War of the Dragons

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Chapter 35 - A Chaotic Conclusion

Lillian’s heart sank as the disturbing realisation flooded over her; Draxus was in serious danger! His own brother was plotting to have him assassinated, tonight. Adrenalin began to pulse throughout her entire body as her breathing fastened substantially and her eyes darted towards the doorway.

They had to do something… and they were running out of time!

“Flynn, we need to find him, NOW!” Lillian commanded frantically.

“And we will…” Flynn reminded as he took the panicked Queen by her shoulders and held her in place, meeting his calming gaze, “Lillian, listen to me. Your powers are beyond incredible-“

She interrupted quickly, “-We don’t have time to talk about my powers, we must find Draxus.”

He raised his hand to stop her, “Just hear me out. There are many uses of your powers Lillian, one of which I believe may benefit us here and now, to find Draxus’ exact location in the castle. To find him faster.”

She frowned with confusion.

“You’re saying… I can use my powers to track him?” she queried with obvious disbelief.

Flynn nodded his head with a smile, “That and so much more…” he moved his fingers up to gently brush downwards over her eyelids to close them. “Now I want you to relax… if that’s at all possible.”

Lillian chuckled at his lame attempt at humour, “Hardly.”

“Just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Block out anything else but the sound of my voice, listen to the sound of the air as it fills your lungs… and then exits them slowly. Now I need you to think of Draxus. Picture him in your mind. Think of his voice, his scent, anything that reminds you of him specifically… Try hard to focus on it, Lillian.”

Nodding her head, she kept her eyes closed and did as instructed.

Flynn smiled with pride as she began to do as instructed, even with the adrenalin coursing throughout her veins. She took in a deep breath, then breathed it back out again slowly as her mind worked on focusing all of her thoughts on one thing and one thing alone; Draxus.

She remembered his scent; a musky cologne of his sweat and something else she had not yet been able to identify since meeting him. His aroma was powerful and yet pleasant. It was his smell. She pictured the warmth of his embrace as his large arms wrapped around her and held her in comfort and safety. And finally she could see his beautiful amber eyes staring back at her as he smiled kindly.

As her thoughts focused on the man that she loved Lillian could feel a powerful warmth emerging from somewhere deep within and flooding over her entire body. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, as if her entire body were alight with a powerful and hungry fire; one that didn’t seem to harm her. Instead it felt perfectly natural as she felt the invisible flames licking away at her skin.

Then something clicked and she opened her eyes, revealing them to be glowing white as her powers had been activated. Sucking in a sudden breath, she looked to Flynn and spoke.

“It worked… I know where he is.”

That was all she said before rushing out of the room, with the Veemon warrior following along closely behind her.

As the warmth of the fireplace gave off a comforting heat, King Draxus lay naked on top of the woman he thought to be his wife, locked in an unending kiss as their hands roamed all over each other sensually.

Separating for a moment Draxus stared down at her, his amber eyes hooded with lust as he lifted his hand to brush a strand of her long golden hair from her face. She returned his heated gaze with a smile as she tried to calm her heavy breathing.

“Fuck, you are so beautiful.” he spoke softly.

His voice was deep and husky as he lowered his head down to her chest and used his tongue to slide across her left breast. Taking obvious enjoyment in teasing her he moved his wet tongue across the soft skin of her full and perky breast, listening to her moan with delight at what he was doing to her.

“Oh god… I need you inside me.” she cried out, arching her back in incredible pleasure and moaning loudly as his tongue began to trail down the middle to her chest. “Fuck me now Draxus, please.”

Hearing her cries of ecstasy Draxus chuckled to himself as he lifted his head back up to hover his lips just above hers. His hot breath fanning across her face and into her mouth as he spoke down to her with his rumbling voice.

“As my Queen commands…”

Reaching down Draxus used his free hand to position himself at her already wet entrance and slid the tip of his thick cock across her glistening juices. She was indeed ready for him. Without a second thought he slide his long, thick member in through her tight folds, burying it deeper and deeper within her welcoming warmth as she let out a moan of erotic pleasure.


“You feel so good. You’re so wet for me already.” he grinned as he began to move his hips forward more and thrust himself all the way inside of her.

