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Chapter 11


"I have cum in my hair," I said quietly. Avery looked almost satisfied at that. "How did that happen?" He didn't reply, eyes trained on the road. "Do you think anyone saw?"

"No," he said gruffly.

"Are you sure?" It wouldn't have been difficult. We weren't exactly doing it in a private place. The tips of my ears burned.

Avery's lips twitch. "You wouldn't have liked that?" he murmured in a low voice.

I swallowed thickly. "No."

"You would."

"I wouldn't," I mumble defensively. "I'm not that crazy."

"Oh, but if I were to bend you over and fuck you in front of an entire room of people, you wouldn't stop me." I shivered. His voice was just so damn alluring. Deep, sexy, husky.

"No," I whispered. "I wouldn't."

"You would like it," he purred. "You would like all the people watching you. Watching you moan and squirm and scream."

I whimpered, crossing my legs. "You've made your point."

His eyes were light and filled his mirth. "Have I?"


"Say it, then."

I was going to regret asking this. "Say what?"

"That the idea of getting fucked raw in front of people turns you on."

"I'm not saying that," I squeaked. "And it's not that that turns me on."

"What then?" he prompted.

"Are you going to make me say it out loud every time I have a dirty thought?" I asked quietly.

"Yes. Now tell me," he commanded.

"I..." I chewed thoughtfully on my lip. At the idea of saying it out loud, I flushed. "I-I like the idea of you taking what you want from me." Avery's expression shifted slightly, eyes darkening. "Whenever you want. Wherever you want. However you want," I whispered, sliding down in my seat. It sounded so much more shameful said aloud.

The car swerved and my eyes widened. His car slid to a stop on the curb of the sidewalk and he leans over, grabbing me by the hair and slamming his lips against mine. "Strip," he said harshly.

"What?" My voice was a lot smaller then I expected.

"Don't make me repeat myself," he demanded.

I felt my blood rush from my head down south. "Yes, sir," I said softly.

My hands pulled away at my clothes, the cold night air hitting my skin and sending a chill down my spine. My nipples hardened and I wet my lips anxiously. When I was completely naked, I was suddenly so aware that I was sitting right next to a window. And a windshield.

His fingers tweaked my nipple and I make a small noise. "Wait here," he mutters.

I watched in disbelief as he left, opening the car door and leaving me in the car. How long was I supposed to wait here? Naked? Seriously?

A few minutes later, Avery returned, holding a receipt and a box of markers. My eyes widened. "You can't be serious."

He smirked. His hands reached over grabbing my legs and propping my ankles up on the dashboard and spreading me open. I eyed the glass pane windows surrounding me and I whimpered.

He opened the glove compartment and pulled out a bottle of lube. I wasn't surprised he had lube in his car because we've had sex in his car before. But this was different. I was completely naked. It felt so much more exposed and out in the open. For every person that walked by the car, I shivered in anticipation.

"Scared?" he murmured, pulling out a marker and tossing the rest of the box in the back seat.

"No," I breathed, watch him squeeze some of the slippery gel onto his hand, a twisted look in his eyes.

He reached down, sinking a cold, wet finger into me, all the way to his knuckle. I gasped softly, my eyes slipping shut. He fingers me, long fingers prodding my prostate. As he starts picking up the pace, I whined, my legs trembling and threatening to fold.

Then, he pulled his finger out, coating the marker. Prying my legs further apart, he completely ungently pushes the tip of it inside me. My hips bucked and I let out a choked noise, my lips parting. "F-fuck..." He pushed the full thing inside me and I cried out softly, toes curling.

Avery pulls away, wiping his hand. "Seatbelt."

My jaw drops. "W-wait, what?" He arched a brow at me expectantly. "But..."

"Problem?" he challenged.

Yeah, I had a problem. I took a deep breath, my hands shaking as I sat back in my seat properly, clipping in my seatbelt with a small whimper. Every time I shifted, I could feel the marker pressing deeper inside me. The fact that this was actually turning me on made my face burn. I was still fully naked and on display for anyone who bothered looking into the window and as I moved in my seat, uneasy.

Avery glanced at me, seeming to enjoy watching me squirm. "Having fun?"

