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3| daisy’s

"Hey girl!" Is the greeting that I always receive when I enter my place of work.

Daisy's. An erotic strip club that unofficially offers some other services.

"Hey Mandy. How's my baby Achilles?" I questioned while delivering a hug to one of my favourite co-workers. What I love about her is the fact that she has an ability to understand me in a way that not many can.

"Got him his medicines from the vet. He was about to give me a heart attack and to top it all off, that vet was giving me heart palpitations which made the situation worse." She groaned out while making her way to our shared room to get ready.

"Hot vet?" I questioned with an amused smile.

"You have no fucking idea Estella."

Her Doberman had caught canine flu and I knew next to nothing about such but luckily she was able to take him to the vet and at the same time, set her eyes on a very attractive McDreamy who's favourite position is doggy style.

"And you did nothing?"

"Wedding band sis. I don't do married men 'cause next thing you know, wife's keying my car and I've got to make my debut on Judge Judy." She turned to burrow her baby blues at me while opening the door to our dressing room.

"Sis, pretty sure I've caught you on the laps on married men." I gave her a look while placing my belongings in one my drawers and locking it.

"Let's refine it: I don't do married men outside of this club and for less than I get paid." And with that I laughed while pulling out my makeup out.

"And how was your day today?" Like me, she seated herself and began doing her makeup, keeping her eye on the time seeing as she was going to be on in forty minutes.

"It was fine. Just hitting the books during the day and sliding on the pole at night." I winked at her through the mirror which earned her a laugh.

"No cute boys?" She questioned. If it wasn't about dick, it was food and if it wasn't about food, it was money and if it wasn't about money...


"Nope. The boys are cute but not what I'm looking for. You know me." I said as I had just finished applying concealer to cover up some scarring and blemishes, skipping foundation as I wanted a more effortless look.

"Miss Picky Supreme." I gave her the complimentary middle finger whist chuckling at her response. That's the thing with Mandy and I: it was all banter and fun laughter when needed and seriousness when warranted. We had each other's backs and I was confident in saying that she was one of my closest friends.

We continued talking about whatever was our fancy whilst trying to quickly get ourselves ready. Mine was a look that was more natural but alluring. A fox eye with some brown eyeshadow and a thin wing. Some blush and highlight to accentuate and highlight my model-like cheekbones. A few fake freckles here and there (don't judge) and to finish off, a glossed lip.

Mandy, on the other hand, had gone for a more dramatic look that only she could pull off. She looked like a succubus with her fire engine red hair that she'd recently dyed, a strong red eyeshadow look with a thick, strong wing and and a highlighted inner corner. She used contour and highlighter to emphasise the structure of her face and finished off with a matte red lip.

"Is it too much red?" Her insecurities about pulling off such a strong colour was showing through and as a good friend, I let her know that there was nothing to worry about.

"Hon', only you could pull off a red look like that and still look delectable. You'll have those men eating out of the palm of your hands. Now go put on that sexy outfit that you've been bragging about and describing as "Poison Ivy meets Ariel"." She gave me an instant killer smile and got her outfit off of her clothing rail and started changing.

After two years of being together and in the same room, we've grown more than comfortable with each other and our bodies. There was absolutely no need to be shy and jittery.

"Tada." I looked up from my phone to see Mandy looking incredible in her outfit. She had a green thong that covered what needed to be covered and a short, green sarong that covered her cheeks that seemed to be getting bigger.

"Is that a fatter booty that I'm seeing?" I reached behind to pinch her ass and received a small smack and a laugh.

"Been praying for the stomach to get flatter and the booty to get fatter. Thank the divine gods." She exclaimed. I continued to study her outfit. A studded green bra covered her chest and some fabric shaped as ivy wrapped around her legs and arms hooking to her underwear. The leaves were small but there and some of them were jewelled.

"Not bad Mandy. You look...poisonous...deadly." I added once I saw the funny look she gave me.

"Thanks but no thanks to that attempt of a compliment. Don't be a jealous bitch and don't steal my tips hoe." I laughed at her face and hugged her gently.

"You better get that money bitch and maybe a good lay if you can. I can see the dust coming out of that thong." I joked and with a smack and a "At least I get some. What about you?" she left the dressing room, rushing to make it on stage.

I had fifteen minutes left before I had to hit the stage and I made my way to the door, locking it and making sure that it was locked, switching off the lights in the room and turning on the crystal lamp on the table. I opened my phone and selected a sexy song to play and began my routine.

