Bad Boy Next Door

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Lydia Moore is a spoiled momma’s girl who lives in her perfect little bubble, blissfully unaware of the dangers lurking just around the corner...That until one day when she accidentally meets badboy/tattoo artist Julian Hale, who also happens to be her secret admirer and the one to change her life forever...

Erotica / Romance
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1. You

His breath hitched within his throat, nervously fiddling with his tongue piercing as he closely watched, mesmerized.

There she was, prancing around yet again in that sexy lingerie of hers as she talked on the phone for hours on end, completely oblivious to the world outside her wall-sized but poorly tinted windows.

His fingers twitched, begging for him to just grab his professional camera and capture the work of art before his two very eyes, moving around like the sexy enchantress she was and toying with his self-control, ever since he had firstly laid eyes upon her.

So beautiful...

His mind whispered, placing a palm against his own window as he watched her lay over her queen-sized bed and stare at the ceiling with her phone still attached to her ear, imagining how she would feel like underneath his body, naked and panting fast and hard as he buried himself inside of her.

He thickly swallowed, feeling the tiny beads of perspiration gathering at the edges of his forehead and that all-too-familiar tightening in his pants as he watched her suddenly discard her bra just as she had finished talking over the phone, removing her panties as well before she casually strode to her bathroom.

Oh fuck...

He groaned in frustration, lightly banging his fist against the window before moving to pace around his living room as he now felt so riled-up, taking long and deep breaths as he struggled to calm himself down.

"Oh fuck..."

He thought about at least trying to relieve himself, however quickly dismissing the idea as that method seemed to have stopped working for him alltogether from a while ago.

He couldn't quench his thirst anymore. He had to have her. Truly feel her. He couldn't hide anymore, always lurking in the shadows and admire from afar. He needed to take action, and make her his.

He exhaled through his nose as his jaw ticked, once again setting himself right by the window as he watched, just in time to notice her exiting her bathroom, her bob-styled hair dripping with wetness as she held wrapped around her beautifully sculptured body a white and tiny towel, showcasing her long and tanned legs.

So fucking hot...

He mentally groaned as his palm once again pressed against the window, failing to even realize when she had also walked closer to her own window and noticed him standing there and watching her like a total creep.

"Oh shit!"

"Fuck me! Holy shit!"

Without even thinking through his actions, he went through his home and got out on his perfectly manicured lawn, taking only a few steps over the thin strip of grass separating his home from hers before he suddenly noticed her staring at him through the glass like she had seen a serial killer as she was once again talking on the phone, all trembling and completely frightened.


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