War of the Dragons

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Chapter 8 - Where is She?

“My master, it is an honour to have you here at last.” Lady Lynn announced with a welcoming smile as the large hooded figure stepped out from the glowing red light of the nearby portal to join her.

“Where is she?” Xytsis’ voice was very deep and seemed to have a haunting echo coming from it as he spoke, straight to the point of his visit.

“I am pleased to report that we have the Queen unharmed and in our custody.” Lynn was rather proud of herself as she bowed her head with respect to the demonic King standing before her.

“Take me to her at once!”

With another bow of her head, Lynn signalled for two of her nearest warriors to lead the way as she gestured with her hand held out for the King to follow along after them.

The room was even darker than she had remembered when the young Queen next opened her eyes. It was the sound of the door unlocking that had caught her attention as she rapidly blinked her emerald eyes and struggled to focus her vision on anything in the surrounding darkness.

A small blue light glowed from the doorway and she squinted her eyes to try and see who it was as the visitor began to walk toward her. She could feel her heart racing with fear as she expected it to be someone there to harm her, or perhaps torture her. Especially when she noticed the pair of purple glowing eyes moving along next to the light!

But she was pleasantly surprised to find a familiar face instead, standing before her with a blue glowing glass orb held in his gloved hand. She went to speak but the gag covering her mouth reminded her to remain silent as he proceeded to lift his finger to his lips and signal silently for her to remain quiet.

She looked puzzled as he then released his grip on the orb, which remained floating beside his head in the air! Her eyes were fixed on it intently and she hadn’t noticed that he was in the meantime untying her from her restraints!

As her hands fell down from above her head she stood in shock, clutching at her numb wrists as she looked at him with a confused expression.

Once again, he signalled with his finger in front of his lips for her to remain silent, then reached out and untied the material gag from around her mouth. She licked her extremely dry lips as soon as it was taken away from her.

Still she looked to him for answers, but he instead handed her something and she looked down to see what it was. In her hands she now held a long black cloak with a large hood attached.

Was he helping her to escape?

“Put that on and hurry, we don’t have much time,” he whispered as he grabbed the orb and made his way toward the doorway.

Not wasting any time questioning his motives, Lillian chose to obey and at least get the chance to escape her captors. There would be time for questions to be answered later on.

Quickly pulling the cloak over herself and the hood up over her head, she followed after him to the doorway and stood waiting behind him as he popped his head out to check that the coast was still clear.

“Stick close to me and do not make a sound.” he warned, still in a whisper, before darting out of the cell and making his way down the darkened corridor silently, with Lillian following along close behind.

Just as Flynn led Lillian around a corner and down a corridor headed in the opposite direction, the Veemon warriors leading both Lady Lynn and King Xytsis marched along toward the cell, with no idea that she had just been sprung free by one of their own!

As they approached the corridor leading down to the cell they were headed towards, Lady Lynn nodded to signal her warrior to move on ahead and unlock the cell for them. As he stepped up to the door he paused and appeared to frown with concern at the sight of the slightly ajar door in front of him.

His concern showed as he turned to face Lady Lynn.

“What is it?” she demanded.

“My lady, the door... it’s... unlocked!” he reported with great hesitation and fear.

“What!” she snapped angrily, storming over to where he stood before it and pushing him out of the way to see for herself.

Reaching out with her hand she grasped the door’s handle and swung it open, stepping inside to find her worst fear there before her; an empty room! The Queen was gone!

“No...” she spoke but a whisper as her mind raced into a panic, her eyes open wide in sheer terror.

“Where is she?” Lynn suddenly heard the deep voice behind her and she feared turning around to reply, although she knew she would have to eventually.

“She’s... g...gone.” Lynn managed to get out as she turned to face him and stared deep into his now glowing neon blue eyes.

Now he was furious!

Before she could say or do anything, his mighty grip was around her throat within the fraction of a second.

The two warriors who had come to escort them stood with looks of concern on their faces as they watched Lynn struggling to breathe as he hoisted her up into the air without any trouble.

“How unfortunate.” his voice showed his level of frustration. “For you...”

As Lynn was held in the air kicking and struggling to breathe, she watched as King Xytsis then lifted his free hand toward the two Veemon that had escorted them.

Within an instant they began crying out in agony, then falling to their knees and holding at their heads from some unknown and unforeseen cause. They looked as though they were terrified and in incredible amounts of pain as they screamed, clutching at their heads.

And then, the very next second’s Lynn’s purple eyes went wide as she watched both of their heads explode all across the room! Chunks of brain and blood covered the walls and floor as both bodies, now headless, fell to the floor beneath them.

Lynn was beyond terrified now!

“All you had to do was bring me the girl.” Xytsis hissed, turning to face her again. “A simple task and yet you failed me.”

“P...please...” she managed to get out as her face began to turn red and her vision blurred.

“I do not accept failure, Lady Lynn. You of all who serve me should know that!”

Knowing that she would soon pass out, if he didn’t decide to break her neck first, Lynn tried to whisper one last word in a final attempt to spare her own life.


Xytsis narrowed his eyes as he pulled her in closer to hear her struggling to form a single word.

“Yes?” he asked menacingly.

“F...Flynn...” her eyes began to cross as her face turned purple.

Feeling he may be able to get more from her if she were still alive, King Xytsis suddenly released his powerful grip on her throat and she fell down to the floor, gasping to fill her lungs with air once more. Both of her hands moved instinctively to her aching throat as she gasped loudly and began to cough.

“Tell me where the girl is, and I may yet allow you to live.” Xytsis boomed as he loomed over her.

“Flynn...” she coughed and cleared her throat, looking up at her master submissively as she spoke with a hoarse voice. “He... he must have taken her...”

Xytsis knelt down to her level and tilted his head to taunt her as he spoke again.

“Tell me Lady Lynn...” he began to interrogate her, “Who is this... Flynn?”

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