"I hate you so much right now," I gasped, feeling it press into my prostate.

He doesn't reply, continuing to drive with a smirk. I whimpered, trying to find a comfortable position, heat pooling between my legs. My fingers itched to touch myself and I reached down. "Don't you dare," Avery snapped. I whimpered again, but I kept my hands at my sides.

The marker pushed into me at an angle and I bit back a moan, my head tilting back against the seat of the car. I wasn't allowed to touch myself and yet, I could feel myself getting wet. The whole situation of it all was making my entire body pulse with pure need.

I was actually getting turned on after getting a marker shoved up my ass. My breathing became shallow and my eyes slipped shut. It was like being forced to submit. To just take whatever he gave me. That was kind of a fucked up thought, no?

But I wanted to be good for him. To please him.

By the time he pulled up in front of my apartment building, I was painfully hard and practically writhing in my seat. He unbuckles his seatbelt, moving his seat away from the steering wheel. "Come here."

I move and he grabs my waist pulling me into his lap so that I was kneeling in his seat, knees on either side of his hips. I groaned, the bare tip of my cock brushing against the fabric of his shirt. My entire body felt like it was over-sensitive, ready to set me off at a single touch. Almost as if he was still teasing me, he slid the marker slowly out of my ass with a wet pop, before shoving back inside me. I cried out, putting my face against his collarbone.

"Fuck," I hissed.

"No?" he taunts, repeating the motion. "Not what you want?"

"Professor," I moaned. "Please..."

"Please what?" he demands.

"Just fuck me," I whined, feeling his fingers push the marker harder against me. "Fuck me, professor, please." I rocked my hips against him and he lets out a groan.

"I am," he said in a low voice.

"I-I want you," I protested, struggling to concentrate.

"Do you?" he pressed.

My flush ran to the tips of my ears and I swallowed nervously. "Fuck me, sir," I pleaded tremulously. "I want you inside me." My entire body shivered with anticipation as I watch his fingers pull out his cock, thick, hard, and throbbing. I swallowed, my throat dry all of a sudden.

"You want it?" he growls.

"Yes, sir, please sir," I whispered, the words falling breathlessly from my lips.

He yanked the marker out of me and I sucked in a sharp breath at the sudden motion. I was dripping wet from the lube already and precum was already leaking out of my tip. Avery's hand grabbed my legs, pulling me closer to him before lifting them up onto the backing of the driver's seat. I yelped slightly losing balance, but his hand was sturdy, steadying my shoulders.

Then, his fingers closed around my hips, lifting me up and lining the tip of his cock against my hole. I barely had time to gasp before he pushed himself into me, sinking me down to the hilt. I whimpered a sharp burst of pain spiking into me at the intrusion.

I had absolutely zero stability in this position but Avery's hands hooked around my thighs, forcing me to relax. He leaned me back against the steering wheel until I was almost at a straight vertical, or as close to a straight vertical as you could get in a single car seat. In a quick, unhesitant movement, he drove himself into me and I let out a soft cry, my hands clenching painfully around the edge of the seat.

He used my entire body, fucking me as if I weighed nothing, pulling me back and forth, his full length spreading me wide open for him. I was still well aware that I was naked and sprawled out in front of the window. Anyone in the parking lot of my apartment building could quite literally catch a free show.

"Fuck," I moaned, my back slamming repeatedly into the steering wheel so hard that I was surprised that I hadn't set off the horn or snapped off a car part. "Professor..."

"Say my name," he groans. I could feel the pure heat and power rolling off of him, commanding my obedience. He radiated dominance and I bent to his will so easily.

"A-avery," I whimpered. His name felt so right in my mouth now, so perfect, so fitting.

His hands dig into my thighs and he fucked me, my body bending to his will as I had nothing to hold onto for control. With each stroke, I let out a tortured moan, lewd noises escaping my lips and making me cry out. Waves of pleasure crashed through my nerves, and I felt my cheeks flood with color. I sounded like a fucking whore right now. I turned my face away, my legs shaking from the stimulation and the harsh pounding against my hips.

"Look at me," he demands.

