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late night stories

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stories to get you through those late nights when you’re supercharged with sexual energy. this is a work of fiction that is original. my own blood, sweat and tears went into writing this. i would appreciate it if you appreciate the originality of my work. should i find that someone has plagiarised my work, i will report your stolen work and seek legal action. my work is meant to be enjoyed, not stolen.

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1| mommy and daddy

Babysitting for the Alexander family was an amazing job.

Now I know, I may sound like I'm sucking up to them but seriously, they were the kindest people outside of my family and friends' family.

They were incredibly understanding whenever I was late which wasn't often. They paid me more that what was required. At first I wasn't too sure about the extra money that they were willing to pay but they wouldn't budge, saying that I deserved it for all my hard work. They treated me like a second daughter, always gifting me on my birthday and rewarding me when I excelled in school and when I behaved well.

And it didn't help that they were really, really attractive.

One night, after they came back from their weekly dates, I was thirsty and decided to venture to the kitchen for a nice glass of water but on the way, I heard them in the throes of their passion and what made it even sweeter was the fact that the door was slightly open, allowing me to see exactly was what happening.

Hunter was ploughing Eva from behind while slapping her curvaceous, fat ass and the sounds and words coming out of their mouths were, to say the least, arousing.

I abandoned my quest for water and instead, went back to my room in their house, ripped off my t-shirt and started rubbing the fuck out of my wet pussy and pinching my nipples.

All while imagining being with them.

Sucking and biting on Eva's fat nipples, having Hunter spear his tongue into my cunt and then thrust himself inside me, devouring Eva's dripping core, licking and fingering her, kissing them and touching them.

Calling them Mommy and Daddy.

That was the most satisfying self-brought orgasm that I have ever had.

Ever since that night, I couldn't see them as anything else but Mommy and Daddy who I wanted to fuck and love. I wanted to be with them so badly that it hurt.

Tonight was one of their date nights and after tucking Everly into bed and reading her stories of princesses rescued by nights, I went and took a hot, relaxing shower in which I gently pinched my nipples and whispered for my muses to come release me from this torturous pleasure cycle. I managed to finish the shower and made my way to the bed, ready to have some time to myself in which I could play.

I began to pinch my nipples once more, tugging and pulling on them, mauling my C-cup breasts imagining Eva sucking on them while Hunter was spreading my legs, assuming the position needed to bring me maximum pleasure.

My fingers made the trek down to my weeping pussy, playing and pinching my clit, soft moans escaping my mouth with whispers of "mommy" "daddy" accompanying.

Eventually, two fingers made it inside as in my fantasy, Hunter's tongue was inside, thrusting in and out slowly while rubbing my clit. Eva's nipples were the object of my attention, getting licked and bitten and suckled on.

"Mommy's nipples are so tasty." I whispered out, so enamoured by my imagination.

I turned on the bed so that I was on my knees, thrusting my fingers in and out at a slightly more rushed pace.

This time, Hunter was slamming into me from behind, his monster of a cock filling me and bringing forth unimaginable pleasure. While I was feasting on Eva's cunt, shoving my three fingers inside her snatch and slashing my tongue against her nubbin. Moans echoed across the room and in the reality, I was moaning too. Calling out for Mommy and Daddy to fuck me so hard that I forget everything but them.

I was so close to diving into the seas of pleasure, experiencing a really good orgasm, when someone ripped my hand from between my thighs and gave my slit a nice, long lick, ending at my clit and giving it a good suck and finally, delivering a nice, hard slap to my ass, which wobbled a bit.

A groan sounded in the room and Hunter circled towards my front, grabbing my throat and pulling me up so I was kneeling on my bed, giving me another slap.

"Look at this little incestuous slut, moaning out for mommy and daddy, do you see how wet she is Eva?" Hunter moaned while looking down at me, his navy blue eyes filled with lust.

"Let me feel for myself." Two fingers sunk into my wet cavity, giving a few strokes before pulling away. A whine leaves my lips and before I know it, another smack is received by me.