I stripped out of my clothes relatively quickly and opened one of the drawers which incased a vibrating dildo that was a hot pink colour. I seated myself on the chair and spread my legs, ready to get myself in the mood.

Knock knock knock.

I quickly grabbed my robe and dressed myself, silently cursing whoever was on the other side of the door.

"Estella, you've got intimate room 7 after your performance." Darius, our show runner, informed me.

"With who?" I inquired with a slight exhale. I was hoping to relax after my performance but so be it.

"A Mr A. His name must be a mystery." He made a slight laugh, encouraging me to respond to his weak joke. When he registered the lack of response from me, he stopped and rolled his shoulders.

"Anything else?" I sent a smile in his direction.

"Nope. I'll leave you to it." And with that, I closed the door and made my way to my drawers and opened one filled with my costumes. I picked a matching sheer black thong and bra and a sheer black sarong. I steamed the sarong as it was a little creased and dressed up, slightly adjusting my bra and thong to make it more comfortable.

A quick fluff of my curls and an adjustment of my sarong and I was ready. I quickly exited the dressing room and walked along the corridor, greeting my other co-workers and stopping to make quick conversation. I finally reached the backstage where Mandy was leaning against a wall and drinking a bottle of water, bills in her hands from her tips.

"Good night." I questioned while doing some stretches to ease my nerves.

"Yep. Some really excited men in the crowd. Nice nipples." She reaches over to pinch one and I slapped her hand.

"And now introducing Star Silam." Darius' voice oozed out of the speaker. He was working on sounding more sexual and he'd improved from the first few times which were rough to say the least.

"Good luck Stel'." And with a slap to my ass, she scurried out of the backstage.

It was a deep breathe taken, a moment in time to gather myself and to become Star Silam, to unleash my sexual inhibitions, a moment taken to get ready for the show.

The music starts, slow and sensual, meant to highlight the sexual energy of Daisy's. I push the curtains aside and slowly walk to the pole at the centre of the stage, stopping short to slowly flip onto the pole, slowly twirl and ever so slowly sink down into a split.

The crowd let out a low cheer and with a dazzling smile, I began my performance.

For me, being a stripper is a form of art, a way to communicate my sensuality without being overly vulgar about it. I get to be sexy but also have control. I hold these men in the palm of my hand. I get to be free and honestly, I also get paid pretty good money.

The music was flowing across the venue. The men were panting like the literal dogs that they were. I was having money being thrown in all directions. I was twirling around the pole, giving the men a good show. I was in my element.

Time flies when you're having fun and before you know it, it's the end of my performance. I picked up all my tips quickly, ensuring that I received what's owed to me and with a quick smile, I was off of the stage.

"How was it?" Mandy asked me as soon as I got in.

"Fabulous darling. Made some good money. You?" I switched on the small fan and stood in front of it, needing to cool down from all that work I did.

"Made some really good money and I'm about to make more in the intimate room." She winked at me.

"Same here and looks like I'm supposed to be there." With a sigh, I switched off the fan and made my way to the drawer, pulling off what I was wearing and quickly putting on a sheer set and by sheer, I mean sheer. I then grabbed a robe and fastened it on while Mandy took some of my perfume and sprayed it on me.

"Thanks babe." I gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Gotta dash." And with a quick wink and a close to the door, I was on my way to intimate room number seven.

The intimate rooms where private rooms where we entertained special clients. Private stripping, lap dances, sensual touching and the odd happy ending. This was only the third time that I was going to the intimate room.

Down the hallway, up the stares to the first floor and passed the doors one, three and five on my left, I was in front of seven. Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach and my hands were shaking a bit.

I rolled my shoulders, urging myself to calm down and when I did, I turned the knob on the door and entered the room.

This specific room was very passionate if I could say. The lighting for the room was red, just red. The sparse furniture was black, that being the long and slightly low couch, the cabinet filled with all the alcoholic beverages that one could desire and a coat rack for the guests to hang their outerwear on.

I wasn't alone in the room though. The client was here to. His back was to me but if the back was anything to go by, then he was fucking hot.

Tall, around six feet, broad shoulders that slimmed and narrowed down to his waist that seemed cinched, ass looked small but plump, legs were very long but toned. I noticed that his arms were littered with tattoos, not necessarily full sleeves but quite a number of them.

