Chiara (The Doms and Dommes of New York: Book 3)

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Chapter 8

We had just finished eating at a tiny little Chinese place on Bowery when Steven's phone buzzed. He looked at it and smiled brightly.

"Shit! They've got a verdict already." He looked at me. "We've got to get back to the courthouse." He stood up and held out his hand to me. I took it, and he pulled me to my feet. Then he frowned. "I'm sorry," he said as we walked outside. "That was presumptuous of me. Do you want to come back to the courthouse with me?"

"I would love to, Steven."

He hailed a cab, and one stopped almost immediately. He helped me in and told the driver the address.

"So, is this fast for getting a verdict back?"

"Extremely so."

"What does it mean? Good or bad?"

He shrugged. "It could be either. Quick verdicts simply mean that the jurors made up their minds before the trial was over, and that they all came to the same conclusion."

When we got back to the courthouse, he straightened his suit, held the door, and gestured for me to enter first. I didn't know if that was because he was naturally a gentleman or if he was subtly acknowledging that I was his Mistress, but either way, it was the right thing to do. We entered the courtroom, and I sat closer to his table this time. I was still five rows back, but I could admire him up close now.

As I sat, I fingered the small key in my coat pocket and watched Steven. I thought back to lunch and what he had said when he handed it to me.

"I have something for you, ma'am," he'd said after we ordered.

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, ma'am." He held out the key, and I took it. "You do know what that is, don't you?"

"As much as I know what I felt in the elevator, boy," I said quietly, "but why are you giving it to me? We haven't even signed anything yet."

He waved that comment away. "It doesn't matter, ma'am." He stared into my eyes. "I already know what I want. The contract is just semantics."

"And what do you want?"

"I want you to own my pleasure, ma'am. I have a bad habit of giving myself pleasure when I'm not supposed to, and I want to stop myself from doing so." His voice was low but earnest. "If you have the key, my pleasure is all yours. Besides, it is a way for me to remember that you are my Mistress even when I have to pretend otherwise."

Now, sitting in the courtroom and watching him prepare for the verdict, I felt the key in my pocket and smiled. After one night of sex, I'd found a man who was willing to give up his sexual freedom to me, and it thrilled me. It certainly didn't hurt that he was gorgeous, foreign, and had a huge cock.

We all stood when the judge came into the room, and then the jury filed in.

"Let the record show that at about 12:30 this afternoon, the Court received a written note signed by the foreman of the jury, Mr. Arnold Sims, that stated they had reached a verdict. Is this accurate, Mr. Sims?"

The foreman stood and said, "It is, your Honor."

"Then please hand the bailiff your verdict, sir."

The foreman did so, and the bailiff handed it to the judge. He read it through and then said, "Will the defendant please stand? In regards to count one, kidnapping, the jury finds the defendant, Mr. Sebastian Harland, guilty. In regards to count two, rape in the first degree, the jury finds the defendant guilty. In regards to count three, sodomy in the first degree, the jury finds the defendant guilty. In regards to count four, assault in the first degree, the jury finds the defendant guilty. In regards to count five, murder in the first degree, the jury finds the defendant guilty." The judge folded the paper and looked at the jury. One by one, he polled them to make sure they had all agreed on the verdict. It was unanimous. "Very well. Sentencing will be set on a date to be determined by this Court. I want to thank the ladies and gentlemen of the jury for their service and to dismiss them from said service. This court is adjourned." He pounded his gavel--I thought they only did that in the movies--we all stood, and he exited the courtroom.

Mr. Harland was handcuffed and taken out a different door by the bailiff, and Steven shook hands with the other lawyers at his table before turning toward me with a huge smile. One of the men said something to him, and he answered without taking his eyes off me. Then they all clapped him on his back, and he walked down the aisle. When he reached me, he said, "That was satisfying. Would you celebrate with me?"

"I would love to. Your place or mine?"

He threw his head back and laughed, and the other men stared at him. Then he became serious. "Your choice, ma'am," he said quietly. "I'd like to see your place, though, if that's not being too bold, ma'am."

"My place it is, then," I said with a smile, and he again gestured for me to leave the room first. When we reached the street, he took my hand, and we walked toward Broadway. Within five minutes, we reached a parking garage. He opened the passenger door of his car for me and then pulled out onto Worth Street.

"Where to, Mistress?"

I smiled. "Stuy Town, boy. So, no more topping from the bottom?"

He grinned at me. "Not now, Mistress."

"Good boy." I reached my hand over to him and trailed my fingers along his thigh. "Tell me about this cock cage of yours, boy. Does it prevent an erection completely, or can you still get hard?"

