Lover's Touch

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As my finger slid down her back into the best place ever, I realized a sweet, charming, little girl having a crush on me would be the one I hold close and tight with my lips on hers and my penis belong to her soft warm body.

Erotica / Romance
Ganesh Bani
Age Rating:

One Touch

"No stop, please stop," Monica moaned as I softly brushed my fingers closer to her waist.

"Why? I know want this so just give in," I whispered into her ears as I began moving my hands lower and closer to it's destination.
With a slide to the left I past her back, with a swipe to the right I reached her waist and with a look into her deep blue eyes I slipped my finger between her underwear and her soft to the touch skin.
Skin that get softer and warmer the closer i get.
Sensing her uncertainty, I lifted her chin up to face me as we stare at each other for a while
I then took a deep breath and within seconds I jumped forward a kissed her.
I diverged my left hand from her waist as I moved it upwards to her neck behind her head.
I slid my hands between her hair and held on tight.
I push and balanced her head to that I could continue kissing her as her taste saliva exchanges with mine.
The sweet taste of the cherry flavored chopstick fades from her lips as I suck them off slowly but surely.
The smell of her sweat just made me want more as I moved my left hand from her head sliding down her back toward her Bra.
It's off.
He breast soft as ever, warmer than usual.
"Are you ready Monica?" I asked with a primal urge to just lick her all over.
"Y-Yes," she said with fear in her voice, "Please be gentle. This is my first time."
"Don't worry Baby, you're in good hands," I whispered into her ear as I blew some hot air in to make her trimble.
With my chance to have sex here I took it and now I'm about to do it.
Teeth at armed, I lightly nibbled on her ear that I whispered in and I then started lick and sucking my way across her skin till I reached her neck where I stopped.
The sucking continued but this time I used my teeth to gather a portion of the soft salty skin around her neck.
I was done lick and sucking neck when I heard her moan and fell forward to which I reacted by making a move of my own.
Lower and lower I travel till I reached her breasts.
Her big, soft, warm breast twitching as my tongue glides alone the skin the covers it till I reached her nipples.
My tongue slowly approaches impatient to lick it just then it happened. It touched you nipples to which my tongue went crazy.
I wrapped itself around her nipples and with a urge to let some tension out I grabbed her other breast and squeeze.
Her moaning can heard in the background but I continued.
My lips lowered onto to breast as my tongue calmed itself down while I nibbled and sucked on her then longer, sturdier nipples.
I stayed like that for a while then I lifted her up and laid her on the bed as the stripped myself naked only wearing my boxers clearly showing my erect penis.
Her eyes begging for more, my craving for more grew and grew till I couldn't handle it no more I jumped in what happened next was something both of us never forgot.

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