“Mmmm… Fuck, I forgot just how big you were Draxus.” she panted as he began sucking on her neck, nipping at her soft skin with his teeth.

Not seeming to pay any attention to her comment or its hidden meaning, the Dragon King continued thrusting in and out of her tight opening at a steady pace. His left hand worked to balance himself overtop of her as his right caressed her large breasts, his lips and tongue gliding along the base of her neck as his breath heated her delicate skin with his heavy pants.

“That’s it, just like that…” she panted heavily as he moved above her, grinding their hips with each of his thrusts. “Oh fuck, don’t stop… Don’t stop!”

“I don’t plan to.” he snickered devilishly.

Sensing his playful attitude Lillian too grinned as she suddenly pushed him to the side and proceeded to roll on top of the King, straddling him and taking control. Draxus appeared to find this quite amusing as he watched her riding his hard cock with desire. He watched as her large, full breasts bounced lightly with each of her movements and her smooth skin glistened with newly-formed sweat. She looked incredible as she rode him confidently.

“Fuck, I’m close Lillian.” he panted heavily, holding onto her hips with his large fingers pressing into her soft skin.

“Cum inside me Draxus. I want to feel your cock twitching as you fill me with the warmth of your seed...” she spoke, still bouncing on top of him and grinding her hips from side to side.

“The room is down here, at the end of the hall.” Lillian explained as she and Flynn continued to make their way together down towards it.

“And you’re sure he’s inside?” Flynn asked.

“I can feel it… I don’t know how or why but I can sense his aura, Flynn. It’s getting stronger and stronger the closer I get to him.”

As they stepped up to the wooden door Lillian went to reach for the handle and suddenly stopped upon hearing the pants and moans of ecstasy coming from the other side of it.

Frozen in fear she remained still, her hand held in place just out of reach of the door handle as the sounds of grunts and moans continued. It appeared that whoever was in that room at that moment was engaged in an intimate encounter and completely unaware of their visitors on the other side of the wooden door.

Upon hearing the same sounds as Lillian, Flynn looked to her with an expression of awkwardness as he swallowed nervously. It was obvious as to what was happening on the other side of the doorway as they stood there looking at one another with uncertainty for a brief moment.

“Flynn…” she spoke, barely a whisper.

“He wouldn’t have…” he attempted to console her, but seeming unable to act convincingly enough.

With a great sigh he instead reached out and grasped the handle to the door turning it and opening it wide for them both to enter.

As Lillian strode inside nervously her emerald eyes fixated on the couple before her, currently fucking in front of the raging fireplace and she let out a terrified gasp of disbelief. It couldn’t be, but it was!

“Oh Draxus!” the impostor moaned loudly as she continued riding his hard cock.

“Lillian… I’m cumming… FUUUCK!”

The true Queen stood by watching as her husband threw his head back and his entire body suddenly tensed up. She watched, frozen in terror as he began to empty himself inside of the woman currently straddling him before the fireplace; a woman completely identical to her!

“Draxus…” her voice was filled with disbelief and hurt as she spoke it loud enough for them both to hear and catch their attention.

Flicking his head to the side with surprise from his position on the floor the Dragon King’s amber eyes immediately noticed the familiar figure standing just inside of the room, with the Veemon there beside her appearing to avert his gaze respectfully.

“Lillian?” Draxus furrowed his brows in confusion.

The shock of seeing her standing there in the doorway had caused his heart to stop beating for a second or two as he met her tear-filled eyes and the realisation hit him hard. If Lillian was standing in the doorway then who was currently straddling him?

Who had he just fucked?

As he turned his head back to see the woman still sitting naked on top of him his amber eyes widened with both fear and surprise at the completely different woman now in her place.

It was the sorceress, Rayvinn staring back at him!

Her long black hair cascaded down across both of her shoulders and her glowing white eyes met his, along with a terrifying grin. Then he caught sight of what she was holding in her right hand and before he could react in time, the dark sorceress instantly thrust her arm downwards with incredible force and fury plunging the dagger directly into his chest. The jagged blade of the mystical dagger entered all the way through to his heart where it rested in place.


