she pleaded with her eyes as he finally turned to face her, “Flynn here has risked everything for me. He has no one, no home to return to now thanks to aiding me in my escape. Not only has he sacrificed his own safety on many occasions to care for me, but he just saved your life!”

“I didn’t ask for his assistance, Lillian.” Draxus reminded her harshly. “Now stand aside!”

“I will NOT!”

Lillian stood firm, glaring back at the man she loved. Her slightly rounded belly moved in and out with each of her angered breaths as she maintained eye contact with her King. Draxus’ amber eyes suddenly narrowed at her as the stare-down continued on for the longest minute ever. Finally breaking the silence between them, the King spoke with disbelief.

“You… you care for him.” Draxus looked pained as he furrowed his dark brows.

Lillian was breathing heavily, seeming to ignore his comment and instead hell-bent on standing up to Draxus and protecting Flynn for once as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“I will not allow you to harm him, Draxus. If it weren’t for Flynn, who knows what may have happened to me… to our child.”

A feeling of lonely dread began to fill the mighty King as he took a step back from her, appearing to be at a loss for words. His expression showed just how pained he was as he shook his head and gritted his teeth together. He needed to get away fast, before he did or said anything he would later regret.

With an animalistic growl, the well-built King turned and marched toward the doorway, exiting the room only second later and slamming the door behind him. The massive ‘bang’ of the wooden doors slamming shut caused Lillian to jump with fright as she forced herself to remain in place, with her back facing him. It was one of the hardest things she had ever done; standing up to the man she loved. But it was the right thing to do. Flynn had done so much for her and in turn she would return his kindness and care in his time of need.

“You didn’t have to do that for me, you’ve really pissed him off you know.” Flynn’s weakened voice pulled her out of her blanket of rage as she turned to face him, “And you still haven’t told him about Marcus’ plot to have him killed. He’s still in grave danger, Lillian.”

“I know… I know.” Lillian replied.

She let out a small sigh, closing her tear-filled eyes and pinching the bridge of her nose from the build-up of stress. Today had truly been an eventful day.

Little did she know, it was far from over.

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