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5| trois est une entreprise

The alarm clock on my bedside table blares it’s annoying tone, coaxing me out of a dream that I am beginning to forget the details of. I slowly get up, stretching my body and feeling the cold on my naked form.

Well, I have a thong on.

I rub the sleep out of my eyes, making my way out of my bed and into the bathroom where I go about my morning routine. By the time I exit the bathroom, the light from the sun is shining through the curtains and the city that never sleeps is becoming more active, many commuting to work and starting a new day.

I don a simple lacy lingerie set, one that is white and sheer. The bra is wired but without cups and the bottoms are a thong, for comfortability and a hint of thot energy.

I then grab the outfit that I planned for today and wear that. The outfit is a beige turtleneck with a black blazer and matching pants. The accessories are small gold hooped earrings and a simple gold necklace.

I go back to the bathroom to sort out my hair, deciding to put it in a sleek topnot and lay down my baby hairs. Exiting the bathroom, I grab my phone and shove it into my black Dior saddle bag which is filled with a lot of nonsense.

I should reorganise it when I get back from work.

I make my way into the living room, grabbing my workbooks and laptop from the coffee table and shoving it into my laptop bag. I then make my way to the door, unlocking it, removing it from the keyhole and exiting my tiny apartment, making sure to lock and check that it is locked.

Now I’m ready to go.

I make my way out of the apartment building and into the streets, stopping by a small café and purchasing some hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie.

I’m one of those people that don’t like coffee. Sue me.

By the time I make it to my workplace, I am just in time. I greet the security guard and tap my ID to access the building. Once in the elevator, I press the button for the top floor and when instructed to, I tap my ID against the sensor, verifying access to the top floor.

The ride up the building was filled with various stops, having to step aside to let people out of the contraption and having the doors close, ascending further and further towards the top floor.

Once the doors finally open on my floor, I exit them and make my way to my cubicle, passing the other two assistants, one male and one female, greeting them. My cubicle is situated closest to the doors that open to reveal the shared office of the two CEO’s of the company.

Their names are Felix Hudson and Alecander March. They run a successful tech and telecommunications company, creating great systems and softwares as well as products that other tech companies buy, possibly using them for their own products. They are both handsome beyond thought, enchanting one with their otherworldly looks but they seem to be a bit standoffish, never necessarily engaging with many unless it is an emergency and related to their business.

And why they share an office is still a mystery to me and anyone who is interested in knowing why.

I am simply one of their assistants. We are a team of three and help to schedule meetings and co-ordinate their schedule, making sure that nothing clashes. We also answer calls from the floors below us, mitigating what needs to be mitigated, relaying issues from the floor to our bosses and sometimes making personal trips to the various floors, reporting on what is going on there.

There is also getting them lunch, planning company related functions, organising their trips for either business or pleasure and getting in contact with fashion houses when new clothes are needed.

Majority of the latter falls on me, since I am the newest on the team and according to Miguel and Andrea, they like me more and trust me to do so. Also, it’s less of a headache for the other two.

And here come the bosses, right on que and greeting us in their baritone, panty-wetting voices. We greet them back, mine being more of a squeak back, and get up, grabbing our note pads and following them to their office, ready to relay the agenda for today.

We tell them of the meetings that they have to attend, the work that is needed to be done, problems that the other floors are having, future events and their commitments that are needed and anything else that is needed. They dismiss us after taking in all the information and it is back to work for us.

They exit their office after a while, making their way down the hallway to the meeting room where a multitude of their meetings are taking place. People come and go, meeting with the two intimidating men to discuss business. I do not envy those having meetings with them as they are known to be ruthless when it comes to their businesses.

Eleven o’clock rolls around and I lock my laptop, grabbing my bag and getting up. I take the orders from Miguel and Andrea and walk into the office, wanting to know what my bosses would like for lunch. When I enter, the two are behind a desk with Mr Hudson sitting by his desk and Mr March leaning over, looking at something that is on Mr Hudson’s computer. They look up as soon as I enter.

