War of the Dragons

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Chapter 7 - Truth & Lies

Flynn sat alone at a small wooden desk in one of the darkened caverns, his luminant purple eyes skimming across pages and pages of bound parchments and books on a desperate search for information.

After so many unanswered questions entering his mind during his earlier conversations in the cell with Lillian and Lady Lynn, he was beginning to doubt his leader’s loyalty. Too many things hadn’t made sense to him and he needed to find out the truth, hoping that he may find something to fill in the blanks here, in the pages before him.

A single blue crystal sat glowing brightly on the desk beside him as he looked over the packed pages of writing and illustrations with intrigue and purpose.

Suddenly his eyes lit up with eager excitement as he had finally located what he had been searching for the entire time; information about resurrecting the Great Pearl Dragon.

From what he already knew it was a special ceremony that only the chosen one could perform and was intended to bring the mighty dragon back to the land of the living. But other than that, he knew nothing else of what may be involved or why it needed to be done. Lady Lynn had kept the fine details from him.

Now he wanted to know why.

He began to read aloud to himself as his pointed finger moved across the writing on the page.

“The Great Pearl Dragon was once the most powerful dragon in existence, said to rule over all other dragons and command them as their Alpha. With incredible supernatural powers and abilities, no one would dare oppose the mighty creature and as it had commanded all dragons went to war with the humans, wiping them out from existence in the tens of thousands. Mankind was losing the war against these fearsome beasts… until there was the powerful Mage, Rahn the Conqueror…”

“Rahn… Rahn... where do I know that name?” he asked himself.

Deciding to shrug it off, he continued reading.

“After an epic war which lasted seven years and claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands, the great creature was finally trapped and defeated by the powerful Mage who cast an enchantment over it.”

Glancing at a separate page beside it he spoke aloud to himself.

“There’s no mention of the enchantment used, nor of how it was performed. That’s strange. Why wouldn’t it mention that information in here? And what happened to the creature?”

Glancing back to the page he had been reading, Flynn continued reading aloud again, with his finger following along.

“The beast’s body was frozen, trapped in solid ‘saladye’ and encased in a secret tomb deep beneath the surface, where it remains to this day. Only one with the bloodline of the ancient conqueror can free the beast from its incarcerated state…”

He paused and sat back, seeming shocked by what he had just read. The Great Pearl Dragon could only be raised by one with lineage to Rahn the Conqueror! Did that mean that Lillian was an ancient relative; that she was a distant descendant of the ancient hero? Was that even possible? Was that why everyone seemed desperate to get their hands on her? It made sense.

But Lillian had mentioned something about ‘the master’ who was coming to ‘claim’ her. She seemed rather concerned, almost afraid of what she was trying to warn him about. He remembered how strangely Lynn had acted upon hearing the news that Lillian was pregnant and how she immediately left the room to attend to something secretive.

"What the hell's going on here?" he asked aloud.

Then the unthinkable idea crossed his mind; was it possible that Lynn had gone behind his back and made secretive alliances? Was she plotting with another force seeking to claim the Queen’s power? As his head spiralled out of control with unanswered questions, his eyes happened to glance down and notice something; a fine print noted below the page he had just read from. It was also handwritten, but in a different style than the other writing.

Narrowing his purple eyes, he took a closer look and read the spiel aloud.

“Be warned, the Great Pearl Dragon must never be released from its prison! Were this to happen it could mean the end of existence for the human race and in turn, the end of the world.”

Taking a deep breath of air into his lungs, Flynn exhaled loudly. Could it be true; had he been lied to for all of these years, by the one he trusted the most? The information here told him that releasing the Great Pearl Dragon would bring about the end of the world, and yet Lady Lynn was intent on doing it anyway! Why?

It was hard to believe and he shook his head, closing his eyes for a moment as he rested his head in his hands. If his concerns were in fact correct, he needed to do something to prevent it! Whoever was planning on using Lillian to release the Great Pearl Dragon from its restraints, he needed to stop them. He needed to get the Queen out of there, now!

A single thought circulated over and over in his mind and he focused on it for a second. Why had the name ‘Rahn’ caught his attention? Where had he seen it before?

Lowering his head he began to sort through the messy pile of parchment paper and covered books on the desk beside him. If memory served correctly, the answer to his question was here somewhere, he just needed to find it again.

Then, his fingers touched against a large parchment with an old family lineage tree scribed onto it dating back hundreds of years. And there near the top of it, was the name he knew he had seen before; Rahn Veasun Gloriant!

“There you are…” he whispered with a smile.

As his purple eyes scanned down the length of the large parchment page he noticed several names that seemed somewhat familiar to him, and right at the bottom of the page, he froze in complete disbelief as he read the bottom name aloud. His fingers trembled as he spoke.

“Lillian Rose Gloriant… I can't believe it, it’s all true!”

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