Brenda's Temp Job

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Brenda Darrow was struggling to find a new job following her unexpected dismissal from her dream job. It was nothing she had done personally to get laid off, but just one more unfortunate story as part of the wide-sweeping economic down turn that was ubiquitous just then. With her savings dwindling, Brenda swallowed her pride and went to a temp agency to find a stop-gap plug for her outflow of cash. But when the job she was interviewed for turned out to be much more than she had ever imagined, Brenda found herself of the ride of a lifetime. Her new position led her to a new and totally foreign personal life when she set out the night she was hired to celebrate at a local blues club. Her chance meeting with Alicia Cordair opened her up to a new life she had never dreamed of but she soon found it was what she had been yearning for her whole life. Come along as Brenda’s sexuality gets a complete overhaul and her professional life soars as she and Alicia form a relationship deeper and more intense than anything either of them had ever known.

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