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“Make me cry, professor,” I whispered. - Madden Sylar isn't complicated. He's a simple boy who wants a simple thing. He knows he's pretty, he's gay as fuck, and he never remembers to buckle his seatbelt. He might be really sweet sometimes but most of the times, he's a brat who knows how to get what he wants. Even if who he's trying to get it from manages to bring out the obedient, good, submissive in him. Avery Castien likes it hard. Rough. He likes it when they cry and plead. But he's never liked it when they get too attached. Or when they're essentially a child that he did not sign up to care for. And he especially when they have an undeniable hold on his self control. - (mature content. im warning you out of obligation. if you somehow missed this and read something that you probably did not need to see...sorry?)

Erotica / Romance
F. Tynni
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4 Months Earlier

He always had a stupid fucking smile on his face. Why was he so damn happy all the time?

Every time Madden Sylar walked into my class, he looked so ecstatic that I had to wonder why he was so smiley.

He was easy enough to notice. He was easily the prettiest guy I'd ever seen. And clearly, he had no trouble getting attention from girls. More than once he had waltzed into my class with hickies dotting his skin, peeking from beneath his shirt and his peers were always finding reasons to talk to him.

Not that I was watching him or anything. He just kind of stood out.

Today, he was particularly more flushed and a guy next to him was clearly teasing him about something. Madden sat at the back of my class, not looking up from his laptop.

His face remained tinted pink for the entire lecture and by the time it was over, he looked a bit like he wanted to melt into a puddle and cease to exist.

I could only wonder what the fuck his friend was teasing him about.

As the students started to file out the room, I caught glimpses of their conversation. Not that I was eavesdropping. Or even listening.

"You really like him?" the guy said sounding very skeptical.

Madden ducked his head. "No," he retorted sarcastically. "He magically just entered my fantasies because I want to be his friend."

His fantasies? I refuted any acknowledgement of the many images that panned out in my mind at those particular words.

"Dude, what you do in our shower is not my business," his friend said blanching. "You've avoided eye contact with him this entire class. Did you even hear a single thing in the lecture?"

"No," Madden admitted. "A little hard to do when you're thinking of riding someone's dick."

Was Madden...gay? Not only gay but a bottom.

He was a small person and I could easily imagine tossing him down on my bed and making him mine. Except that would be extremely inappropriate.

His friend smirked. "This is pretty fucked up, you know."

Madden just glared at him, still blushing. "I know."

"I can't believe you have a crush on your-" his words were cut off when Madden smacked him across the chest, causing him to cast a wary gaze in my direction.

I gave both of them a blank look. "I'd prefer it if you didn't loiter in my classroom," I remarked dryly.

Madden was looking at the books in his hand, seeming to find it extraordinarily interesting. The guy wrapped an arm around his shoulders and steered him towards the door with a grin. "You're unbelievable," he snickered.

"Shut up, he's hot," Madden snapped.

"Right," the guy replied.

Once they were out of earshot, I leaned back against the desk. Madden had a crush on a student in my class? Was that the source of his behavior this entire time?

He was a kid. That was pretty normal. But for someone who was always smiling, I had to know who would've made him blush for an entire class.

One way or another, I wanted to know more about him.

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