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Chapter 3


It was almost like he was trying to bruise me. I didn’t mind because I was kissing Professor Castien.

His hands slipped into my hair and I whimpered, feeling his mouth practically devour mine. Tentatively, not really sure what I was allowed to do, I wrapped my arms around his neck. He didn’t stop me, which I took as a good sign. We kissed for what felt like only a few minutes and yet when he pulled away, my lips felt like they were on fire.

Castien didn’t say anything but he grabs my wrist, yet again yanking me towards a hallway. We passed multiple rooms until he finally stops at a set of double doors and pulls me inside a bedroom.

“Undress,” he murmured.

My eyes widened but nevertheless, I started to strip. I pulled my shirt over my head and shivered as the cold air of the room hit my bare skin. My nipples hardened and I could feel Castien’s eyes on me. I shivered again, but now at the fact that I was very aware that he was watching me. Inspecting me. My hands were shaking from anxiety as I started to undo my pants. I felt very small next to him, which wasn’t exactly an exaggeration, considering he was probably just under an entire foot taller than me with broad shoulders and muscled arms. I had never seen him in anything other than a suit, but today, I was going to see him in literally nothing. I stepped out of my jeans, leaving them on the floor before reaching for the waistband of my boxers. I swallowed, peeling the fabric away from my skin. I was already hard from the intensity of his stare. I felt so... controlled. Not in a bad way per se, but more like I wanted to relinquish my control and just see where he would take me.

“Good,” he said and I bit my lip, trying hard to smile at the confirmation. He stepped closer to me, his large palms gliding across my skin and securing themselves around my waist. The touch sent dozens of electric sparks up my skin and I shivered, yet again.

His eyes were dark and heavy with desire, and he pushed me backward onto the bed. He crashed his lips on mine again, his hands sliding up my skin until they found one of my nipples. He pinched the disk between his thumb and forefinger, hard enough for it to sting but light enough for me feel myself getting even harder against his clothed body. I whimpered, pushing myself further against him, straining for him to touch me more.

His entire aura screamed dominance and I submitted easily to that will. I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to do if he wanted me to do anything at all, but my hands started to fumble with his tie, trying desperately to get his clothes off and he doesn’t stop me. I make much quicker work of trying to get his clothes off than mine and he gives me an amused look. When I get his shirt off, I gasped.

Castien smirks. “What?”

Blossoming across his chest and down the length of his entire right arm were a series of tattoos that covered what seems to be every inch of the skin. And yet, it was only on one side. The only tattoo visible on his left arm was a single crest on his bicep. The asymmetry of it was oddly beautiful and...I should stop staring.

I flushed. “Holy fuck,” I muttered. My professor was tattooed and with the tanned skin of his abs and arms, I felt myself get painfully hard with need.

My fingers shook, working to finish undressing him and I could feel him smirking at me. When I got to his boxers, his cock sprang free, just as thick and long and beautiful as I had remembered. I whimpered at the sight, the image of him sinking it balls deep inside of me flashing in my mind.

Fully nude now, he pulls me to him, my chest pressing against his, the skin to skin contact making my toes curl. He pushed his face against my neck, one hand securing both of my wrists behind my back and the other holding me to him by the waist. I cried out, a sharp sting of pain webbing across my skin before I realized what had happened. He bit me. His teeth pulled at the sensitive skin of my neck, pulling sucking.

“Professor,” I moaned, making a pathetic noise at the back of my throat. As he worked at marking me, my noises turned to moans and I was very aware of his hard cock pressed against my stomach. I clenched my fists, but the was no chance of me moving my hands.

In a quick move, he tosses me back onto the mattress, face down this time, hands still pinned behind my back. I watch his hand reach into the drawer and pull out a bottle of lube.

After a few seconds, I feel something tie around my wrists, binding them behind me. It wasn’t constricting, but I had no range of motion. I was powerless to fight against anything he wanted to do to me and the thought alone was probably enough for me to climax.

His hands dug into my inner thighs, prying my legs apart. I inhaled a sharp breath as he slowly sank a cold, wet finger inside of me. He wasn’t fucking around. His fingers were long and it didn’t take much until his fingertip pressed itself against my prostate. I bit back a cry of pleasure, feeling already full inside me. I clenched around him and he groans. “Fuck,” he cursed, adding a second finger.

I moaned, pushing my hips up, further against his touch. “Please,” I whimpered, squirming and pleading at him.

A hand comes down on my asscheek and I gasped. “Stop squirming,” he murmured, starting to slide his fingers in and out of me.

“Yes, sir,” I breathed.

He finger-fucked my ass, slamming repeatedly against my prostate. I couldn’t even start to imagine how good it would feel if his fingers alone made me want to come. “More, professor, please,” I whine. “Please.”