Him turning around allowed me to see exactly what he looked like. A sharp jaw covered in the beginnings of a beard, a strong and sharp looking nose, light coloured eyes adorned with full eyelashes below full looking brows and pillowy lips that seemed to be begging me to kiss them. His hair was just above his shoulders, looking very dark and wet, slightly wavy but it looked good to tug on.

His eyes were on me, assessing each and every point to his satisfaction. An awkward silence lay between us but his small smile seemed to break it.

"What's your name?" His voice could be compared to glowing melting chocolate, soft yet baritone and had a hint of a rasp. I felt my thong becoming slightly damp.

"Star." I whispered. He took a few steps closer until what stood in the way of him taking more steps closer was me. His hand moved up to touch my hair, a finger twisting its way through my curls.

"Your real name amor." His hand pulled on my hair, tilting my head up so that he could run his tongue up the length of my neck. A soft breath left my lips.

"Why do you want to know?" Resting my hands on his hips.

"So I know which name to moan." A quick bite was given to my neck.

"That's not what we do here." I moaned out while running my hands all over his abdomen, feeling all the hard slabs of muscle that there was to feel.

"Obviously not but if you think that I'm not having a taste of that delicious pussy and fucking you all the way to heaven, think again." Soft kisses on my neck and low moans left my mouth.

"I don't even know you." Against my better judgement, I began to unbutton his shirt, wanting to feel him without the obstruction of his shirt.

"You'll get to know me, know what I like, how I want my pleasure, how I'll be pleasing you. You'll know the euphoria my dick will bring. You'll know all the places that I can take you. We're going to know each other for a very long time Estella Monroe Williams." And with that he untied my robe and yanked it off of me and afterwards, picked me up and sat on the couch with me straddling him.

"How do you know my name?" I asked whilst slowly grinding on him. It wasn't my initial intention but he was there, willing and offering.

"Like I said, I know you and I know that your pussy is weeping right now, wanting me to touch it. Isn't that true?" His hands on my hips allowed him to take control, moving me the way he wanted me to move which honestly, was a blessing as he was directing our movements towards my clit.

"What's your name?" I moaned out, trying to control my erratic movements.

"Giovanni Adriano but you know what I want you to call me, right?" His fingers surrounded my nipples and pinched them.

"Fuck." I moaned out, grinding down on him.

He pushed me towards him, enabling him to capture my lips in his. His kiss was sensual and a sin, coaxing me closer to the flames, towards the forbidden. Tongues stroking and asserting dominance, teeth biting lips and moans floating from one mouth to another. My hips were slowly moving, drawing out the pleasure on my clit.

He pulled back and stood up, carrying me with him and setting me down in front of him before discarding his unbuttoned shirt and removing his expensive looking watch.

Next was his shoes that were pointed and black and his socks. His belt, pants and underwear followed and he stepped out of them, as naked as the day he was born.

My eyes zoned in on his now unwrapped package that was large and pointing in my direction. Veins ran along his appendage, pre-cum slowly oozing out of his small slit and balls hanging deliciously like fruit looking to be picked.

His strong, firm thighs that led to lean and toned legs support his upper half that was adorned with more tattoos and hard abdominal muscles. I couldn't focus on much because he quickly pulled me towards him, running his hands towards my bra.

"A little sheer thing, isn't this? Showing off your perky tits with brown pointed nipples." He unbuckled the bra and pulled it down my arms.

Giovanni bent down to grasp onto my thong.

"And this is also sheer. Showing me your dripping pussy seeing as the fabric is clinging to you." And with that, the thong came down. I stepped aside, allowing it to come off.

He stood up and pulled me to him, bestowing kisses for me to take.

"Come." It was a simple command yet it was enough for me to follow. He led me to the couch and laid down.

"Sit on my face." And I did just that, facing his glorious looking cock with the desire of stroking his cock. His hands grabbed onto my full ass, spreading my cheeks. A lick from the base of my pussy to my throbbing clit with a finishing flick to it.

"Shit, just like that baby." I raised myself from his face, trying to run away from his tongue and the promised pleasure.

"I'm not done Estella." With that, I was pulled down onto his face and his merciless tongue which was intent on destroying my pussy.

Giovanni twirled his tongue around and across my clit, wrapping his lips around it and sucking and whilst sucking, his tongue continued to dance across my clit.

Moans and curse words coloured the already coloured room. I was slowly beginning to ride his tongue, bouncing on his tongue which muffled his groans.