“Mr Hudson...Mr March...I am grabbing lunch from a Korean restaurant today. What would you like from there?” They look at me, pinning me with their intense gazes, studying me like some strange specimen that has landed in front of them.

“Nothing in particular. Just something tasty.” Mr Hudson answers.

“Anything to drink?”

“Just juice. Whichever kind.” Mr March answers this time. I nod and exit their office, walking to the elevator to leave the building.

The restaurant is quite small and a lot of noise is about, indicating that it is a packed service. Quite a few people are queuing but it isn’t a problem for me to join. I plug in my earphones, both in my ears and in the phone, finally getting the opportunity to listen to some good music.

Once I make it to the front, I tell the woman behind the counter that I would like bulgogi, japchae, kimchi, ddukbokki, bibimbap, haemul pajeon, one bottle of sparkling water for me, one Sprite, one Coca-Cola and two bottles of orange juice. I use the card that was specifically for our food to pay and collect the receipt, moving to stand where other people are standing, presumably waiting for their food.

There are also tables where some are seated, talking to their company or simply typing away at a laptop or their phones. It is a thirty minute wait before I can collect the food and drinks. I ask for extra containers, foreseeing the need to portion the food for my bosses. They give me the said containers, charging extra which I pay, begrudgingly. Once I’m back in the office, I portion the food into the containers and grab a bag, placing everything needed for them and enter their office, placing their food on the coffee table in front of a couch.

“Your food is here sirs.” I tell them, indicating with my hand that it is there.

“Thank you Miss Kim.” Mr Hudson stands, walking over to where I am and inspecting the food and giving me a smile when it seemingly meets his standards.

“Is there anything else that you need?” I ask, feeling nervous for the response.

“No, this is sufficient. You may leave Miss Kim.” It is Mr Hudson that speaks again, and I do so, making my way back to my desk where my other two colleagues are sitting and helping themselves. In the thirty minutes that we eat, we devour the delicious food and discuss gossip, both inside and outside the building. It does help that we get along and have formed somewhat of a friendship.

It is back to work after eating, typing away on the laptop, reading over what is needed and planning more meetings, jotting down more notes. Just when I am about to finish with today’s work, more comes in and what is more annoying is that it is needed to be done today so that whatever needs to be done for Monday can be done.

I groan loudly, kicking at the air.

“Ren, is there something wrong?” Andrea looks down at me. She’s standing and packing up her stuff, ready to leave so that she can get ready for a date with someone that she met on Bumble.

“Finance just sent some documents that need to be looked over and need input from the bosses. It looks like I’ll have to spend another hour or two here.” I pout, looking at her with eyes of defeat.

She simply laughs and continues to pack her things.

“Sorry doll. Don’t stress though, it’ll bring around wrinkles however, I am convinced that that is something that’s not in your wheelhouse. Your skin is amazing. Anyways, have a great weekend and wish me luck for my date. I definitely need to get laid.”

And with that, she zooms out of our workspace and out into the world, leaving me and Miguel who soon leaves me alone. Well, my bosses haven’t left but they don’t count. With each word that I read, I become more irritated with finance for ruining the beginning of my Friday night.

Eventually, I manage to read over it, making some corrections and notes, forwarding the documents to Mr Hudson and Mr March. I get up with my notebook and pen, and walking into their office feeling exhausted. I just walk in and close the door behind me and when I look up, the sight shocks me.

Mr Hudson and Mr March are in a compromising position to say the least. Their ties and blazers have been discarding, laying on the floor around them. Their shirts are open, displaying their beautiful figures. The zips of their pants are open. Pants are slightly pulled down to allow their appendages to hang out and be gripped by the other’s hand. They are engaged in a sensual kiss, one that does not stop despite my presence.

The longer I watch them, the more aroused I become. I wouldn’t lie and say that I have not had fantasies about them tag teaming me. I mean, they are both attractive, godly looking men and I couldn’t pick between the two so I picked both. And sometimes, if I was feeling extra depraved, I’d imagine that we were all attracted to each other, doing unspeakable things...unspeakable outside the walls of my home.