When I saw Eva, I became a little wetter as she was naked, her fat tits on display with big, fat nipples begging to be sucked. Her pussy was not completely bare, a little hairy but not too much which was perfect for me. Her green eyes were wild with desire and her pink lips open a bit.

"Mommy." I whispered then blushed because my secret had been let out.

“Mommy?” She whispered back, the tone of her voice confused and aroused.

I turned my head away from her to evade her gaze, needing to look at anything but her. It wasn’t that much of a turn but it got the job done.

Another slap to my ass brought me back to looking in their direction. Hunter’s hand tightened on my neck.

“Explain.” That one word from him held too great of a commanding tone to ignore. I shifted a bit on my knees, in an attempt to stall but it didn’t really work.

I had to face the music.

“Well, it sort of started when you guys came back from one of your dates. It was pretty late but I had woken up because I was thirsty. I was on my way to the kitchen but I heard some noises coming from your room and the door was open so I kind of saw you guys having sex. It happened by chance but I got so turned on and I went to my room and took care of myself. From then on, it just morphed into a fantasy of wanting to be with you two.”

“But why refer to us as Mommy and Daddy?” Eva asked in a gentle tone, making her way closer to me and gently stroking my cheeks.

“I just do. It sounds and feels so right to call you two that and you’re kind of like my second set of parents seeing how nice and caring you both are.” I answered, leaning into her hand and fidgeting a bit.

“And when you’re fingering yourself, what do you think of?” Hunter asked. I shook my head, not really wanting to vocalise my fantasies.

It would probably be too much for them.

And low and behold the slap that I was given but this time, there was another one. Telling me to answer his question.

“Well with Eva, I think about kissing her, touching her, playing with her breasts, pinching and sucking and biting her nipples, playing with her pussy, eating her out and fingering her. With you, I think about kissing you, touching you, playing with your nipples, stroking your cock, sucking it, playing and sucking your balls...yeah.” I lamely finished off my fantasies, feeling really embarrassed about the whole ordeal.

“So you want us separately?” This came as a question from Eva and was received with a shake of my head.


There was a moment of silence that was filled with tension, sexual tension. Then...my dreams came true.

Eva leant down and pressed her lips to mine. They were soft, slick and nice and plump. Her approach was soft and gentle, stroking my face and lightly tugging on my hair. Then came her tongue which was skilful and moved effortlessly in my mouth, managing to further arouse me.

Another hand weaves it’s way into my hair and pulled me away from Eva and another set of lips and another tongue met mine.

Hunter, on the other hand, was rough with his approach. He sought to dominate me. He controlled how we kissed, how our tongues moved and there was always a bite to my lips. After a while, he pulled away and began to take off his shirt.

Meanwhile, Eva was on the bed and slowly stroking my body, skimming over my breasts and my peaked nipples. I was simply staring at her double d rack that maintained most of its perkiness.

“You wanna suck on Mommy’s nipples baby?” She whispered. My answer came in the form of taking one into my mouth, moving my tongue around it before sucking on it.

Soft moans left her mouth and when I began nibbling on her fat nub, her volume increased. Once I was satisfied, I repeated the same thing on the other nipple and managed to wrap my fingers around the previous one, pinching, twisting and pulling on it.

“Tell Daddy, how are Mommy’s nipples?” I turned to see Hunter naked and tugging on his long, fat cock with precum leaking from his head. I wanted him to shove it in my mouth, deep down into my throat.

“They’re nice and fat Daddy. I love sucking and biting and pinching and tugging Mommy’s nipples. They’re so tasty Mommy.” I turned to look at her and smiled a bit. She pulled my mouth to hers, tonguing my mouth and pulling on my nipples. Our moans floated into the other’s orifice before being pulled away from each other by our hair.

“You two can’t even begin to imagine how fucking hot and dirty you two look. Eva, lie down so that Georgie can eat your cunt. Georgie, on your knees eating Mommy’s cunt so I can have more than a sample of your wet little pussy.”

We followed his instructions. I had my tongue on Mommy, flicking against her clit that was also nice and fat, two fingers spearing into her wet channel.

