War of the Dragons

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Chapter 34 - Marcus' Warning

Prince Marcus was being led along the corridor by a deeply nervous and guilt-ridden Lady Ruby. She was currently being forced against her will to lead the Prince up to where the young Queen was now sitting watch over the sleeping Veemon warrior while he continued to heal from his ordeal.

As they came to stop in front of a pair of large wooden doors, Marcus turned to look at her with a smug smile. She would not return his glance as she kept her eyes lowered with fear and respect.

“See, that wasn’t so hard now was it?” he spoke, reaching for the door handle and turning it slowly.

As she went to turn and walk away, he surprised her by wrapping his fingers around the back of her neck and pulling her along with him as he walked inside of the dimly-lit room and closed the doors behind him.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Ruby pleaded desperately.

The sound of the young lady-in-waiting’s terrified voice caught Lillian’s attention as she sat up and turned to face the doorway of the guest room she was currently sitting in. Upon seeing the young woman and the man holding onto her she immediately frowned in anger.

Lady Ruby seemed terrified as the Prince forced her to move along with him further into the room while his eyes met those of the Queen.

“Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing Marcus?” Lillian demanded furiously, “As your Queen I command you to release her at once!”

“Oh, I’m afraid that there will be no more commands coming from you, your majesty.” Marcus announced confidently, “You and I need to have a little chat…”

Lillian’s emerald eyes moved to meet Ruby’s blue ones, now stained with red and filled with fear as she panted shallow breaths and winced from the pain he was causing her from holding the back of her neck so firmly.

“I will do as you have asked, just please release her Marcus.” Lillian pleaded desperately.

This caused the Prince to grin with satisfaction. He was causing her pain.

“This girl means something to you, doesn’t she?” he taunted playfully, “Hmmm… pity.”

Before Lillian knew was he was doing, Prince Marcus had unsheathed a small dagger and instantly sliced its sharpened blade along the poor lady’s throat, causing her warm crimson blood to spill out across the floor as her eyes widened and she began to choke on her own blood!

“NO!” Lillian screamed with such pain and anguish, thrusting both of her hands out at the Prince and sending a powerful wave of energy directly at him.

The force of the wave hit him hard, sending Marcus flying across the room and into the wall behind him with a hard ‘thud’. As he fell to the ground, Lillian rushed forwards to kneel over Ruby who reached out desperately for her Queen, her hand moving through a puddle of her own blood as Lillian grasped it and held onto it tightly.

“It’s going to be alright, I’ll fix this…” she began to make desperate promises to help calm her dying friend now in her arms. “I’ll fi-“

The Queen’s eyes widened suddenly and she furrowed her brows as she gasped for air; air which would not enter her lungs for some unknown reason!

As her eyes darted up to see him, Prince Marcus who was now standing once again lifted his already outstretched hand up higher and an invisible force then proceeded to lift Lillian up off of the ground and into the air by her throat. Gasping desperately for air, the helpless Queen used both of her hands to try and grasp at whatever was wrapped around her throat, but she only found the soft skin of her own neck.

She wondered how he was doing this. Did he have powers too?

“My brother’s time has come to an end, my dear.” Marcus announced.

Having activated his power, both of his eyes glowed a bright red colour as he continued to hold the helpless Queen up in the air against her will.

“Join me, or you can die with him!”

Lillian knew she needed to free herself from his magical grasp. Noticing the flowers in a large vase sitting behind Prince Marcus, she focused her thoughts on it, willing it to move. As she felt her consciousness beginning to slip away slowly, her eyes suddenly began to glow a bright white colour.

As Marcus frowned in disbelief at her apparent eye colour change, the vase came hurtling towards him, smacking into the side of his head at a great speed and causing him to lose his control over her.

The moment he had, Lillian fell back down onto her feet and blinked a couple of times; as she did the white colour faded and her normally emerald eyes returned to their natural shade. She was a little dazed but otherwise alright as she looked around.

She had managed to control her powers! She could now harness them at will!

Her attention was turned towards where Marcus was now pulling himself back onto his feet across the room from her. Her assault with the vase hadn’t apparently worked well enough to have knocked him unconscious.

“Neat trick.” he commented snidely.

“I could say the same to you.” Lillian countered, “You’ve had powers all along, haven’t you? Just like Draxus does…”

Marcus winked playfully back at her in response.

As Lillian caught sight of her poor lady-in-waiting lying in a large crimson pool of her own blood, the Dragon Queen’s own blood began to boil with untamed rage at what the Prince had done.

She would make him pay for taking Ruby’s life!

“You killed my friend…” she paused, appearing to be summoning up all of her anger into one powerful thought as her eyes changed back to a glowing white colour and she finally added, “…You shouldn’t have done that!”

Frowning, Marcus watched as the powerful Queen angrily held out both of her hands and began to crush his body inwards, adding pressure with each passing second and causing him to groan with discomfort. As she held him in place, an invisible force acted to squeeze the menacing Prince tightly, his skin visibly denting inwards as his eyes widened with terror at what she was capable of doing to him.

Try as he may, he was unable to counter her powers and she was slowly crushing him to death. His left pinky finger was the first to snap and he cried out loudly in pain as it did. It was followed closely by his right pinky finger; it too made a small ‘cracking’ sound as it broke from beneath the skin’s surface.

“AAAHHH!” Marcus’ expression showed his immense pain as the powerful Queen continued to torture him with incredible pressure.


A sudden voice from behind her seized her full attention, causing her to turn around and meet the purple eyes of Flynn, now standing beside the bed and harbouring a concerned expression for what was happening.

“What are you doing?” he asked her, seemingly shocked by her actions.

“Flynn…” she whispered, her eyes returning to their normal emerald shade again as her powers ceased.

The Prince fell to his knees on the floor, groaning loudly and in incredible pain as he breathed deeply, glaring up at both of them.

“I… I don’t…” she couldn’t form a sentence as she realised that she had almost killed someone!

Her breathing began to fasten as she turned just in time to watch as the Prince used his magic to somehow vanish into thin air, disappearing into a thick black cloud of smoke and leaving them on their own once more.

“He said he was going to kill Draxus. And then he killed Ruby…” she tried to explain to Flynn as he came and stood over Ruby’s lifeless body. “I… don’t know what came over me.”

“He actually told you that he planned to kill the King?” Flynn asked, looking up to meet her tear-filled eyes. “Are you certain?”

She nodded, “Yes, he said that Draxus’ time as King had come to an end. That I could join him or die with Draxus…”

As she finished her last sentence, the young Queen suddenly realised something and it seemed that the Veemon had also realised it as well as they looked to one another with the same mirrored expression of concern.

Draxus’ life was in danger.

Marcus planned to kill him, tonight!

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