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2| the tutor

Having a tutor was honestly the most embarrassing thing in the world.

Well, in my world.

Here's the thing, I used to be a really good student, got good marks and received straight A's across the board. Accepted to one of the best schools in my state and had the folks brag and brag for endless hours about how great I was.

And then high school happened.

Nothing too hectic. It was just I wanted to carve my own path, do my own thing, be who I wanted to be but my parents didn't approve of it all at all. They told me that being an artist brought little to no money and I should instead become a doctor.

It was constant fights at the dinner table, arguing about what was best for me. They threatened to pull me out of the school if I didn't dance to their tune and in fear of not receiving quality education, I suppressed my desires and tried to move on.

Unfortunately though, my unhappiness reflected in my grades. It wasn't too significant of a drop but I wasn't getting the marks that I used too.

They found it too be incredibly embarrassing and would lecture me for hours on end about how they were wasting their money on me. I tried to stand up for myself multiple times but they were not having it.

This pattern of unsatisfactory marks went on for about a year before they decided to do something about it. They made me purchase all these extra textbooks filled with exercises and past papers and enlisted the aid of a tutor.

There was no way that they would continue to face the embarrassment of a child that did not perform to their standards.

My tutor's name is Warren Hudson and he had been tutoring me since I was a junior.

Mr Hudson was the kindest man in the world. He was so patient with me and did not mind explaining and re-explaining concepts that I was failing to understand. Whenever I did well, he always praised me and emphasised that his belief in my intelligence was well placed but whenever I didn't do so well, instead of shouting at me like some people, he saw it as an opportunity to learn and went through the entire paper with me and made me write it again at least twice.

He wasn't just the best tutor in the world but the best person in my world. His home was a place where I could relax and feel at home. He always came with a mug of hot chocolate for me and asked me about my day. He listened attentively and always offered a solution to the problems that I had, displaying a fatherly manner that my father failed to possess despite his young age of twenty-eight.

And it was no surprise when I came to the realisation of loving him. He was the man of my desires that had come into fruition.

He was incredibly handsome, with his piercing green eyes that had golden flecks in them, thick eyelashes and eyebrows coloured a raven black, a structured nose that was neither too big or small, thin yet plump lips that resembled the flesh of a strawberry, a tall and muscular frame that hinted at his fitted figure through the countless shirts that he wore and I managed to sneak a few glances at his package and let me say...

He is quite the equipped man.

Obviously he could never see me the way that I could see him. I was just a normal, teenage girl who's grades resembled hormonal fluctuations and he probably saw me as dumb.

Surprise surprise.

Another thing that I loved about him was the fact that he encouraged my art, constantly praising me for my "amazing work". His words, not mine. He was always interested in the meaning behind my pieces. Whenever I did well, he always gave me a voucher to our local art supplies store and said it was "our secret". He knew of my true desires and never discouraged me from them, telling me that where there was a will, there was a way.

"Hey Lucy." Mr Hudson greeted me. I had approximately ten seconds to take in his fitted white turtleneck and blue jeans combo before greeting him back.

"Hey Mr Hudson. I really like the turtleneck." I said as I made my way into his home and closed and locked the door behind me.

Gotta make sure that the home is secure.

"Thanks. Let me quickly get the hot chocolate and we can start." A quick wink was received and he made his way to the kitchen while I made my way to the dining room. I set out all my books and waited patiently for his arrival.

"Happy birthday to you..." A masculine voice wafted into the room and then came Mr Hudson, a slice of cake and hot chocolate in hand. He had one of the biggest smiles that I had yet to see and although he sounded pretty average when it came to singing, I really appreciated the gesture. So much so that I began to tear up.

"Don't cry Lucy." He said after putting the cake down and seating himself on a chair. He grabbed my hand in both of his and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"They're happy tears Mr Hudson. Thank you so much."