He groaned and glanced at me. "The first, Mistress. It's too small for anything else."

My fingers didn't stop. "So, if I stimulate you, it'll be torture?"

"Yes, Mistress," he said as his teeth clenched.

I kept up the stroking of his thigh, getting closer and closer to his groin but not quite there. "Well, boy, maybe if you're good, I'll use this key you gave me. Or maybe not. We'll just have to see, won't we?"

"Yes, Mistress," he moaned as he squirmed slightly.

Half an hour later, my hand never stopping, he pulled into the garage beneath my building. When he was parked, he asked, "May I get out, Mistress?"

"You may," I answered, and he gave an audible sigh of relief as he exited the car. I chuckled and waited for him to open my door. When he did and helped me out, I quickly moved in front of him and entered the elevator. He joined me, and, since it was empty, I pushed him up against the wall, pulled his head down, and kissed him. He tried to wrap his arms around me, but I broke the kiss and said, "No touching, boy, until I say otherwise." I knew that would be hell for me as well as for him, but it would also make me horny as fuck. He just nodded, and I kissed him again. This time, it was I who trailed my tongue along his lips, and when he opened them, I fucked his mouth forcefully. He moaned and clenched his fists against the wall. I stepped close to him and ground my hips against his cock, and he cried out softly into my mouth. I let go of his face, but he stayed bent over as he should have. I dropped one hand between us and slid it inside his slacks and briefs. Then I pulled back and grinned as I felt the metal cage surrounding that beautiful cock of his.

"This is mine, boy. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Mistress," he mumbled, his eyes sliding shut.

I kept my hand on his cock, pleased that no one joined us in the elevator. "This isn't the cage I saw in your nightstand last night, is it, boy?"

"No, Mistress. That one was too small, Mistress. My former mistress only used it for punishment."

I let my fingers roam over the cage. It consisted of rings that encircled his cock and one that went behind his balls. I could feel the padlock that my key went to, and the entire cage had a downward turn to it so that it wasn't obvious beneath his slacks. When we reached my floor, I pulled my hand out and turned toward the door. It opened, and I strode out without a word. He meekly followed with his hands clasped behind his back. My apartment was only a few feet away from the elevator, and he stood behind me as I unlocked the door.

"Come in, boy," I said when he was still there after I entered.

"Thank you, Mistress," he said and stepped inside my small apartment. He looked around and smiled. "May I speak, Mistress?"

"You may." I was curious to know his reaction.

"It fits you, Mistress."

I looked around, too. I had rented all new furniture after I signed the lease, and it was all black and glass from the appliances in the kitchen to the bedspread on the king bed in my room. It did fit me.

"Not exactly what you're used to, though, is it, boy?"

He stared at me, a small frown on his face. "Are you worried about that, Mistress? I am not a snob." He glanced around the living room. "I like it, Mistress Chiara."

He sounded so sincere that I smiled up at him. "Shall we go over the contract, boy, or shall we just celebrate?"

"The contract is not necessary, Mistress Chiara. You know my limits, and I know yours. You know my safe word, and I trust you to listen to me if I use it. What more is needed?"

"So, straight to the celebration, then," I answered, my smile growing. I stepped back and looked him up and down. "Strip, boy. Let me see all of you."

He grinned. "Yes, Mistress." He took off his jacket and draped it over the back of my couch. Then he took off his tie and shirt, and his muscles bulged as he bent over to remove his shoes and socks. Then he moved his hands to his belt. His pants and briefs quickly joined the rest of his clothing on the couch. His cock was hanging low between his legs, the metal rings keeping it contained for the moment. Fuck, he was beautiful! When he was naked, I stepped close to him and ran my hand down his chest until I reached his groin. Then I cupped his balls lightly. He gasped and fisted his hands again.

"Good boy," I said. "Follow me."

"Yes, Mistress."

I walked to my bedroom and stood by the bed. He dropped to his knees beside me. "Undress me, boy, but don't touch me more than is necessary."

"Yes, Mistress," he whispered. Like the night before, he started at my feet, slipping my black flats off. I could tell he wanted to kiss me, but he didn't. He rose up on his knees and undid the fastenings on my jeans. They were tight, and he had to peel them off my legs. After I stepped out of them, he carefully folded them and placed them on the bed. "May I stand, Mistress?"

"You may."

He slowly climbed to his feet, grabbed the hem of my shirt, and pulled it over my head. At that point, I was clad only in the skimpiest of bra and panties, and I heard his breath accelerate. He reached around me and unclasped my bra before sliding the straps off my shoulders. His fingers twitched as he lowered his hands to my panties and pulled them down my legs. He took a deep breath as he passed my cunt on his way back down to his knees, and as I stepped out of my panties, he sighed heavily.