I whined. "I can't." I don't know if it was shame, submission, or just the fact that it was too hard to focus right now, but I couldn't.

"Look at me," he snarled.

"No," I whispered, my mind spinning now. My skin was burning now, desperate for him, for more of him.

He made a noise and he seemed to go faster, somewhat more violently, as if he was trying to prove something. Like a possessive rage. Like me was trying to...make me his.

My lips were wet and permanently parted. My limbs strained not to just have my entire body folding in on itself, unable to comprehend the intensity of what I was feeling right now. I could smell the intertwined scent of both of us mixed with musk and sweat and...sex. It was earthy and almost comforting in a way, which completely countered the gut-wrenching fucking happening in progress.

"Avery," I gasped, "Fuck, you feel so good." My voice honestly sounded like a complaint, but I couldn't really control that. He cursed.

Suddenly, his hand reached up, grasping my face and forcing my eyes back to his. I made a needy noise, his want for me to look at him making something pulsate in my core. His face was as stoic as it always was, but slightly strained in the effort of fucking me, I suppose. I stared into his eyes, melting at the look of almost serenity among his features. His lips were spit-slicked and twisted in a seemingly unmovable scowl, but fuck, he looked gorgeous. "Look at me," he said again, somewhat breathlessly.

This time, despite how flushed I could feel I was getting at how desperate I sounded, I kept my eyes on his.

His eyes had a certain unspoken desire to them as he slammed into me, forcing choked, whimpering noises from my throat. "I'm so close," I breathed. "Fuckk...Avery..."

My entire frame seemed to tighten and sparks shot off, as my insides completely unraveled, a dizzying orgasm spilling across my senses. Avery groans and I realized something.

"We didn't-" He just fucked me. Bareback. Now, almost instantaneously, I could feel him inside me. Every ridge and every vein of his, throbbing. Bare. Skin on skin. His cum pooling inside me. He had bred me. My body thrummed at the thought, but I had to remember this wasn't exactly a good thing.

"I'm clean," he mutters, his hand leaving my skin and running through his hair. I glanced down at the fingerprints flat on my thighs. Damn, he was strong.

"So am I," I mumbled. I hadn't had sex with anyone other than him since last I got tested. Huh. My college years were turning into both very mellow and completely chaotic at the same time.

His face didn't change much, save for a small wrinkle forming between his brows. He carefully pulled me into a more...normal position in his lap and leaned over, his mouth easily covering mine.

My eyes widened a bit, but I smiled into the touch, kissing him sweetly. It was new. Good, but new.

He had a strange look in his eyes I couldn't decipher, but he pursed his lips. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his wallet and handed me a piece of paper.

I stared blankly down at it. In his neat, printed writing, it was a check. For ten grand. "What is this?" I was basically panting at this point but I managed to sound a bit offended.

"For today," he replied flatly. "I said I'd pay you."

Oh. Right. Dinner. I shoved it back into his hands. "I don't want it."

He blinks, expression blank. "What?"

"Keep it," I insisted. "I don't want it."


"Because. That's not why I did it," I said, leaning my forehead against his.

He almost looks like he was going to protest, but he didn't, to my relief. I will say. His family and he were richer then I expected, that's for sure. Instead of a check, he holds up the marker that had been inside me. I flushed again. "Do you want this?" The smirk was back and I glared at him.


"Sure?" he asked, voice surprisingly light.

"Yes, I'm sure," I mutter, ripping it out of his hand and tossing it somewhere into the back seat.

He laughed softly, and I stopped at the sound. It was a warm, full, genuine sound. My heart rate jumped skyscrapers and I melted in his arms, my head resting against his neck. I felt his fingers in my hair, gliding smoothly across my scalp. Then, his lips were by my ear. "You realize my windows are tinted, right?" he murmured.

My mouth popped open and I make an indignant sound of disbelief. "You didn't think to mention that?"

The faint ghost of a smile passed over his face, and my heart fluttered again. "Takes the fun out of it for me."


His face seemed to school back into a more stony expression, but the amusement was still clearly written across his face. "You what?" he teased.

"Fuck you," I said plainly.

He laughed again and I had to smile.

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