"You know you can call me Warren right? Well unfortunately, if you're going to cry over cake and hot chocolate then I'm afraid that the next gift is going to have you sobbing." He mentioned and after another wink, he disappeared into the living room.

"What?" I mumbled, catching a tear that had managed to escape and wiping it away. I didn't want him to think of me as a cry baby.

Two minutes later he reappeared but with his laptop in tow. Maybe he got me something online? But still, it was a little excessive for a tutor.

"I know you're into art and that's what you want to do when you're older but your parents don't want that for you so I did something." He started off which if I'm being honest, really did scare me.

"I sent in an application to your dream college but for the arts course. They would really like to meet you and discuss the possibility of a scholarship. And in case you get in, which you obviously will of course, I've saved up some money so that you can get your own place and don't have to be financially dependent and tied to your parents."

You could hear a pin drop somewhere in Japan due to the silence that settled between us. I was honestly shocked to my core and a little bit baffled by the fact that he was doing all of this, just for me.

"Why?" I whispered.

"Why? Because I care for you deeply and I cannot just sit here and watch your beautiful aura being drained. I can see what this whole predicament is doing too you and you're much too beautiful and talented to be thrust into a career that does no good for your soul." He answered truthfully and inched his way closer to me.

"It's too much. I can't accept this at all. How did you even manage to do such?" I questioned him.

"Wealthy white privilege. Connections to that college plus my family name gets me places." He smirked and began to caress my face, a soft glint adorning his eyes.

"I still can't accept such Warren." I mumbled, looking away from his golden green eyes that were looking intensely into my muddy brown ones.

"You can. This is what one does for who they care for...who they love." This statement caused some serious whiplash on my end. Looking at him I could see nothing but conviction.

He truly believed in what he was saying.

"You can't love me." I argued.

"I can. Ever since the day you first walked into my house with your mother, I couldn't help but think about how beautiful you are and by some miracle, you got more and more beautiful each and every time that I saw you. And then there's your soul. So pure, so light, so positive. I can't continue to see it being dimmed. I'm selfish and a possible weirdo for crushing on an underaged girl but trust me, I don't crush on underaged girls but there was something about you. It's who you are that I've fallen in love with and even if you don't reciprocate such, I want the best for you."

I could say nothing for a good minute after his confession. It was all too much and all too real. I could not believe that my wishes came true. This beautiful, kind man managed to get me an interview for my dream college and proclaimed his love for me.

I got up from my seat and climbed into his lap, cradling his face in my hands and bringing his strawberry coloured lips to mine.

It was all that I expected it to be. Soft and gentle, a little bit of insecurity in terms of the way our lips fit together but after a while, the pieces fell into place. We found our rhythm and my hands slid into his shoulder length hair, gripping onto it.

I removed my lips from his and whispered what I had always wanted to say to him.

"I love you." A smile graced his face before he leaned back up to kiss me. A giggle came from me but I obliged his request and met him half way. It was nice and slow, passionate and loving. His hands were stroking my sides, occasionally grabbing my waist to let out a moan.

From the way that I was positioned on his lap, I was able to feel his aroused state and slowly grind against him, making sure that my clit was being stimulated all the way. I pulled on his hair, wanting him to take notice of the uncontrollable desire that I felt for him. He delivered a slap on my ass which made me remove his lips from mine and let out a soft moan.

"What do you want now?" He whispered into my ear and then directed his mouth onto my neck, showing it some love by planting kisses and nips along the length.

"I want you." By this time, he had taken control of my movements and had grabbed my ass, using it to direct the way that his cock rubbed against my clit.

"Be specific."

"I want you in bed, naked and nice and hard for me. I want your cock in my mouth and my pussy in your mouth. I want to make you cum and I want to cum. Then I want you balls deep inside of me, fucking me into the next year." I moaned out, pulling some more on his hair.

"Are you a virgin?" He chuckled, seemingly amused by my choice of words and my descriptiveness.

"I read." I answered and pulled him from the chair and upstairs towards his bedroom.