"On the bed, boy. Face in the mattress and ass in the air. Hands at your sides."

"Yes, Mistress," he answered softly and did as I said. I went to my closet and pulled out a blindfold, a metal flogger, a spreader bar, four cuffs, and two straps. I walked back to him, put the blindfold on him, attached a cuff to each wrist and ankle and then hooked his wrist cuffs to his ankle cuffs. He just groaned. I took the straps and attached one end of each to his ankle cuffs and the other ends to the bottom posts of my bed. Then I pushed his knees apart and strapped on the spreader bar. I ratcheted it as far as it would go, and then I grasped his ball sack again. He cried out but didn't safe word.

"Comfortable, boy?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good boy." I moved to my dresser and pulled out an anal plug that was only a little thinner than the last dildo I had used on him the night before and some lube. It was curved so that it would stimulate his prostate as I toyed with him. I lubed up the plug and held it against his exposed asshole. "Promise me you will safe word if you need to, boy."

"Yes, Mistress," he gasped as I pushed the plug in slightly. "I promise, Mistress."

With his promise, I pushed harder, and the plug slid into his ass until his sphincter stretched around the flared base and then closed around the neck. He moaned the entire time. Then I stood and picked up the flogger. Without a word, I flicked it against his ass, and he cried out softly. His darker skin tone would make it hard to judge the color, so I had to trust him to safe word if my play got to be too much. "Harder, boy?"

"Yes, please, Mistress."

I grabbed the ends of the flogger and snapped the metal beads against his skin, and he inhaled sharply. Again and again, I snapped the flogger against his ass, his thighs, and his back. By the time I finished, he was whimpering and squirming. I put the flogger on my dresser and spanked his ass hard.

"Hold still, boy."

He froze even as he cried out, "Yes, Mistress!"

I undid the straps and told him to roll over onto his back. When he did, his feet were in the air, still attached to his wrists, and I hooked the straps to the upper posts of my bed this time. He was practically folded in half by this point, but it exposed his ass and cock and balls for my pleasure. I ran my hand down his leg from his ankle to his crotch, dragged my fingernails over his ball sack, causing him to whimper again, and the up his other leg. Then I moved around his legs and straddled his chest.

"You know what to do, boy," I said as he inhaled deeply and licked his lips.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Beg me for permission, boy."

He was practically drooling as he said, "Please, Mistress Chiara, please let me eat your beautiful cunt. Please let me pleasure you, Mistress."

I scooted forward and unhooked his wrist cuffs but left his ankle cuffs attached to the straps. Then I positioned myself over his mouth, and he swiped his tongue from my ass to my clit.

"Do you enjoy anal, Mistress?"

"Oh, yes, boy," I breathed as he licked me again. I rested my hands on the headboard of the bed, and he cupped my ass in his hands. Then he slid two fingers into my cunt as his teeth latched onto my clit. "Yes, boy! Fuck me with your fingers!" He started sliding them in and out, but it wasn't enough. "Harder, boy! Faster!" He obeyed instantly and not only picked up his power and speed but also added a third finger. Suddenly, he switched hands, pulling out his wet fingers and replacing them with his other hand. Then he quickly shoved one of his lubed fingers into my ass, and I gasped.

"Is this okay, Mistress?" he asked quietly.

"Fuck, yes, boy!"

He added the second and then the third, and I cried out. Throughout all of this, his mouth had never stopped, and I quickly felt my climax rip through me. I screamed as I ground myself down onto his mouth and fingers, and then I pulled back and slid down his chest, leaving a trail of wetness from his chin to his belly. He pulled his fingers from me, and I felt empty. I knew I wouldn't be able to torment either of us by keeping him in that cage, and I kissed him briefly before walking out of the room to get the key.

When I came back in, I unhooked his ankle cuffs but left them on him. Then I unlocked his cock cage and set it on the nightstand. Last, I took off the blindfold.

"You'll put that cage back on later, boy, but right now I need that cock inside of me."

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress," he whispered, and I used my hand to get him hard as he groaned.. It didn't take very long at all, and then I got off the bed, walked to my dresser, and pulled out a strap-on dildo. It was seven inches long and two and a half inches in diameter. Someday, I would use it to fuck him in the ass, but this time it was for him to use on me. I took it back to him and was please to see that he hadn't moved except to lower his legs.

