War of the Dragons

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Chapter 5 - Hidden Powers

Prince Marcus watched her mouth open; he could feel her plump lips sliding over his long shaft as Rayvinn pulled his cock deeper and deeper inside her mouth, then leaning back to slide it out again. She did this slowly at first; smoothly and with purpose while gazing up at him with her hauntingly white eyes the entire time. She wanted to see his expressions as they happened.

The sensation took him over completely and Marcus couldn’t help himself as he let out a long ‘hissing’ sound and both of his hands moved to rest on top of her dark hair as she moved back and forth.

“Mmmm... you taste so good, my lord.” she complimented him with a deviant smile as she looked up from where she knelt before him, his thick cock held firmly within her grasp as she stroked it up and down, over and over. “I want more!”

Opening her mouth, she took his entire length inside of her mouth, all the way up to the tip of his cock, sending a flood of excitement to her already heated core down below. She continued to suck up and down his shaft using her long tongue to go around and around in circles, teasing his sensitive knob and causing him to grab onto her long black hair with his clenched fists tightly.

“Fuck Rayvinn...” he grunted as he fought to control his animalistic urges building at that very moment. “That’s it, just like that... Just like that.”

As she came up for a large breath, a mix of her saliva and his pre-cum dripped down her chin and she wasted little time cleaning it up with her tongue. Marcus grinned at this; he liked how especially dirty the sorceress was and that nothing seemed to phase her.

Rayvinn’s right hand had hold of the base of his cock in a firm grip as she trailed her tongue slowly along the length of his veiny shaft, then back in the other direction again.

“If you keep going like that I won’t last much longer...” the Prince warned as he looked down at her with his hooded hazel eyes. “Get up here so I can fuck you!”

Swallowing what was in her mouth and licking her dark lips, Rayvinn smiled as she rose to her feet once more, now standing face to face with Marcus.

The Prince forced Rayvinn to walk back until her rear end hit the balcony railing and she gasped with delight. She began to pull her long black dress up, revealing her pale curvy thighs to him.

Marcus let out a deep groan as his hand slid up her thigh, beneath her skirt and cupped her moist centre. She was practically dripping wet with excitement!

“So wet for me already!” he soothed.

Marcus quickly lifted her left leg up to rest on his right hip and used his hand to lead his throbbing cock to her slick entrance, finding it within mere seconds and guiding himself straight inside of her welcoming warmth.

Rayvinn threw her head back and let out a demonic moan of delight as the Prince began to thrust himself deep inside of her, over and over again, fucking her roughly as she had always preferred. With her bare buttocks resting on the edge of the railing and her legs spread wide open, Marcus had easy access to her most sensitive area as he held her by her waist and leg; their bodies collided with such brutality, such force, over and over.

“Tell me you belong to me, Rayvinn!” Marcus commanded her between thrusts, his teeth gritted and his expression showing his seriousness. “Tell me!”

“Uh, yeah...” she panted, seeming to ignore his command.

This angered him and his face contorted into an expression of fury as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head in towards his. This did surprise Rayvinn, but he hadn’t managed to scare her with this brutality. She was used to it.

“I gave you an order, whore!” he demanded, his hazel eyes now narrow with wanting. “Tell me you’re mine!”

Rayvinn grunted from the force of his clenched fist holding onto her hair and then she chuckled at his attempt to frighten her.

“Oh you poor thing, so deluded... I belong to no one.”

Marcus’ expression darkened within the fraction of a second and he suddenly let loose on her, moving aside to throw her roughly to the balcony floor as he pulled up his pants again.

She landed hard on her hands and knees with a pained grunt, seemingly shocked at his unforeseen violent action. Turning her head she looked back up at him with fury; she would not allow him to get away with treating her this way!

“How dare you!” she snarled.

Standing back up she summoned her powers to strike him, as her eyes burned brightly and her fingers clenched into fists either side of her.

But Marcus remained still, his expression showed no signs of fear or concern as Rayvinn threw out her hand to shoot out a bolt of energy aimed directly at him!

The small bright white spherical light raced toward the Prince, impacting against some kind of invisible force field which surrounded him. Rayvinn couldn’t believe what she was seeing; she stood in shock with wide open eyes as the side of the cocky Prince’s mouth curved upward into a small grin.

“Wait... how is this possible?” Rayvinn asked seeming confused by this strange turn of events.

How was he able to protect himself from her incredibly powerful magic; it just wasn’t plausible!

“I don’t understand... Only my father’s powers can withstand mine! How did you-” she was cut off.

“-He sends his regards, by the way.” Marcus interrupted her sentence purposefully. “Told me he’s sorry that he couldn’t be here to punish you in person, but he had other more important tasks at hand...”

For the first time that she had ever remembered, Rayvinn had an expression of fear painted on her pale face! She knew that her father was angry with her for what she had done to his soldiers when she visited recently, but she didn’t think he would go to these lengths to teach her a lesson, to remind her of who was in charge!

Marcus’ voice caught her attention as he spoke.

“The master has commanded that I teach you a valuable lesson about the importance of obeying commands. About respect.”

“You, teach me a lesson?” she let out a huge deep-bellied laugh at him, clearly finding the whole idea ridiculous. “That’s absolutely adorable... that you think for even one second that you’re in the same league as me. Just hilarious!”

“Come on then,” Marcus gestured with a nod of his head. “Show me what you’ve got!”

As soon as her eyes narrowed, Rayvinn crossed her arms and grasped a dagger from either side of her belt, unsheathing them slowly and lowering them to her sides.

“Are you sure you want to do this, your highness?” she queried. “I wouldn’t want to mess up that handsome face of yours.”

“Do your worst, sorceress.”

With that, she rushed him, moving both of her daggers at a spectacular speed toward him and missing him with both of them. The Prince moved with such speed and precision, dodging each one of her thrusts and jabs as they came, as if he could somehow sense her movements before she had even made them!

After several attempts, Rayvinn’s expression of confidence had slowly faded and she had become slightly out of breath as she paused to look at him with disbelief. How was he doing this? She knew her power, her strength and agility, so how was he outwitting her on every single front?

Lunging at him again, she let out an angered cry of rage and sliced her arms across the air, aiming to cut or sever a part of his body, but yet again, his body managed to dodge them with superhuman speed and even manage to spin around and kick her in the stomach firmly!

This caused her to stop for a moment, bent over and severely winded from the sudden assault of his large boot against her ribs. As she gasped desperately for air, Marcus tilted his head as he stood looking down at her.

“Had enough?”

Between breaths, Rayvinn demanded angrily, “How are you doing this?”

Marcus obliged her.

“Let's just say, I’m not as helpless as I may have led on in the past.” he announced. “Well, that and my brother isn’t the only one with supernatural powers and the ability to command dragons.”

Rayvinn looked up at him with her brows furrowed together.

Marcus’ normally hazel coloured eyes suddenly began to glow a bright blood red colour as he grinned back at her. He had spoken the truth; he too held great level of power and had managed to keep it a secret from everyone else the entire time!

Worst of all, thanks to her father’s protection, Rayvinn couldn’t use her powers against him and that made her a sitting duck!

“Not so tough without your powers, are you sorceress!” Marcus announced as he suddenly unsheathed something with a blue tinge radiating from it off of his belt and advanced toward her with an outstretched hand.

“Come here!”

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