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A deal made that she couldn't refuse....... Kenna hated her company but loved her job. Her co-workers however were the worst type of business men and it seemed no one saw their behavior until the fateful day at the airport. the company's project managers and the executives had a company retreat to go to. When Kenna showed up on time and before everyone else her entire life changed. Morgan was the CEO of the company and he was returning home to the ranch he grew up on for the retreat. Teaching these city people a thing or two about hard work was what he wanted to do from the start until he found out what was going on in his company by the way they treated his new friend. He proposed a deal that they could show everyone a little hard work would be good for them and he would get to tease her and her lovely body at the same time. Morgan couldn't see anything wrong with his deal. Kenna knew she was in for it when she looked at him. Hard work was nothing new for her. Having him and her job even if it was temporary would be good change. Would it remain temporary though?

Erotica / Romance
Kat Thomas
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Chapter 1

This is a first draft. The story will be edited after completion. Basic editing will be done at the time of posting but more in-depth editing and punctuation checks will be done at a later time. Please, if you continue do not leave a review stating these things need to be done. Either enjoy the story or wait till it is updated

Kenna Phealn absolutely hated the new company she worked for. If it wasn’t the long hours or weekends she was called into work, it was the executives always looking too long at her in a way that she hated. She knew she was pretty but pretty average when it came to looks, but the fact she was only five feet tall and rather well endowed with very large breasts, she was something that caught the eye and held it for most men.

She had learned this at a young age when her mother had forced her to wear binders around her chest to keep men from looking as she was really developed a little to young. Her mother hid behind the idea that women should be looked at, but only when they were old enough to understand the reasons why. Her mother and older sisters had no issues flaunting themselves at any man, but for Kenna, it was simply not okay. The clothes she would have wanted to wear also were not the ones her mother would buy for her. Though tiny in body frame, her mother wanted her to wear clothes that were about six sizes larger than her frame was. It was difficult for the young girl as she went off to school and then the business world and had no idea what size she really was.

She had basically been taught that she had to hide her body away because it was too distracting for the men around her. Though she wore the same suits as the other woman in the office, she always seemed to stand out from the others, even in her oversized clothes.

This latest meeting she had been forced into was the straw that broke the camels back for her, though. She had worked for the company for just less than a year, and this was the first time she had heard of the companies policies for team building. The trip that lasted two weeks and would be paid for by the company for the top-level staff was just that, the annual team-building exercise. She shook her head, knowing she would be forced to work closely with the people who had the same mindset as her loving mother.

As she tried to spin the idea in her head that this could be a good thing. She knew how it would really turn out to be. A bunch of drunken men hitting on her the entire time even if she was covered head to toe in burlap. Nothing about this vacation as some were calling it would turn out well for her. As she tried to focus on the trip and the information on it, she wanted nothing more than to start drinking instead.

They all would be going to a ranch in the middle of nowhere. The ranch would host a large number of activities where everyone would have to work together to complete the tasks to get the credit. Teams would be broken down randomly, and everyone would have the chance to work with everyone else during the trip. It was a way to get everyone on board for the next huge business merger that would be happening a few months after the trip.

It seemed that everything was wrapped up with a bow on it. The people in the room, for the most part, looked like they might enjoy the trip entirely. She could hear people making plans for it as they looked for the information on the ranch itself to see the place they would all have to go.

Kenna sighed in her seat, wondering how she could get out of it. Though she knew it was required, the idea of going to a working cattle ranch didn’t seem all that appealing to her. She had experience with cattle. The daughter of a dairy farmer it had been a large part of her life while she was growing up. Though her mother might have been a little more in the spotlight, Kenna learned how to really handle herself because of her father. That was her balance in life. The idea of vacationing with cows almost seemed like a joke to her, and she wanted to both laugh and cry.

Kenna got up with everyone else, and then she overheard the comments from the group of men in front of her. “Well, at least we will have a nice view.” One of them said. She knew he was in charge of the auditing department, and though she was drawing a blank on what his real name was, she always thought of him as an Opie. Kenna didn’t mind giving them names that were more apt than their actual name. She somehow did manage to keep them to herself.

“I mean, the assets of some are so huge the horse riding part of this will be relaxing, at least for us.” The team leader for the insurance part of the company smiled as he nodded to the back of them. Kenna inwardly shook as she thought these morons couldn’t be any more obvious. Though she knew it was borderline sexual harassment as was most of their actions, she also knew that she wanted to keep her job. Though it was told over and over again not to tolerate it, Kenna knew what would happen if she did report their conversations. She would be fired for something else, and it would be swept under the carpet, and they would have a new target somewhere in the company.

“This is the best one yet.” The department chair of human affairs said with a certain glee. “Maybe some of the newer people will finally relax and open up.”

“You mean something like spread their……wings.” The insurance leader smiled.

“Yes, of course, Their wings would be nice.” Human affairs guy said with a smile as he also looked in back of them towards Kenna. This was the point she felt sick. Going to her office and shutting the door, she wanted to hang her head down. She really hated everyone at the moment. She just needed peace and quiet, and the four hundred spreadsheets she needed to go over for the meeting she had four days from now. She was going to immerse herself in a simple task while she took notes. After the meeting, she could dread the company trip.

Though the thoughts of focusing on her task were there, she kept going back to the ideas of the tasks that they would have to do as a team. A working cattle ranch would be the perfect place for her to show her knowledge of how to actually do some hard work. She wasn’t afraid of cows of any sort, nor was she of horses. She had been riding since she could walk. Maybe for once, all of those unseen assets would pay off, and the men she worked with would stop looking at her like a pair of walking tits all the time.

It was a long shot for that to happen, but she would make this a good trip. She would try to work with the others as best as she could. She wanted to keep the job at least. So she would try. With that settled in her mind, she began to think of the young men she knew that had gone that way of becoming cowboys. Many from her father’s farm had at least tried. It took a special type to actually live that lifestyle, and the ones she knew were all back and had moved on to lives that they could live without much farming experience.

A cowboy might be the perfect distraction to her. She could relate to them in a way the others couldn’t. They would also be the perfect protection from the men she worked with. She smiled to herself.

A plan was coming together in her mind to counter the one some of the men around her were probably thinking about. While they wanted to ride her or her them on this trip, she wouldn’t mind a small distraction of a fling with one of the ranch hands. So if the men she worked with tried to mount her, she would ride a cowboy instead. The smile grew to the point she knew she had a plan.

This wasn’t going to be the worst trip ever.

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