"How did you know where to go?" He asked, surprise laced in his tone.

"I guessed. Now get naked." I commanded, removing my yellow floral number, leaving me in just my white thong. I took my hair out of the bun that I put it in, allowing the curls to fall down.

Warren, on the other hand, took his sweet time undressing himself. It was a bit annoying but also really arousing. It was as if I was watching my present unwrap itself.

But it a way, that was happening.

He first started with taking his shirt off, revealing his toned, muscular form. Then it was the jeans and surprisingly his underwear. Although his speed or lack thereof, he made up for it by removing two layers at once.

Once done, he stood up straight and gave me a minute to ogle this fine specimen. He was all hard, carved muscle, no visible layer of fat present. It made me feel a bit insecure and wanting to hide my slight tummy fat from him.

“Hey...” Warren walked over to me and gently cupped my face. “You’re perfect okay? And I want you more than I want my next breath. I need you more than I need to live. I love you okay and if you’re uncomfortable—” I softly pressed my lips to his and wrapped my hand around his massive cock, stroking it slowly.

“I’m not uncomfortable and I want to do this. I’m just not too sure about what you see in me and why you love me.” I mumbled against his lips.

“Let me show you how much I love you. Let me worship you my love, my goddess, my life.” And what followed his words was him picking me up and tossing me onto the bed.

A giggle left me and a smile graced his face. He climbed onto the bed and grabbed onto my lacy thong, pulling it off with an ease and pace of a snail.

“Just take it off.” I groaned out, slightly miffed at how long he wanted to drag this on for.

“Patience is a virtue my love.” And finally he had finished and nestled himself in between my legs.

Warren gave me another kiss and his hand that was not supporting him made its way up my abdomen and onto my chest, cupping my breast and tweaking it in his fingers. I moaned into his mouth, tilting my hips so as to experience some form of friction.

“Your body is so beautiful. It is as if the gods themselves moulded you into perfection. Your skin, so golden, so warm. Your hair, luscious and black. Your eyes, a lovely earthy tone. Your lips remind me of cherries. Your pussy is nice and wet and pink and feels fantastic against me. Your breasts are full and plump, perfect for me and your nipples...fuck.”

That was when his mouth descended on my nipple, sucking it into his cavity and using his tongue to circle its circumference. I moaned out and grabbed onto his silky strands, pulling his hair. He nibbled on my nipple while tweaking the other, giving it a quick nip and soothing the slight pain with a lick and suckle.

Again I moaned and withered, rubbing my wet cunt against his cock, seeking more stimulation. He trailed kissed across my chest and more or less repeated what he had done to the previous one.

“Baby, I want you in me.” I tugged on his hair and groaned out, disappointed when he failed to assume the position.

“There is no rush baby. I want you to enjoy this moment before all the pain, discomfort and blood.” He murmured, making his way back down and leaving kisses along his trail.

“There isn’t going to be any blood.” He managed to reach his destination and bestow a lick and a suckle to my clit, earning a moan of pleasure from me.

“Why is that? I thought you said that you’re a virgin.” He sounded confused and for a moment pauses to let me elaborate on my point.

“Horseback riding when I was fifteen. My hymen tore.” I was tilting my hips in his direction so that he could continue his ministrations.

“So we’re scratching out the blood. Still have to take my time love.” And with that he wiggled and pushed his finger into me while rubbing his tongue against my clit.

“Shit...just like that baby...don’t stop.” And with a groan from his mouth, he began thrusting his finger in and out, bringing forth pleasure that I could not even begin to imagine. It was as if I was in this bubble of pleasure and absolutely nothing could pop it.

“You taste so sweet my love. Just exactly what I want to eat.” He mumbled, looking down at me and his finger spearing in and out.

“Then go back to eating.” I moaned out and with a light laugh, he did. A few strokes later, I hit my peak, experiencing the best orgasm yet but knowing that with this man, this was only the beginning.

