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His Majesty's Captive

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Chapter 01-now


The Kingdom of Marsanial.
It goes back a long time ago, and up to this day, it is still run by the same pointless rules of the founding fathers. The people are ruled by their laws and the jurisdiction of the royal family. The king is appointed by law as ruler over every citizen of the kingdom and the crown prince serves alongside his father as a subordinate on state affairs until he is old enough to claim his birthright.

The council is second only to the king and has the jurisdiction to impose laws and rules just as much as they see befitting.

When the new king was crowned everyone was hoping the new council would be more liberating and prominent but instead, they just proved to be a bunch of stuck-up elitists and a 2.0 version of the former council, only bringing themselves to care about their own benefits.

Nowadays it seems like no one really cares anymore. It's been centuries since the last war and peace has settled in its wake. No one wants another civil war so the people are content in ignoring the council for now. At least that's what I know but still, I always have this feeling that we're all in the dark about where things are going and we can't do anything to prevent it.

Nevertheless, I try my best to keep out of the matters of the state and instead stick to caring for the only person that I care so deeply for and that is my grandmother.

She is quite ill and I doubt she will live to see her great-grandchildren but it is always a good thing to be optimistic.

She also loves cooking, gardening and baking, which we usually do together.
She discovers these new recipes and creates various concoctions of different ingredients,
however just as you know, every person has their liabilities because the one thing I completely cannot get her to do is to pay more attention to her health.

She is the sort of person who would be shivering on her way home and stop to lend her jacket to a much more critical-condition person.
Which, honestly Is not a bad thing at all up until the next thing you know, you have dropped down dead in a snowstorm.

I just wish she would take more care of herself starting with her medication, which mind you, I have been trying to get her to take for the past ten minutes.

"Sweetheart, I am fine I do not need any medicine, I can take care of myself, besides, they just make me drowsy and I do not like them" she protests, shoving them out of her face.

She just doesn't listen...
I sigh, running my hands through my hair as I decide this is the only option I have left.

"Grandma, until you take your medicine I will not speak a word with you" I fold my arms over my chest as I stand to my feet.

Her eyebrows draw together and she gently tugs my hand, pulling me to sit beside her before wrapping her arms around me.

"Oh goodness me, not again" she whispers to herself before letting out a big sigh.
"You don't have to worry yourself so much, I'm alright, with or without the medicine I am able to take care of myself" she responds so casually, waving off the crucial matter.

I frown in distress, wondering how she can be so simplistic.

"Okay honey if I take the pills will that make you happy?" she asks gently as her eyes light up.

I nod, silently agreeing with her pleasant suggestion as she shakes her head with a small smile tugging at her lips.

"Alright then" she sighs, unscrewing the bottle of pills that I place into her hands and setting one of them into her mouth, she reaches for a glass of water and chugs down the contents before turning back to me, smiling cheerfully.

I press a kiss on her cheek and help her back into bed before rushing into the kitchen to serve her a bowl of the hot soup I had prepared for her this morning.

After I make sure that she has eaten every last bit of it, I then head back to my room, feeling somewhat victorious.

I slump down on my bed and roll over onto my back, opening up the book I had been reading earlier, I try my best to focus my attention on the words inscribed into the light pages but my mind keeps straying away from the moment, I have been worried about something for the past few days but constantly keep reassuring myself that I am most likely overthinking the matter.

Grandma has indirectly been trying to convince me to settle down with Tobias, our neighbour Mrs Belva's son, he is a respectful and kind young man and is already convinced that we are soulmates but, I have never envisioned that we would end up like this, I've known the man for like six years and we basically grew up together, I don't want to join ties with him merely for that reason, grandma is no doubt worried about me, she doesn't say this but I can see that she's worried about me,
she's worried that she might leave me any second all by myself with no one to turn to in this horrible world.
So she's hoping I will settle down with someone decent enough to be able to take care of me.

Her persuasion first started off light, with subtle compliments and always something nice to say about Tobias but for the past few days, it has been incessant nagging about how he would be able to make me happy, about how he is a man of honour and a high paid soldier so he is sure to guarantee my safety, the next day it was that his mother already approved of me so that itself is already a very big bonus, how he will provide for me, and treat me to anything I will ever need, she said that only then would she be able to rest assured knowing that I'm in good hands.

I am forced out of my thoughts by the unexpected feel of a sudden sharp excruciating pain stinging from my lower abdomen. I curse under my breath and roll off the bed, hurrying to the bathroom. I swing the cabinet doors open and notice that I'm out of my menstrual supplies and I can feel it coming so I figure that the best thing to do is run over to the corner shop and not risk waiting until the morning.

I sigh in disappointment and head back to my room, wishing I could be a man for at least a week, every month, for the rest of my life.