“Please what?” he prompts.

“Fuck,” I whimpered, “Mmm, please, oh please, professor. I want you inside me...fuckk.”

I hear him snarl ever so slightly and I hear a condom being torn open. As much as I would’ve loved to feel him bare, I knew it was a precaution. Though, with zero warning, whatsoever, I felt his hands around my hips, gripping painfully tight, right before he pushed his cock into me. I cried out, having to push my face into the pillow to stifle my scream.

Oh my fuck. His entire length sank down into me, inch by inch until he was balls deep. I make a broken noise, whimpering pitifully as pain laced though me at the sudden entry. I feel him pull back and I braced myself this time. He slams himself back into me and I feel tears sting at my eyes. My hipbone felt like it was about to shatter under his grasp and he used it as a grip. “It hurts,” I cried, my eyes starting to slip shut.

“Then stop me,” he snarled, not slowing for a second.

“No,” I moaned painfully. I didn’t want to, why the fuck didn’t I want to?

He growls harshly. “You actually want it?”

My voice didn’t feel like it was working, but I managed. “Yes...please,” I cried.

His cock stretched me wide around him as he fucked me in long, ruthless strokes. With each one, the tip of his cock crashed into my prostate, causing me to cry out yet again. The pain and the pleasure of it were fucking with my brain just as much as he was fucking me right now. I let out a quiet sob, the waves of stimulation flowing through me.

“Ah! Fuck! Please...” I whined, squirming against his hold, thrashing away from it, but his grip remains hard as steel and held tight. What the hell was happening? I barely could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks as he used his strength, shoving himself so deep into me I saw stars.

Why was this good?

My hands were tied and I couldn’t do anything to stop or even slow him down. And hell, I didn’t want to. Castien was fucking me. Fucking hell, it was simultaneously the best and the worst thing that could be done to him. It felt impossibly good.

His balls slapped harshly against my asscheeks and a hand reached down, grabbing my shoulder and harshly pulling my entire body into a vertical position. I let out another throaty sob as he pushed into me yet again. “Professor,” I cried. “Please...”

“What?” he demands. “Please what?”

“M-more,” I whimpered.

He hissed, hips already rolling into me continuously at a violent pace.

Gravity only pushed me further down on his cock and I bit back a loud moan. My senses felt like they were being drowned and I moaned, my head lulling forward. It was too much and I had no idea how long I could last like this.

Precum dripped from my cock and I whimpered as I felt his lips dig themselves yet again into my neck. Pain zipped down my spine, shooting straight down into my core and I squeezed around his cock. I could feel it pulsing and throbbing as he fucked me, eliciting another pleasured cry from my lips. “So. Damn. Fucking. Tight,” he grunts, shoving roughly into me with each word causing me to make another desperate moan.

“Mm...sir...fuckk, please...”

The sensations of all that were happening coursed through my veins and I groaned, his teeth probably breaking skin at his point. What was even more arousing was the tortured noises that were coming from Castien himself. His breathing was ragged and shallow right against my ear.

“Regretting it yet?” he rasped, his nails sinking against my hips.

His hips snapped against mine, slamming forcefully into me and I whined, my hands clenching tightly into fists. “No, sir,” I whimpered, my knees already having buckled underneaths me. Castien’s hand remains in a crushing grip, securing me up.

“Do you hear yourself?” he groans. His breath fanned across my skin sending shivers down my spine. “Moaning and crying and begging me to fuck you.”

“Yes,” I said breathlessly. “Fuck, professor....please...”

It was an indescribable and just raw sensation as he pounded into me. “You’re so big,” I hear myself mutter.

His teeth brushed against my skin yet again sending a bout of tingles through my core. “You like that?”

One of his hands latched itself around my throat, pressing against me. My eyes widened and my head was pulled back against his collarbone as he restricts my oxygen, constricting my airway. A rush of adrenaline and endorphins thrummed in my care as my breathing became shallow and I cried out, his hips still somehow snapping roughly into me. Lewd and pained noises alike slipped pass my lips and even more, tears stung as he choked me, pressing his fingers digging steadily harder into my throat.

“Fuck, yes,” I choked out. “Sir...please...”

The pain, the pleasure, and the submission of it all sank onto me and I could feel myself slipping away. I still felt like his cock was ripping me open from the inside out as he fucked me carelessly managing to force the pain into pleasure.

He was dominating me, possessing me, claiming me.

My lips breathed out another tortured moan, groaning as he stabs into my prostate until I couldn’t take the intensity any longer. He swelled tightening inside me and I could feel it. It was coming. “I’m so close, professor,” I groaned. “Fuckk...please...”

My entire body convulsed and I shook, trembling as I came with him, the tip of the climax taking over my entire being and flooding me.

As soon as he let go of me, I collapsed.

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