“I’m going to now fuck you with my two fingers.” He whispered, pushing in two.

“Yes.” My fingers danced across my skin, making their way to my nipples and twisting and pulling on them, making them more sensitive than before.

I looked at the man that I love, seeing the glint in his eyes. Warren leaned down and pressed his lips to mine and his tongue stroking mine once I opened up for him.

“How does it feel?” He asked me, moving his fingers in and out of me quicker than before.

“ fucking good...please don’t stop.” I cried out, tugging on my nipples.

“I’ll stop when I cum. Until then my love, you’re in for a ride.” And with that, I exploded again, my pussy clenching and unclenching around his fingers.

“I love seeing you cum. It’s this beautiful, erotic vision that I see and knowing that this is all for me, because of me, makes it even sweeter. Three fingers now baby.” And with the entrance of three fingers, I felt full.

“I don’t think I can—”

“Yes you can.” He groaned. “Get used to it because this is how it’s going to be every single time you’re with me. I’ll fucking love and worship you, making sure that you cum as many times as you can, as many times as I want you to. You’re going to thank me and take it with no complaints my love because you deserve it.”

Warren started moving his fingers out at a leisurely pace, no rush to his movements but then it picked up, bringing forth more pleasure and for a third time, I came, loudly.

He removed his fingers and held my right thigh in his hand, pushing it towards me, opening me up for him. With his other hand guiding him, he slowly pushed into me, filling me with his thick cock and solidifying and further emphasising our connection.

“You’re so tight and mine...mine.” He grunted out, continuing to push himself into me at a delectably slow pace.

“You’re so big. I feel fucking full.” I moaned out. His tongue slid into my mouth and caressed mine, kissing me and reassuring me of his love and commitment to me.

It was when he filled me to the hilt that I felt like I was going to lose it. It was too much, bordering the line of painful and uncomfortable but it was magnificent how amazing this felt.

“You’re so tight and you’re squeezing me, trying to milk me of my cum. Can I move baby?” Warren asked, slowly pulling out.

“Yes. Move. Show me how good this can feel.” I moaned out, slowly beginning to lose myself to the feeling of being with my love.

It was a slow movement at first, in and out of me, groaning and moaning out our pleasure and enjoyment of being with each other in this way. “I love you” floating between us. It was true perfection and seeing his body slightly sweaty made it all the more better, more intense.

“Faster.” I instructed, clutching onto his biceps, gladly taking the fucking that he was giving me.

“You want it faster? Harder? Want me to rub your clit that peeking out and begging for attention?” I nodded and he delivered, going harder and faster than ever before, rubbing my clit in a clockwise direction, making me make obscene sounds, crying out.

For what? I don’t know but he was that good.

On a particular thrust, he managed to hit a spot that had me screaming and digging my nails into his back.

“That’s it.” He mumbled and continued to hit that spot at the end of his thrusts.

“Yes, yes, yes.” I moaned out.

“Are you close?” He asked and I could not even answer because my climax hit me out of nowhere.

“That’s it baby, flood my cock with your juices.” He continued thrusting, even when I became lax and was in a realm of pleasure.

“Cum for” I whispered and after a few thrusts, he pulled out of me and began jerking off, ejaculating all over my stomach and groaning.

“Mmmmmmm.” I moaned out, incapable of saying anything remotely comprehensible.

Spent from the activity of sex, he fell into the mattress, pulling me into him and with his remaining energy, manoeuvring us so that we would be under the covers, a cocoon of warmth encasing us.

“Was that a good birthday present?” He asked after a while, playing with my curls.

I grunted.

“That’s not English.”

I grunted again.

He laughed and as if it were the most hilarious thing that he had ever heard in his life.

“I love you Lucille Artis.”

I lifted my head so as to look into his eyes and I saw all the love and happiness that he had shining through.

“I too love you Warren Hudson.”

And with a kiss, both our love and fates intertwined, becoming one forever from this day forth.

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