I rummage through my closet and slip into the first pair of black jeans I stumble upon. I find one of my black shirts hanging off the coat rack so I grab it and slide it over my head before grabbing a long black winter coat and my pair of keys, running the rest of the way downstairs.

I force myself to block away the uncomfortable pain that is starting to build up in the pit of my stomach while I fidget through the keyhole.
I need to be back before 6 or grandma will no doubt be infuriated, she says it is important that I be back home before 6:00 wherever or whatever it is I'm doing it doesn't matter, I need to drop it all and leave.

All because the king's men are roaming the towns, she does not want me to get involved and is fully against the idea of late-night outings.

And simply because of that even though I'm a grown woman, the curfew is 6:00, 6:05 max.
I have always wondered why? and how any of that concerns me but she says it's simply so we can be on the safe side.

I don't think I believe her though.

I suddenly remember that I have somewhere to be and that if this reminiscence keeps up, things are not going to be looking good for me once I'm back.
So I quickly step into my boots.

When I look down at my watch, I note that it is
5:40 PM

I have to hurry.

The sudden realisation of how silent and calm the house is, almost leaves me in a daze, it is unusually quiet since grandma is not here and I reckon she'll be asleep for a while because those pills make her drowsy.

Around this time she would usually be making herself a cup of tea, and getting cosy in front of the television, for another 5-hour marathon of her favourite romance series.
But ever since her health started going downhill, all she does is rest and I can't wait until things can go back to how they used to be.

I stop by her bedroom quick to check on her and sure enough, she's fast asleep.
I silently decide that I will be right back before she even notices that I am gone.

I step out of the house after making sure I left the spare keys on the kitchen table, locking the door behind me, I slip the key into my pocket and quickly scurry to the corner shop.

The sun is already setting and the dark clouds of the winter sky welcome me with nothing but a chilled breeze.

Just as I start climbing up the three unstable wooden stairs of the shopping mart, I feel someone tap on my shoulder lightly.
I groan in annoyance, wondering who it is bothering to disturb me at this time of day and slowly lift my gaze to meet the familiar almond eyes of Tobias.
My breath hitches in my throat and my cheeks heat up as I quickly turn around to hide from him.

The last time I saw this man, I had mindlessly told him to stay clear of me because I wasn't interested but I still feel as though I could have said it in a much more friendlier way...and I feel terrible.

He is always so sweet to me.

His expression, however, is surprisingly soft, unlike mine, it is almost understanding, he is standing there patiently awaiting an answer I cannot quite seem to muster to give him.
"Hey," he softly greets me, his tone laced with sadness as well as the fact that he clearly understands the situation.
He knows I will never be able to accept him and for what reason? I do not know but what I do know, is that we are not meant to be.

We are just two different people that happen to have the same situation where we need to secure our future, not for us but for the sake of the ones we love, this love is fully one sided and I can't just make him suffer by agreeing to his proposal, I just cannot bring myself to marry him, I can't give him what he truly deserves which is love and happiness, so why should we subject ourselves to a relationship we can't even commit to? It's absurd. The words lie on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't tell him that, not after what I so unmercifully said to him yesterday.
"Is everything okay with your grandmother?" He questions me and I can hear how concerned he is, and I wish I could tell him that everything is completely fine but unfortunately, I cannot, so instead of answering him truthfully, I shrug and push past him towards the door.

"What happened today?" He demands to know, grabbing my arm to hold me in place.
"Nothing, we're okay"
"You look a little paler than usual" he points out, staring into my eyes and examining my features as if checking whether there is really anything wrong with me.

"You shouldn't worry about me, I'm just fine!"
I snap at him, pushing his hand off of my arm so that I can turn around and walk away. I don't understand why he is constantly insisting that I need to accept what he thinks is going to happen between us, I don't want to, not when I know we were bound to be doomed from the start.
If he can't understand me when I'm simply trying to lay it out for him nicely, then I guess I'll have to bite.

He grabs hold of my arm again but this time I manage to pull myself free before spinning around to face him, I glare at him before pointing at him angrily and snapping, "Leave! now, Tobias."
He stands in front of me without blinking and stares blankly at me for several seconds before finally taking a small step backwards, his face hardening slightly before he opens his mouth again,
"Fine, we'll talk again once you're a bit calmer"

"We won't talk again, ever, I need you to understand that I am not going to marry you, It is never going to happen so would you please leave me alone?!"

He glares at me and the sadness in his eyes seems as if I've taken a dagger to his heart.
He simply nods before taking a few steps back and walking away.

As soon as he moves away from me I let out the loudest sigh that I have managed to release all day, my shoulders sag in defeat and I begin walking towards the entrance of the shop.
As I enter the store I glance at the restocked display cases filled with the many varieties of chocolates and biscuits, I then move straight to the shelves dedicated solely to sweets and pick out a large jar of chocolate-covered cherries.
I quickly grab a couple packs of ginger cookies and a jar of chocolate chip cookies, deciding I will eat them at home.

