War of the Dragons

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Chapter 9 - Misdirection

King Xytsis was kneeling down beside Lady Lynn, who sat on the floor clutching at her bruised neck and panting for air after he had almost choked her to death! His glowing blue eyes peered down over her as he questioned her again, this time with a more demanding tone to his voice.

“Tell me, who is this Flynn you speak of?”

“He’s... he’s my apprentice master.” she replied, her voice still hoarse from her swollen neck.

“And why would I care about some meaningless apprentice?” he queried snidely.

“Because...” she paused to swallow and winced at the pain in her throat as she did, “... because I know him better than anyone... and if he’s got the Queen, I know where he’s going!”

Turning yet another corner and wandering through the darkened maze of underground tunnels, Flynn led Queen Lillian along by the hand as he used his Veemon eyesight to carefully peer before them and check that the coast was clear before stepping out into the next corridor. Although they needed to be sneaky, they still had to hurry; Flynn knew it wouldn’t take long for Lynn to realise what he had done and come after them!

“It’s not much further...” he whispered to her as they made their way down one of the longer adjoining corridors quickly, “Just down here-”

His voice was cut off mid-sentence as a bright blinding light appeared before them, causing both to halt and stand with their eyes shielded from the light. As their eyes eventually adjusted to the brightness of the light only seconds later, Flynn’s hand instinctively moved to push Lillian behind him as he locked eyes with who he had feared may manage to find them.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Flynn?” Lynn snapped with her purple eyes narrow in fury and her hands clenched into fists either side of her. “You have no right to do this... hand her over, RIGHT NOW!”

“Not gonna happen!” he shot back at her, using his body as a sort of shield between his mentor and Lillian as he stood his ground defiantly against her. “I know everything Lynn, about the Pearl Dragon and Lillian’s ancestry... all of it.”

Lynn’s expression changed from anger to surprise as her eyes widened upon hearing this. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing!

“What are you talking about?” she faked knowing anything about what he had mentioned, aiming to test what information he actually knew.

“You can’t do this Lynn, if the dragon is released it will end the entire world! I’ve read the manuscripts with my own eyes, I know what you’re trying to do...” he paused, seeming confused and hurt suddenly. “I just don’t understand why... why are you doing this? What could you possibly hope to gain from helping to end the world?”


A sudden voice had interrupted, answering with its deep and haunting tone as the large hooded figure emerged from the almost pitch black darkness behind Lady Lynn with his glowing neon blue eyes brightly sizzling.

Lillian immediately gasped, frozen with wide eyes as she met his demonic gaze and realised something; she had seen this strange figure somewhere else before now! They had already met, several times before in several of her visions dating back to when she was just a child! She remembered those haunting eyes; eyes she had nightmares about for many years and feared one day coming face to face with for real!

“You...” she whispered to herself as her entire body began to tremble against her will as tears formed in the corners of her emerald eyes, “No... It’s not possible...”

“It’s alright Lillian, they’re not getting anywhere near you.” Flynn assured her while keeping his eyes carefully locked on them.

“I beg to differ!” Lynn snapped sternly.

Lifting her hand up, she signalled for four of her escorting Veemon warriors to open their glowing eyes and step into view, revealing themselves and the weapons they now carried, prepared to fight their traitor in arms.

“You really don’t want to do this!” he warned them, his eyes moving from one to the next as they moved in closer towards him while he casually pushed Lillian back further away from him.

He needed more room to fight them.

“This won’t take long.” he announced confidently as he reached down and unsheathed his Veemon longsword; the blade also made of Lunai as it glowed a bright blue while he twirled it around in his hand with a cheeky grin.

Without warning, the first Veemon warrior lunged at him, swinging the Lunai daggers he held in either hand toward his chest, but missing as Flynn dodged him quickly, then stepping out of the way while the second warrior took the chance to move in on him. Using the top of his blade, Flynn blocked the oncoming thrust and pushed his opponent away with a powerful force emanating from his outstretched open palm.

The two remaining warriors watched with concern as one of their fellow Veemon was sent flying, landing hard against the wall of the cavern with a thud and a grunt. Turning their attention back at Flynn they suddenly seemed hesitant to attack him as they looked to one another with furrowed brows.

Sensing their hesitance Flynn repositioned himself back into a fighting stance, holding out a hand and gesturing for them to attack him once more. He knew they wouldn’t stand a chance against his powers and skills!

