Elaine & Donna, A Love Story, Part 1: Elaine's Fetish

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Elaine was a simple farm girl growing up in rural Kansas. All her life she had been attracted and mesmerized by the intense electrical storms that regularly blew through the Midwest. However, when she entered high school, the significance of those storms changed her life dramatically in one average afternoon. Elaine's transformation though, was nothing when compared to the new relationship she was to develop with her long-time childhood friend, Donna. Once Elaine and Donna discovered each other, nothing would be the same ever again as they struggled to conceal their new relationship from their parents, their classmates, and their neighbors while they simultaneously try and escape their rural roots to make more of their lives.

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Chapter 1

Elaine had been simultaneously frightened and exhilarated by thunder and lightning storms since she had been a young girl growing up on her parents’ farm in Kansas. She was never quite sure just where the fear came from….maybe just the suddenness and potential lethal power that the passing weather often brought with it. Certainly as a young child she had seen her share of violently damaging storms come through her little town of Childers and had witnessed first-hand just how damaging they could be to a small agricultural community. The exhilaration portion was partly the same….just the sheer power and force of the wind, rain, hail, and eye popping electrical displays were enough to send her pulse racing. But there was another component to her experience of exhilaration that came with the frequent squalls that she never told anyone about.

When Elaine was about sixteen or so, there had been this particularly violent and unexpected storm that sprang up while she was tending to some of the smaller farm animals…..few goats and sheep….on their spread. She had been out in the barn as the afternoon calm was absolutely transformed by a massive electrical storm turning the formerly blue and cheery skies to what could have been confused as night, the clouds so darkened the sky. She had been way back in the barn feeding the animals and had not noticed the approaching weather….just sensed the change in winds from mild to gusty. The wind swept through the open windows of the small barn, but this was often the case in the summers in Childers, so she did not give it much thought at the time.

In just a few minutes, the temperature plummeted as the winds began to howl and the first clap of ear-splitting thunder, followed soon after by a piercing bolt of lightning nearly knocked Elaine off her feet. More claps reverberated through the late afternoon sky with the almost constant accompaniment of bolt after bolt of lightning and rain began to come like the clouds had just fallen apart. The sky was hideously dark blue, bordering on black as the storm unleashed all it had as Elaine cowered in one of the empty animal stalls. At the time it felt as if the world might be ending as the ferocity and intensity of the storm just seemed to keep growing.

After getting past the initial fear of the storm, realizing that this was not a tornado or twister, which were common to the area, Elaine climbed slowly and carefully up the ladder that lead to the loft of the barn on the west side. She crawled through the scratchy straw that covered the loft to a depth of maybe a foot or more to peer out the small window that was there. As each clap of thundered hammered across the sky and each bolt of lightning shot in crazy unpredictable network-like patterns horizontally and vertically and diagonally turning the darkness into an artificial fireworks display, Elaine’s fear was replaced with a growing sense of excitement and interest. As she watched the rain and felt the vibrations from the thunder and saw the spider-work light illuminate the whole farm she began to feel something she had never experienced before.

Elaine had led a very sheltered life on the family farm in Childers and the sensations that were pulsing and growing within her from each blast of the storm were initially baffling and inexplicable to her. As each echo of the storm exploded with all its fury, Elaine began to feel this tingling sensation that began in her crotch and was spreading like a creeping web to her chest. She was initially startled when she first noticed the feelings, but as time went by she became aroused by the spreading sensations and she fell back in the straw as her breathing came faster. She had never had any type of sexual experience, but somehow she knew, from what she had heard in snatches of conversation around her school from some of the other girls, that this was maybe what being sexually stimulated felt like. That’s what they called it…..“being sexually stimulated and aroused”…..she had no idea what they were talking about at the time, but as the tingling feeling spread and increased in intensity, she felt down between her legs and noticed that the area of her jeans all around her crotch and on her inner thighs was quite moist as fluid was flowing slowly but steadily from her vagina.

The secretions from her vagina were dripping down her inner thighs and her whole crotch was soon sopping wet. As each wallop of thunder came, a small flow of fluid seeped from her. As each shot of light that followed the thunder shattered the dark sky, the tingling sensations shot across her body, up her torso and seemed to be feeding her breasts. She felt along one side of her left breast and the whole thing seemed warm to the touch, and her nipple was beginning to extend to a full erection. Her breasts were not huge—not like that Cindy McCafferty who all the boys drooled over—but they were nice, she thought as she now moved her damp hands from her crotch and felt her breasts all over using the vaginal secretions to smooth her hands along. As she brushed her stiff nipples with her fingers, a racing sensation of the tingling shot back down her body and exploded in her, causing her to gasp briefly and arch her back upward on the straw.

