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4| summer vacation

"Are we there yet?" Maddison asks me, having just awoken from her nap, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"We're an hour away." I answered, keeping my eyes on the road.

It was summer, meaning late nights, waking up in the afternoon, taking trips to and fro and living out your wildest dreams. Maddison and I just graduated from high school and in a couple of months, would be college freshmen in our respective colleges.

Sure, it was difficult to reconcile the fact that we would be in different colleges in different cities but distance wouldn't weaken our friendship...we would make sure of that.

This trip that we took was to the island of Barbados, my parents booked us a villa in the local resort that had raving reviews from both of our parents. We'd be spending the week there, soaking up sun, water and pussy juices.

Yes, Maddison and I had developed a sexual relationship, developing a taste for each other's pussies. It started during the summer before the beginning of our senior year.

I slept over at her house as no one was there and she was a little scared of being alone. It was at night and we both couldn't sleep. She started talking about herself, listing certain things that she hated about herself. She hated the fact that she didn't have big boobs or a round enough ass, skinny thighs and a bit on the tall side. Maddison wanted to be like those Instagram models, not realising that she was beautiful just the way she is.

"I'm fucking unattractive Nat. No one wants me." She exclaimed, turning away from me.

I felt really sad because my friend was dealing with image issues and I felt powerless and unable to help her. We laid there in silence for five minutes, me trying to figure out a way to make her feel good about herself and her spiralling down towards a path of self hate.

I pulled her so that she was laying on her back instead of her side and climbed over her, straddling her.

"Nat, what are you doing?" She asked confused and tried pushing me off of her. I grabbed her hand and pushed it under my thong, making her feel how wet I had been.

I found my best friend attractive, gorgeous and so fuckable. She had these warm brown eyes that matched the colour of her hair. Her eyes were encased in these long and full lashes. Her nose was straight but not too prominent and below lay full lips that were on the thinner side. High cheekbones frames the beauty that was her face.

It's difficult to have such a hot friend that you don't masturbate to when thinking about lesbian fantasies and being with her tonight didn't help either.

She was wearing a white and lacy thong and a crop top that couldn't hide the fact that she was sans bra and had nipples that begged to poke out. I simply couldn't help thinking about wanting to suck on her cute pink nipples.

"I'm letting you feel how wet I am because of you. You're so beautiful and you turn me on. Stop thinking that you're ugly cause you're not. Continue feeling my pussy if you think that you're anything but beautiful." I told her whilst lifting up her tank top and doing what I had wanted to do the whole night.

Suck on her gorgeous tits.

As soon as my tongue touched her left nipple, I felt like I could finally breathe. I sucked it into my mouth and sucked so hard, making it even more pronounced. I nibbled on it, drawing moans from Maddison. Her right nipple was receiving attention from my fingers that were twisting and pulling on that poor little thing.

Her finger was drawing circles on my engorged clit,

making me moan into her nipple.

"Shit Nat. This is so wrong. I'm not a lesbian." She moaned out.

"Tell that to your finger that's still playing with my clit." I retorted, once I had released her nipple. I switched positions, giving her right nipple the attention of my mouth and the left the attention of my fingers. She continued to moan and began gyrating her hips whilst still continuing to play with my clit.

Lesbian my ass.

Once I was done with her nipples, I released them and slid down her body, removing her thong as I did so. Once it was off, I spread her legs and nestled into position, moving my hair out of the way.

The first taste of her wet cunt was something out of this world. She was so wet and sweet with a bit of a salty taste, exactly how I liked my cunts to taste. Her clit was peeking out, calling on me to give it some love.

My tongue flickered across her clit, drawing moan after moan from her mouth and when I added my fingers and made a come hither movement on her g-spot, she went insane and started screaming, telling me not to stop fucking her sopping pussy.

A few minutes later she came, small juices gushing out of her pussy.

"Yes baby, make me come like that. Make my wet twat gush for you Nat." She groaned out. Once I was done sampling her cunt, I crawled back up her body, sliding my touch into her open mouth to kiss her and let her taste herself and know that I fucked her so good.

That night, she made me cum multiple times with her fingers, tongue and stashed collection of vibrators and dildos and I her. By dawn, we lost count of how many times we had come, squirting all over each other's bodies and all over the bed.

Her confidence steadily grew and she unleashed her inner confident sex kitten.

We'd had multiple threesomes and foursome, all with guys who found our expertise and openness attractive. We'd been with each other multiple times and were comfortable talking about anything really.

I pulled into the entrance of the secluded resort, looking for parking and finding it.

"We're here." I smiled at Maddison and she returned it, leaning in to capture my lips in a sensual dance.

"Let's check into the rooms and fuck. I'm so horny Nat." She moaned into my lips. I pulled away and switched off the car, climbing out to take our luggage from the trunk with the help of Maddison.