As Lillian stood by watching Flynn fighting his own kind to defend her, she couldn’t help but feel a mix of obvious fear and guilt. These were his own kind; the ones he had lived with and trained with his entire adult life.

While Flynn took out the third of the Veemon warriors with a swift strike of his Lunai blade, Lillian took another step back from them. She was completely unaware that she and Flynn had been secretly surrounded by Veemon soldiers who had used the distraction of their fight, and the cover of darkness to creep in closer towards her.

Just as Flynn took out the final warrior with a powerful strike aimed from behind, he glanced up and his eyes widened in terror at the sight of the pair of glowing purple eyes hovering just behind her in the darkness. He held out his hand and called out to warn her.

“Lillian, behind you!”

But it wasn’t enough warning and at the very same moment she felt as a strong set of arms wrapped around her shoulders, trapping both of her arms down against either side of her as she was pulled into his tightly constricting grasp.

“Flynn!” she cried out as the Veemon warrior holding onto her began to pull her back down the corridor and into the darkness. “Flynn, help!”

Turning to face Lady Lynn who stood with King Xytsis, Flynn glared back at her with defiance and hatred.

“Seize the traitor as well!” Lynn commanded her followers sternly as several more soldiers began to move in from the darkness surrounding them. “I’m afraid it’s all over... and I’m sorry it had to be this way, Flynn. I truly am.”

His expression began to change from a look of anger to a strangely overconfident smile as he replied to her comment with one of his own.

“I’m truly sorry it had to be this way too...”

The very next second Lillian began to dissolve into a fine grey dust, only taking a matter of seconds to disappear entirely from within the Veemon’s grip as he stood there with a baffled expression, looking around for the missing Queen.

“What the-?” he muttered.

They all looked to Flynn, who gave Lynn a playful wink and then smiled as he too disappeared into a cloud of fine dust, dissolving and blowing away in the wind running through the tunnel.

Lynn gasped realising immediately what he had done.

“It’s a trick, a distraction!” King Xytsis announced angrily as he looked down to Lady Lynn.

Looking to the other warriors who stood around with their own looks of confusion painted across their faces, she seemed deeply desperate now as he gave her next command.

“He’s already outside; they both are!” she announced, pointing them in the right direction and adding, “GO! Get after him you fools, NOW!”

Meanwhile, just outside one of the many secret entrances known only to Flynn and his master, Lillian and the Veemon stood next to each other silently. Flynn had his right hand behind her head with his three fingers positioned carefully against the soft skin at the base of her neck; a bright blue light was traveling between the two as they continued to use magic to project images of themselves to cause a suitable distraction, as they had planned.

The next second, both immediately came out of their magical trances as their eyes changed from a glowing blue shade to their normal ones as they blinked rapidly, feeling slightly dazed from the use of such powerful dark magic. They turned to look at each other with matching smiles of victory.

Their plan to cause a distraction had worked!

“How long will that give us?” Lillian asked him as Flynn picked up a small leather backpack and flipped the straps over both of his shoulders one by one.

“Not long.” he replied as he reached out his hand for her to take. “So I suggest we get the hell out of here!”

She nodded as she reached out her hand and took his.

“I agree!”

As he tugged her firmly into his arms, he used a long strap of leather attached to his backpack to thread down and then pull up between her legs, finally clipping it onto his backpack and tightening it. Lillian watched him with intrigue as he repeated this process with yet another strap, this time going from his backpack, around her back and then clipped onto the other side of the backpack, fastening it once more.

“What’s this for?” she asked.

“Safety precaution. As Queen you get the very best service.” he teased playfully.

He then proceeded to wrap both of his hands around her waist and held onto her tightly pulling her breasts in against his firm chest; their faces were mere centimetres apart as Lillian blushed at their extreme closeness.

“Hold on tightly, your highness... and whatever you do, don’t look down!” he warned her vaguely as he then shuffled them closer to the edge of the nearby cliffside.

Lillian noticed this and panicked!

“Wait, what are you doing?” she asked, seeing the distance from where they were to the bottom of the cliff was so large. They had to be over a hundred metres up! “We’re not jumping off the cliff, are we?”

He chuckled at her apparent fear.

“No, no... Of course not.” he replied with an intentionally calming smile.

She let out a large sigh of relief, just as he added one last thing.

“We’re flying off the cliff!”

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