Bad Boy Next Door

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2. Stalker

"Boy, this heat is killing me!" She complained over the phone to her best friend Lucy as she pranced around her room wearing only her bra and panties, feeling the cool air blowing over her damp skin from her air conditioner as she had turned it on full blast ever since she had gotten back from shopping.

It was already the middle of August yet the summer heat outside wasn't yelding at all. The temperatures were constantly getting high over the day, making even the shortest stroll outside seem like a walk in hell.

"Oh my god, are you kidding me? I tried to wash my car today like those hot chicks in movies and I almost fucking fainted on the sidewalk!" Her friend Lucy cried from the other end of the line, making her let out a hearthy laugh.

"Hey don't laugh, I'm being serious in here!"

"Okay okay, but why did you do it though? Did you spend all your allowance money on make-up again?" She asked as she threw herself over the bed, absently staring at the ceiling.

"Neah but apparently, Austin has a fetish for these kind of things..."


"Yeah, he kinda likes to watch,"

"Whaaat? Oh my god eww! You guys are so fucking weird!" She broke into another fit of laughter, barely even hearing what her friend was saying from the other end of the line.

"Yeah whatever, Lydia,"

"Oh my god I'm sweating like a pig, I need a shower like, so badly!" She moaned in complaint.

"Yeah, just hang up on me again you little bitch,"

She let out another loud laugh,

"Bye Lucyyyy!" She yelled over the phone, throwing her phone over the bed before she got up and carelessly discarded her bra since her skin was itching so badly, going for the panties as well.

"Whew..." She breathed in relief, going in for a quick and warm shower.

Turning on the water, she stepped into the spacious glass-made cubicle and took her time to lather and rinse from head to toe, revelling into the cool sensation on her damp skin as soon as she had stepped out of the shower.

Grabbing a random towel from one of the bathroom's cabinets she wrapped it around her body and stepped out into her room, not even minding the droplets of cool water dripping all over her bare shoulders as she casually strode towards one of her room's glass-built walls to peer outside.

Yet the sight that greeted her from the other side of the glass made her blood run cold and her breath stop within her throat.

There, right behind the glass of their neighbouring house stood a dark silhouette, watching her, its palm firmly pressing against the partially tinted window.

And before she could even move the silhouette had already disappeared, effectively scaring the life out of her as the next thing she did was grabbing her phone from the bed and immediately speed-dialing her mom, her entire body shaking as she watched a male exiting the house and walking all the way towards theirs.

"Mom? Mommy please come home!" She cried like a scared little child as soon as her mom had answered, watching with wide and teary eyes as the male crossed the thin strip of neatly trimmed grass separating their houses and was now walking to their front entrance which by the way was also unlocked, just like she always did leave it.

"Honey what's wrong? Are you crying?"

"Mom there's a weird guy next door and he's been watching me walk naked around the house and now he saw that I saw him and now he's coming right over! Mom please I'm scared! Please hurry!"

Her mom didn't get to say anything more as the line suddenly went dead.

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