The pleasure was extensive and intense. To distract me from his fulfilling acts, I leaned down and grabbed onto his endowed cock, stroking it and gifting it with kisses. I ran my tongue along his cock, stopping at the tip and slowly devouring it, running my tongue along it and tasting his delicious pre-cum. I only stopped when I hit the bottom, my throat fluttering around his cock.

"Yes baby, take Daddy's cock down your throat." I came up, taking a deep breath and looking at my masterpiece: a slobbering cock with a tip covered in pre-cum.

I pushed my ass back in his face, silently urging him to resume eating me up. With a chuckle, he did just that. I continued to stroke him and doing down on him.

It went on for at least five minutes, just pleasuring each other and then he added his fingers, sliding in teo and started thrusting them in and out, until he hit my g-spot, knowing from my small squeal.


And then it turned into making a come hither motion whilst sucking on my clit. I removed my mouth from his cock to moan out loud, bouncing my ass from his face.

"Yes Daddy, yes. Keep fucking my pussy like that." My hand moved up my chess to pinch my right nipple, enhancing all that I was feeling.

"Are you going to come for me? Are you going to come for Daddy?" Giovanni asked me, increasing the speed of his fingers. That urged me to bounce my ass on his face, tugging harder on my nipple.

"I'm going to squirt if you don't stop." I warned, secretly hoping that he didn't and he didn't disappoint, devoting the same attention as before.

Two minutes was all it took, me trying to prevent my pleasure coming towards such a dramatic end but Giovanni prevailed, succeeding in getting me to that point.

My juices sprayed out of my dripping cunt and onto his face. His tongue pierced into my cunt and he rubbed my clit, lengthening my orgasm.

He continued to pleasure me, even as I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled myself away onto the other side of the touch and flung myself onto the arms, taking heaving breaths as I felt that I had run a marathon.

Giovanni gave my ass a slap garnering a groan from me.

"I wasn't done." He whined in a baritone manner but it still made me chuckle. That soon turned into a moan when he turned me around to face him and inserted himself inside me.

"You're so tight and warm and wet. Are you wet for me?" He groaned out, smashing his lips onto mine. I opened my mouth for his tongue to insert itself into.

I moaned out, hoping for him to interpret it as a good enough answer.

His tongue mimicked his movements, stroking in and out slowly but with purpose, with force. My moans filled the space of the intimate room seven. I forgot that I was at work, at Daisy's.

All I could think about was Giovanni Adriano.

He held my thighs apart and towards my midriff, ensuring that I couldn't run away this time, encouraging me to face the pleasure that he delivered.

He was indeed a man of his words.

"Who's making you feel good?"

"You Daddy."

"Are you going to come for Daddy? Are you going to squirt for Daddy like the good girl you are?" He asked me while rubbing his finger against my clit that was peeking out, begging for his attention.

"Yes Daddy. Fuck me hard and make me squirt." My hands held onto his arms, grounding me.

His cock was rubbing along my g-spot, creating greater and infinite pleasure for me. His lips fell onto my neck, sucking and kissing, urging me to dive off of the cliff into a sea of pleasure created just for me.

"You close?" He groaned out, speeding up. I knocked his hand out of the way and furiously rubbed on my clit. He quickly removed his cock from my wet depths, allowing me to squirt.

"I'm fucking squirting! I'm fucking squirting Daddy!" I screamed out, watching deliriously as my juices hit his abdomen and his cock which he was furiously stroking.

Even though I was feeling like a noodle after being boiled, I manoeuvred around, opening my mouth to catch his cum.

"I'm coming for you baby. Take my cum into your mouth." He groaned out. I tasted him on my tongue as he came directly on it and only once he was done, did I swallow it, tasting his delicious cum and wishing I had more to swallow and more to taste.

He collapsed onto the black leather couch, pulling me onto him and kissing my forehead.

"Are you good?" He asked after a few moments, fingers swirling around my curls.

"I'm more than good. Thanks for the fuck." I mumbled, completely satiated.

A spank to my ass.

"Watch your words. This is far more than just your average fuck. You squirted. I'm taking you home." He grumbled, tightening his hold on me.

"I can squirt on my own thank you very much." I retorted.

"Don't fucking doubt it. You're still coming home with me and don't fucking argue with me Estella. You're mine and I'm taking you home." His words were final, leaving no room for argument.

We laid there for a while, just basking in the glow from having amazing sex and we did it again when we got to his mansion. On his couch, on his kitchen counter, by the pool, in his office, in his gym...

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