Lillian screamed with primal fury instantly throwing her hands out at Draxus’ attacker and sending Rayvinn hurtling backwards and off of her husband. The powerful force had caused the dark sorceress to land hard against the edge of the stone fireplace with an auditable grunt, her hand accidentally landing in the heated flames and causing her to scream loudly with terrible pain as her flesh burned.

“Fuck!” she hissed, cradling her burned hand carefully.

Flynn quickly moved in to grab Draxus by the arm and pulled him away from the intruder as Lillian kept her now glowing white eyes fixed on the woman who had seduced and stabbed her husband.

As Lillian currently had no idea of just how badly Draxus had been stabbed and with the sudden need for vengeance against this snake-of-a-woman fuelling her incredible rage, Queen Lillian glared down at her as she moved in on the sorceress who cowered on the ground. Lillian's glowing white eyes were intense, as bright as the sun.

“Your death will be slow sorceress. That much I promise you.” Lillian’s voice was deeper than it normally was as she moved to be within a metre of her intended victim.

“Now, now… Let’s not do anything rash, Lillian.” Rayvinn urged her with a deviant smile as she looked up at the furious Queen, “After all, you wouldn’t want to be responsible for harming your own sister… would you?”

Lillian’s expression showed her apparent shock at what the sorceress had just announced as she suddenly froze in her place and blinked the brightness of her powers away, attempting to process what she had just heard. Her sister? What was the bitch talking about?

She had to be lying, it made no sense whatsoever.

“Lillian, come quickly!” Flynn shouted from across the room as he knelt down over Draxus, the dagger still protruding out of his chest as it slowly rose and fell with his final breaths.

The Veemon’s voice was just what Rayvinn needed to perpetrate her escape and as the distracted Queen turned to face him the dark sorceress used her powers to disappear into a thick cloud of black smoke. In the fraction of a second she had vanished as Lillian turned back to see the cloud evaporate and cried out in anger.

“No... you cowardly bitch.” her comment intended for the sorceress who was now gone.

Realising that she could do nothing to change it, Lillian did as suggested by Flynn only moments earlier and came running over to her husband who lay on the floor beneath the Veemon. Draxus’ body had now been covered modestly by Flynn with his long robe, revealing only the fatal wound that would be responsible for taking his life.

“Draxus, no… please god no.” she began to sob as she knelt down over him and assessed the damage done by the seductive sorceress.

Then she realised the seriousness of his injury and she sucked in a deep gasped breath, her emerald eyes wide with disbelief and horror.

The dagger was stabbed directly into his heart!

“Lillian…” the Dragon King’s voice was incredibly weak as he reached up to thread his fingers through her golden locks and hold the side of her face.

“I’m here my love... I’m here.” she replied with a forced smile, “Everything’s going to be alright.”

She couldn’t seem to formulate a single thought in her mind of what to do as fear consumed her; fear of losing the man she loved. The wound was clearly fatal and all she knew was that she could not bear to lose him.

“I’m… sorry…”

His last words were breathed out slowly as he closed his eyelids and sunk down to the floor lifelessly. His hand quickly losing its strength and falling from her face to the floor beside his body as the curse took effect and he fell into a deepened death-like slumber.

The horrified Queen’s eyes were wide as her mouth gaped open with shock. It took a moment for it to sink in before Lillian suddenly began trembling with unbelievable agony and the floodgates opened, her tears began to cascade down both sides of her face.

“Draxus… please don’t leave me… I love you.”

The Veemon warrior knelt beside the traumatised Queen as she sobbed sadly over her lifeless husband who lay on the floor. Flynn knew that she was hurting badly but he needed to tell her something; something of great importance that he knew she would need to hear about the dagger sticking out of the King’s chest.

“Lillian, Draxus is not dead...”


The “POWER” series will of course continue on in...

Book #4 - “The Dragon's Resurrection”


Thank you all so much for reading my series, I hope you have enjoyed Lillian and Draxus’ journey as the Dragon King and Queen so far and will continue to read on as the series continues. As always, thanks for the comments, likes and reads. I will continue trying to raise the bar for you all, my loyal readers!

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