“Fuck baby, you’re fingering Mommy so good. Is this what you wanted?” Her moans radiated across the room, making me feel so good.

“Yes Mommy, this is exactly what I wanted.” I pulled my fingers out of her sopping cunt, choosing to shove my tongue inside while viciously rubbing her clit. She tugged on her fat nips while moaning and gyrating her hips, moaning out expletives.

“Is Daddy fucking your pussy good?”

I moaned into her snatch, vocalising my happiness at Daddy’s face positioned under my dripping pussy, sucking on my clit while fucking his three fingers into me. His other hand gripped my fat cheeks, slapping each at random intervals. I was bouncing my ass on his face, consumed by the pleasure that he was giving me.

Mommy’s moans increased, her movements becoming more erratic and I shoved my two fingers back into her snatch and sucked on her clit like I did her nipples. In no time did she cum and creamed on my tongue, sweet juices dripping everywhere. I continued to suck and drag my tongue across her clit, bringing forth more pleasure.

Daddy’s fingers continues to furiously fuck my little pussy, playing my fuck hole like an instrument and producing the best sounds. I could here how wet I was. His tongue and his fingers were making me feel so good, pulling me to the edge of glory but before I could fly off, he pulled his fingers out and gave my ass a slap on both cheeks.

There was some shuffling behind me before I felt the head of his cock nudging my clit, creating more pleasurable sensations. I shamelessly begged for his fat cock to fill my dripping cunt, wanting him so senselessly fuck me and after a few minutes, he gave into both mine and his desires.

I moaned against Mommy’s mouth as she was kissing me. He was filling me in a way that I had never been filled before and sliding in deliciously.

“Daddy’s cock feels so good in me Mommy. He’s going to fuck me so good Mommy.” I said, overwhelmed by the shear size of his member and the pleasure that he brought to me.

Daddy began moving, shoving himself nice and hard into my wet twat, spanking my ass and calling me a naughty girl for hiding myself from him and Mommy. She was with Daddy, kissing him and slapping my ass. She was also rubbing on my clit, making sure that I was always feeling pleasure.

“ You fucking dirty slut. Who does this pussy belong to?” More slaps to my ass had me pinching my nipples really hard.

“Mommy and Daddy. My wet pussy belongs to Mommy and Daddy.” I replied, tugging some more. This was the best fucking I received hands down and doing it with them made it even better.

His next few thrusts has him hitting my spot dead on, resulting in my squeals and bouncing on his cock, eager to continue the pleasure that I was feeling. It became intense and I felt like peeing but I continued, not letting anything get away.

A moment is all that it took then as he pulled, he pulled out and my cunt fucking burst, squirting out all my juices. Suddenly there was a mouth on my pussy, catching my juices and rubbing my clit, continuing my squirting. I guessed that it was Mommy because her fingers were slim and nimble while Daddy was slapping my ass.

“Fucking beautiful. You’re squirting for us baby, covering us in your sweet juices. Once you’re done, I’m back in that tight twat of yours.” And he was and every few thrusts, juices were flying out of me and Mommy was kissing me, letting me taste myself on her tongue.

So nasty but so hot.

I was shaking from the forth squirt fest when Daddy pulled me and Mommy down to the floor to suck his cock. It was so big and red and covered with my juices. Mommy let me lick it all up and slide his cock into my mouth while she was sucking on his balls. His groans filled the room and he was telling us how good it felt.

Mommy and I switched, me sucking on his nut sack and fingering Mommy which resulted in her cumming and leaking her juices onto the the floor.

Daddy pulled Mommy up and kissing sounds were heard while I resumed giving my attention to his cock. He grabbed my hair and began fucking my face while I fondled his balls, raking my nails down his muscular thighs. It was only a moment before he came, shooting his cum down my throat and on my tongue so I could taste his cum.

I still continues to slowly suck on his cock and with Mommy and Daddy staring down at me, I was the happiest that I had ever been.

And when he pulled us into their room and we cuddled together, I knew that with them, I was safe and loved.

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