Operating on pure instinct and reaction, Elaine lay flat on her back and opened her work shirt to expose her young and supple breasts with now what felt like almost glowing hot nipples. She pushed her jeans down to her ankles, and swept her hands to her saturated crotch and gathered up as much of the dripping secretions as she could and spread it across her breasts with focused and slow intent. She then kept one hand there, constantly rubbing her pert and developing breasts, stopping regularly to feel her nipples, often pinching them between her well lubricated thumb and forefinger. The other hand she dropped to her lap and began to methodically feel along her vagina, inserting first one finger and then several into herself rubbing along her labial lips and pushing far back until she found her clitoris. She knew all the anatomy from books, but this was the first exploration of her own body she had tried.

The thunder cracked and the lightning blazed and Elaine increased her intensity of touch moving her fingers deeper and deeper into herself as each new storm blast urged her on. The manipulation and stimulation of her clitoris sent shock waves of pleasure through her, radiating up from her pelvis toward her chest as trembling waves of tingling flowed back down her body to her vagina. Each wave of pleasure seemed to flow with the crashing of the storm, moving back and forth through her and she arched her back high on the straw with each new rush of warm and sensual sensations. As her digital explorations got more aggressive and assertive, she could hear the slippery machinations of her fingers which egged her on. After brushing the area by accident, Elaine let just the tip of a secretion-covered finger slip into her anus and a whole new wave of pleasure rippled through her causing her to now moan out loud and as she thrashed wildly on the straw.

She changed her approach when the stimulation from her anus nearly caused her to scream out…..though even in her highly heightened state of arousal she knew she would have to be careful. Even with the crashing surroundings of the storm, she could not afford to be overheard by anyone nearby. She turned her hand that was in her vagina and inserted her thumb high and deep back into herself to find the clitoris again while she simultaneously slipped first her ring finger and then her middle finger, both now sheening generously with secretions from her vagina, well into her anus…..pushing them slowly and deliberately in as far as her slender fingers would allow and then drawing them back out in the same manner.

The combination of fingering her clitoris and labia with the anal probing plus massaging her oily breasts and squeezing her taught and upright nipples was putting Elaine into a frenzy, the likes of which she had never thought possible when hearing of sexual experiences from her friends……no wonder they all went on and on about getting laid. Her breathing was as rapid as if she was running a race, she could feel her pulse pounding in her ears, and multiple rivulets of sweat poured from her body like rain. All the while she groaned and moaned and gasped as she arched herself onto her shoulders and then fell back flat in wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. The storm raged on and Elaine continued to push herself as her orgasms now came one after another like a wave train in a river, the sensations running up and down her body from her now utterly soaked crotch to her lubricated breasts. The arching of her back was causing multiple runners of vaginal secretions to cascade both down her inner thighs as well as dribbling up her stomach toward her neck and face.

As the storm reach its pinnacle, so did Elaine and in a final flurry or violent and pointed stimulation, she found herself almost pounding away at her anus and vagina while twisting her nipples to the point of pain. As the final clap of thunder came from the sky in a deafening crash, Elaine, timing it perfectly, cried out in a surreal and otherworldly display of release as she experienced a massive orgasm that shook her to her bones. As the storm blew itself out, Elaine fell back onto the straw completely out of breath, desperately gasping for air as her heart felt as if it would leave her chest cavity. She was a heap of trembling and quivering flesh as the spasms of her post coital experience caused her to wonder if she was dying.

The shuddering and tremors ran on and on until for a few seconds until they gradually faded away like the tide leaving the beach. She was left among the straw, much of which was now distributed in her hair and stuck over various parts of her body cemented to her courtesy of her prolonged session in which she was virtually covered head to foot in either sweat or vaginal secretions or a combination of both. For a long time, Elaine just lay in the sticky hay and basked in the aftermath of her first sexual foray…..she was exhausted, sore, and even maybe a bit bruised. She was still waiting for her breathing and pulse to recover, but she was also incredibly happy and utterly satisfied…..and looking very forward to the next thunderstorm.

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