"Stand up, boy," I said, and he obeyed instantly. I put the dildo on him so that it rested just above his glorious cock. He grinned, and my heart skipped a beat. Fuck, he was beautiful when he did that.

"DP, Mistress Chiara?"

"Yes, boy, but I want your huge cock fucking my cunt. The other is for my ass. Lube it up good, boy," I said as I leaned over the bed.

"Yes, Mistress." I heard him snap the top on the lube bottle and then the quiet squishing sound as he slathered up the dildo. He positioned himself behind me and placed one hand on my hip. I could feel his cuff resting on my side, and it turned me on so much that my cunt started to drip. With his other hand, he grabbed his cock and guided it to my pussy. I gasped as he pushed forward with his hips, and a good two inches entered me before I felt the dildo against my asshole. Then he held that still and pushed forward more. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, he pressed into me until the both the dildo and his cock were seated fully inside of me. It felt fantastic being fully filled in both holes, and I fisted my hands in the bedspread.

"Now fuck me hard, boy. I'll tell you to stop if it's too much."

"Yes, Mistress," he murmured and slowly slid out until the dildo almost fell out of me. Then he grabbed both my hips and slammed into me hard enough to bang the headboard against the wall.

"Holy fuck, boy! Again!"

"I obey you, Mistress," he grunted and did it again. His thrusts got faster and harder, and I was gasping for breath by the time I had my next orgasm. I screamed out his name, and I could hear him breathing heavily behind me.

When I could speak coherently again, I said, "Pull out, boy." Instantly, he obeyed with a loud moan, and I flipped over onto my back. I spread my legs and crooked my finger at him. My ass was still at the edge of the bed, but I wanted to feel his weight on me, so I slid backward as he got on his hands and knees on the bed and crawled after me. "Again, boy," I whispered. "Make me cum again and again and again. You may cum when you need to, but do your best to wait."

His smile was overwhelming as he held his cock at my ass. "Please tell me if I hurt you, Mistress," he said softly, and I nodded. He pressed forward with a sigh and then made sure the dildo entered my cunt. I grabbed his biceps hard when he put his hands on either side of me, and his smile only grew bigger. When he was fully inside of me, he slid out a few inches and powered his way back in.

I threw my head back, arched my tits toward him, and cried out as his cock impaled my bowels. His hands moved to my breasts, and he caressed them gently which was at odds with what his cock was doing to me. His hips moved powerfully and quickly, and then he dropped one hand to my clit as his other tweaked my nipples one at a time.

"Fuck me, Steven!" I screamed as another orgasm raced through me.

"Yes, Mistress," he said, and as I opened my eyes, I saw him grinning again. "As you command," and he proceeded to do so until I came yet again. He started to shake at that point, and his eyes slammed shut.

"You may cum inside me, Steven," I gasped. "Fill my ass."

"Thank you, Mistress," he exclaimed, and it only took a few more strokes before he bottomed out in me and exploded. Then he practically fell on top of me, but he caught himself at the last second and rested his weight on his forearms. I reached up, took his face in my hands, and kissed him. He opened his mouth, and our tongues tangled together.

When I broke the kiss, he raised himself up on his hands, but he didn't pull out of me. "Maybe next time, boy, I'll let you cum in my pussy. What do you think of that?"

"I am just grateful you let me fuck you at all, Mistress. I know you don't have to."

"No, I don't, but you have pleased me today, and you deserved a reward for your victory in court." I pushed him back a bit. "Pull out, Steven."

"Yes, Mistress," he answered softly, and when he did, he dropped to his knees by the bed. That's when I decided to see exactly how obedient he would be.

I stood in front of him for a moment and then turned around. I bent over the bed again and thrust my ass in his face. "Clean me out, boy," I said with a grin he couldn't see, and immediately his hands went to my hips, and his tongue burrowed in my hole as I pushed the cum out. I took regular enemas, so I knew I wasn't really dirty back there, but I also hadn't thought he would actually do it, and I knew I'd have to reward him. I'd just have to think of how. Then I gasped as he pulled his mouth from me, pushed his finger into my rectum, swirled it around a bit, and then pulled it back out. I heard him suck it off, and then he did it again. Finally, when he seemed satisfied with my cleanliness, he kissed my ass, and his hands left me. I stood up and turned around.

"Good boy," I said as I patted his head, and I saw him smile. "I'll reward you for that later, but right now I'm going to take a shower. You can take one after I'm done. While I'm in there, you will put your cage back on and then wait for me right where you are now."

"Yes, Mistress."

I turned toward the bathroom, but then I stopped. "And Steven?"

"Yes, Mistress?"

"Don't take the plug out."

"Yes, Mistress."

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