War of the Dragons

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Chapter 4 - The Master Mage

General Shasharan was on his way back up to check on the King's current state, after having met with the castle's security and Royal Council to discuss the current situation at hand. He was deeply concerned about Lillian. They still had no idea where she had been taken and if she was even still alive, but even worse than that, they had yet to inform their King about her abduction!

He knew Draxus very well, and he knew breaking the news would not go over well!

As he turned the corner Shasharan thought he could hear loud sounds of crashing and banging coming from nearby. Glancing up he noticed that all of the soldiers tasked with watching over the King were now standing outside of the doorway to the royal chambers. He began to panic as he jogged down the corridor toward them.

"What the hell's going on now?" he demanded as he reached them by the door. "Why are you not in there watching over the King? What's the problem?"

The soldiers looked between one another, then turning back to face their General as the one closest to him chose to reply hesitantly.

"Sir, the King is awake and he's..." he paused tilting his head, "...well, he's not happy."

Hearing this the General seemed concerned as he asked his next question. "Does he know about the Queen?"

They all nodded in unison, which confirmed what Shasharan was worried about; Draxus knew that his wife and unborn child had been taken! He would not be pleased by this!

Swallowing a nervous lump buried in his throat, he gathered all of his courage, inhaled deeply and then exhaled as he reached out and pushed the door open leading into the royal chambers. As he entered, his dark eyes gazed around the room at the complete and utter mess before him. Chairs were thrown across the room and some broken on the floor. The bed was torn apart, the sheets and pillows pulled off of the mattress and strewn across the floor carelessly. Books and other items were scattered all around.

And finally there he stood; the mighty Dragon King with his back facing his General as he leaned down on both of his hands, palms facing down against the surface of the large oak desk in front of him. Shasharan could see the King's muscular back heaving in and out as he was obviously focusing on calming himself after his fit of rage had been taken out on the room.

Draxus' dark wavy hair reached down to just below his shoulders as his amber eyes glared out through the large balcony window before him. The new day had come at last and the sun was rising up into the bright blue sky just outside. Draxus appeared quite malnourished and his stubble was starting to form a short goatee around the edge of his chin and across his top lip. His bare back revealed his rippling muscles from behind, which moved along with each of his deepened breaths.

Shasharan would break the silence by clearing his throat.

"My King... I see you've done a little remodelling." Shasharan joked, hoping to somehow change the tense feeling circulating in the air around them. "Can we talk?"

"Where is she, General?" Draxus asked. "Where is my wife?"

His voice was quieter than normal, yet it still had its usual deep and husky tone to it as he remained still with his back facing Shasharan.

"She was taken my King. We believe the Veemon to be responsible for the attack, although at this stage we're not entirely certain. I'm afraid that there were no surviving witnesses to her abduction." the General reported. "However, a dagger made of Lunai was located beside you in the bed when we first arrived... If it hadn't of been for your brother intervening at the right moment... well, we may have lost you as well."

Draxus suddenly turned his head to the side as he spoke.

"Marcus... he was here?"

"Yes master. It was reported to me that the Prince was found standing over you soon after the Queen's abduction. The soldier who found him in here reported that the Prince seemed deeply concerned for your wellbeing."

"I'll bet he was..." Draxus whispered to himself snidely as he slowly began to turn around and face his concerned General.

His amber eyes were surrounded by a tinge of red where there would normally be white, revealing his emotions which had taken him over as he spoke softly, desperation lacing each word.


The General closed his eyes for a moment as he nodded his head.

"I know you do... I have my most capable men preparing a search for her even as we speak. If only we had some way to..." he paused, shrugging as he tried to find the right word to continue, "... I don't know, trace her or something?"

"I may be able to assist you with that, Sire." came the familiar voice of Zaar as he and another figure came strolling in through the doorway of the royal chambers.

Zaar stopped upon noticing the mess around him and took a good look at what the King had done in his furious rage. His eyes were wide as he opened his mouth to speak. Draxus beat him to it.


Shaking his head, Zaar smiled politely and replied with "Wasn't going to."

"Master Mage Paladin, it is good to see you my friend." General Shasharan greeted the middle-aged man standing beside Zaar with a warm smile and a friendly handshake. "It's been too long!"

"That is has!" Paladin agreed. "I hear you may be in need of my assistance, and of course I am at your service King Draxus."

Draxus nodded his head as Paladin bowed his head with respect.

"I suppose you heard the news then?" Shasharan asked the Mage as they began to walk across to join Draxus before the balcony doors.

"Of the Queen's abduction?" Paladin asked letting out a sigh. "Yes, I'm afraid I have. And you have my word Sire that I will do anything within my power to assist you to find her and return her home safely."

"Excellent." Draxus replied. "I need your help to track her whereabouts. Locate where they have taken her and inform me immediately. Is that something you are capable of doing?"

Paladin grinned. "It certainly is. All I will require is something she has touched, a belonging perhaps?"

Draxus nodded and his amber eyes moved to scan the chaotic state that his room was in now, searching for something of Lillian's to use for the tracking spell. At last his gaze set upon something useful; one of her emerald earrings glistening brightly on the floor. He walked over to it, bent down and grasped it between his large fingers.

"How about this?" Draxus asked as he stopped in front of the Master Mage and held out his open palm with the earring sitting on top of it. "Its one of hers."

Paladin reached out and nodded as he carefully grasped it and placed it in his open palm, wrapping his fingers around it tightly.

"It will do nicely, my King." he announced as the Master Mage looked around the room. "I will need a few more things to perform the tracking spell... a map of the lands, a piece of string and a Melsitoe Crystal..."

The morning warmth beamed down from the distant sun as it rose high above Castle Krillian. A cool breeze wafted past, soaring through the trees and bushes surrounding his private balcony as Prince Marcus stood alone plotting what his next move would be.

Although his recent plan to take out his older brother had been foiled, he had however managed to implicate the Veemon as the responsible party for the Queen's kidnapping. Now he needed a new plan, one that would ensure Draxus would meet his end and allow him to ascend to the throne.

As he went over possible options silently in his head, one after the other, a familiar voice spoke from behind him causing his blood to instantly curdle.

"Mind if I join you?"

The Prince let out a small sigh as he turned his head to the side to see Rayvinn now standing beside him at the balcony railing. Her long black hair danced in the breeze as she stood with her hands resting on the railing in front of her.

"Rayvinn, are you out of your mind? You can't be seen here!" Marcus snapped angrily.

"Relax, you really think I'd risk exposing us like that?" Rayvinn taunted. "The entire balcony has a protection vale cast over it... Oh, and you're welcome by the way."

Marcus furrowed his brows with confusion.

"Welcome? For what?"

She moved to stand right in front of him now. Her hauntingly glowing white eyes were hooded with lust and staring deeply into his as both of her hands slowly moved down from his firm chest, to his hips and then even lower to his growing bulge. Keeping her eyes on his, she skilfully began to remove his belt and unbuckle his pants, releasing his pulsing member which sprung to attention.

"For what I'm about to do to you, my lord." she replied with a deviant smirk. "I'm going to fuck you so hard that you'll forget your troubles!"

Then she got down onto her knees.

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