Checking in was a seamless process as when we had gotten in, there wasn't anyone at the front desk. The concierge was friendly and efficient, making sure that the check in process was fast. The bellboy has taken our luggage and guided us to our villa which had two master suites with bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a path to the beach on the outer reaches of our veranda.

Unpacking and settling in took about half and hour and when we were done, it was no wonder that it was on the bed, various toys scattered around us and the fingers and tongues in each other's twats.

"Yes Maddy, rub my g-spot. Suck on my clit you fucking whore." I moaned out, rubbing her protruding clit side to side. My ass was bouncing around on her face, sometimes muffling her moans.

I grabbed a vibrator, a ten inch black dildo and my phone, inserting two of the three into her waiting and wet pussy, rubbing her clit a little. In my left hand was my phone and I opened it, clicking the app that controlled the vibrator and connected them both. Once everything was set up, I started playing with the intensity of the vibrator and thrusting this big dildo in and out of her.

She released my clit from the clutches of her mouth to let out a loud groan and dirty words leaped out of her mouth.

"Yes Nat. Yes baby. Fuck my pussy like that. Make me your horny little bitch. Harder Nat, I want to squirt." She moaned out whilst thrusting her fingers out of my snatch. I followed her instructions, going harder and faster and increasing the intensity of the vibrator inside of her.

Maddison removed her fingers from my cunt and after some shuffling around, inserted one of our didlos into my cunt. I reached forward to suck her clit into my mouth as I pushed back onto the dildo.

"Take this cock like the good slut you are Nat. I'm going to fuck you like a good girl." Then she started moving the dildo in and out of me, also paying attention to my clit that was throbbing.

I moaned into her clit, loving the fact that I was stuffed with the artificial cock and using the one in my hand to increase the pace at which I was fucking her with. Her moans became for frequent, slowly turning into screams.

"Is my princess going to cum? Is she going to squirt for me like the good girl she is?" I cooed, setting aside my phone and rubbing her clit, hastening her orgasm.

"Yes I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum baby...I'M COMING NAT!" She screamed and I instantly removed the dildo, seeing the stream of cum soar.I stuffed her gushing cunt with my fingers, thrusting some more and pulling out when she had more to squirt.

"FUCK NAT! THAT'S IT! MAKE ME SQUIRT! FUCK MY SQUIRTING TWAT LIKE A WHORE!" She screamed out, jerking her hips to and fro whilst I continued to play her pussy like an instrument.

"Yes Maddy baby, squirt like the whore bitch that you are. Having fingers and cocks stuffed up you leaking pussy and being used. Squirting all over the place. Having cunts and cocks in your mouth. What a slut you are." I berated her as I continued to play with her, stopping to give her a break and pinch my brown nipples that needed attention.

"Stuff that cock deep in me and make sure it's hitting my g-spot bitch otherwise you're not going to cum for the rest of the day...Yes Maddy, that's the spot, that's the fucking spot slut!" I shouted, bouncing harder on the dildo and pulling incessantly on my nipples, bringing forth more pleasure for me.

Maddison worked that dildo in and out of my pussy just the way we liked it, nice and hard, making sure it hit the exact spot that I needed it to hit.

"Yes you little bitch, you're going to make me come. I'm going to squirt on your face and you're going to take it. You'll drink my cum like a good slut baby...yes." Her movements significantly increased in speed, hitting my spot harder and faster whilst rubbing my clit. My tugging my nipples increased and I was matching her thrusts.

"THAT'S IT MY GOOD SLUT. I'M GONNA SQUIRT FOR YOU. I'M GONNA FUCKING SQUIRT FOR MY FUCKING—" A large moan cut me off as her rubbing increased and the dildo left, making way for my huge gush as it hit her face. She lapped it all up and plugged my leaking twat with her tongue, rubbing my clit which inspired me to squirt again, this time in her tongue.

I bounced on that skilled tongue of hers, screaming profanities and praising her for being my good girl.

"My good girl...make me come baby...make me squirt again baby." And she did just that, had me leaking again while I played with her pussy again and received the same reaction from her. She moaned into my pussy while I moaned into the hair, silently thanking whoever for this beautiful villa and this wet pussy before me.

The aftershocks hit us both but we continued to play with each other, lightly sucking on the sensitive clits. Once we had had our fill, we untangled and lay side by side in each other's arms, tasting ourselves in each other's mouths and sucking on the others tits.

The day was well spent, making each other come again and again and napping in between. The rest of the trip was amazing to say the least, exploring the unknown, soaking up the sun, swimming in the sea, fucking each other and laying beneath the stars.

I was so lucky in that moment to have Maddison in my life and I made sure to thank her by giving her multiple squirting orgasms throughout our week in Barbados.

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