When I'm about to check out I realise that I completely forgot that the real reason I came here was to stock up my cabinet and not my cupboards with sweets, I curse at the cookies for distracting me before making my way back further into the shop.

I reach the sanitation aisle and hurl as many pads and tampons that I am confident I can afford before grabbing my regular choice of shampoo and heading back to the checkout.

I'm still talking to Mrs Sanders, the owner of the place and she's asking me how I'm holding up with my cramps when suddenly the door to the very empty shop swings open, setting the little bell on a roll.
A tall man of pale ivory skin steps in, his jet black hair is shadowing his eyes, highlighting his features handsomely and as he strides towards the checkout his grey sharp eyes never break away from mine, not even once.

As my fingers fidget with the receipt paper I notice something unusual about his presence, I have always had this feeling where I'm overcome by a strong sense that something bad is going to happen and I don't know if it is the way he is staring at me through his dark hooded eyes or whether I'm just being too paranoid but I hate this feeling. His face is shadowed by the dim lights of the shop and the darkness of the outside world, causing his eyes to appear darker and his irises to stand out prominently, contrasting nicely with his porcelain complexion.

"Excuse me" I mumble as I pass by him, averting my gaze from his.
Mrs Sanders has already moved off towards a customer waiting impatiently next to her, giving me a wide smile before she begins to help the lady with her groceries.
The man walks closer and closer until he is only a few feet away from me, I notice how my heart begins beating rapidly at the proximity and I feel slightly sick to my stomach at his piercing gaze.

He stares at me for a while, as if contemplating whether or not he is seeing me right when suddenly, he leans closer to me without laying a hand on me, runs his eyes down my features before moving back to look down at me.
My heart hammers in my chest, my legs trembling beneath me as I question what I could have done to get this man on my tail.

Before I know it I'm staring straight into those off-putting eyes and then, in a second, as though in slow motion, he reaches inside his coat jacket with one arm and swiftly pulls out a shiny silver gun, pointing it directly against my stomach, I gasp involuntarily as I take a step backwards.
"Don't move" he orders in a low voice, his hand remains resting on his coat as he moves towards me, the barrel of his gun trained on me until I am only a few feet or so in front of him.

"I am not going to harm you but for that, I need you to cooperate with me right here," he says with a cold edge in his voice that makes the hairs on the nape of my neck stand upright.
Oh my God, I cannot die today, I haven't lived this long just to go out now.

"Yes I understand," I reply, not daring to say anything else and I swear it's like he's reading my mind.
He takes another step forward and his heart-shaped lips drop down into a disapproving frown.
"I apologise for doing this but I am just following my orders, so I am going to need you to come with me, don't try anything stupid"

"I don't think I-" before I can finish my sentence, he presses the gun against my temple, forcing me to take a step aside or risk getting shot in my head, out of the corner of my eye, I spot Mrs Sanders sprinting full speed on her apparently 'weak knees' out the back door.

That traitorous hag.

"Let's not make any rash decisions" his tone holds a trace of mockery as he steps forward, I nod, trying my best not to tremble at the feel of the cold barrel at my head, I promised myself I wouldn't die until I reached my seventies so why in the world is the world defying me.

"You are going to silently follow me or you can stand here and watch me put a bullet through the old lady's head and then you'll come with me, I'm sure she couldn't have gotten that far, so...what's it going to be?" He questions, raising an eyebrow at me challengingly and I can only stare back, not having the slightest idea how to react to this sudden turn of events.

I mean, I could always pick the latter, I never liked Mrs Sanders anyways.

This feels like a nightmare and I can feel my heartbeat increasing.
"I'll come with you, no need to hurt anybody" I reply calmly, internally calculating how many years' worth of free candy Mrs Sanders is going to have to pay me for saving her life.

My hands begin to shake and my throat seems to close in on itself and the pressure on my head increases.
He turns sharply on his heels and starts to leave, grabbing my wrist in his, I try to keep up with him, trying to avoid tripping on my feet.
After turning one more corner we reach the parking lot, and he unlocks the car door and opens it for me.
"Get in" he simply states.
I climb inside the vehicle and try my best to keep quiet but the adrenaline rushing through my veins doesn't allow me to remain calm, my breath keeps escaping in short puffs as he shuts the door softly behind him, leaving us both standing in complete silence for a moment.

When I glance up and meet his gaze, he smiles and raises one of his eyebrows.
"You must have many questions"
I nod, unable to form a proper answer to his own question since I am struggling to breathe normally due to my racing pulse.
"I'm Alec, by the way, I don't have anything against you nor do I wish to harm you, but I am simply doing my job, and well I suppose I can answer a question or two for you"

"What do you want from me?" I quickly blurt out.
"It is not what I want from you but rather what His Majesty the King wants with you"

T-The King?


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