However, I never expected an aspect of my fantasies to come into fruition and right in front of my eyes. A part of me wanted to just die on the spot, right then and there. But another part of me, the more sexually liberated part, wanted to be sandwiched between the two men and have them do what they wanted to me.

They continue to kiss and stroke each other, groaning into each other’s mouth and not acknowledging that I am here. I remain paralysed, not knowing what to do in this situation. It’s not as if there is a step by step guide to follow when you find your bosses engaging in sexual activity whilst you’re in the room, completely ignoring you.

My thighs are rubbing together, trying to relieve the throbbing that I’m experiencing down there. My nipples are feeling a bit painful, seeking the caress and the suckle of a lover and I feel hot. My hands felt clammy, wanting to rid themselves of the notebook and pen.

They break off the kiss, turning to look at me with a mischievous look in their eyes. Mr Hudson walks over to me, holding my face and tilting it towards him, allowing him to kiss me the way he wants to.

It’s a shock to the system but a good one. His kisses are those that are soft and pillowy, becoming firmer and firmer as time progresses and as we get more comfortable. Someone grabs what’s occupying my hands and supposedly tosses them as a loud thud sounds in the room.

My hands are then grabbed and directed, made to wrap around their cocks. I gasp, affording Mr Hudson to slip his tongue into my mouth, deepening our kiss and taking control from me. He groans into my mouth as I begin to stroke them, twisting my wrists as well for an added experience. I moan back into his mouth, feeling delirious due to the pleasure that I am experiencing.

Mr Hudson, or should I say Felix, breaks off the kiss. My head is turned to Mr March and he takes over, a much rougher approach. A hand encircles my throat and tightens, applying pressure and making me feel dizzy. I’m still stroking them, giving them the pleasure that they need, hoping that I receive such in return.

Alecander pulls away, ensuring that he tugs at my lip with his teeth. Both of these men remove my hand from their respected cocks and grab onto my hands, pulling me in the direction of a door. A few taps on the electronic keypad and it unlocks itself. It’s Alecander who pushes open the door, revealing a suite with a king sized bed fitted with silk sheets that are dark. The room’s lighting is dim, adding it the sensuality of the space. Beyond that, there seems to be a bathroom but I cannot make much out of that.

Some rustling draws my attention back to the men and they are undressing now, removing piece after piece of clothing, leaving them naked. Their bodies are works of art. It’s all muscle and height, leaving me to feel small and insecure about my less that perfect body.

They make their way to me and begin to remove all my clothing, bestowing kisses along the paths of the fallen clothing. I’m swaying slightly, feeling charged due to the sexual energy flowing between us.

It’s when my bra and thong is being tugged on that I begin to feel nervous and question whether or not I want to do this.

“Wait.” I mumble, backing away from them. I need to breathe and not close to them.

“Why? Is it something wrong? Do you not want us?” It’s Alecander who speaks, his voice a bit gruff and laced with some slight annoyance.

“I do but I feel inferior to you two. You both look like models off of a YSL campaign and you want to sleep with me, someone who looks like a knock off version of you two.” I turn away from them, facing the wall and holding my hand against my heart. It’s beating erratically.

A set of arms wrap themselves around my waist and Alecander slips in between me and the wall and holds my face in his hands.

“Serenity, you are no knock off version of anything. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on and if you’ll let us, we’ll help you realise that. We want you as much as we want each other Serenity. Let us help you realise how beautiful you are.” Alecander says, placing a kiss on my lips.

“You’re only saying that because you want to fuck me.” His eyes narrow in annoyance and he makes quick work of riding me of my underwear and throwing me on the bed.

“I want you on your fours in ten seconds or else your punishment will be much worse Serenity.” I don’t call him out on his bluff and instead, do as instructed. I feel slightly excited, hoping that he’ll spank me just like he does in my fantasies.

A pair of hands trail up my thighs that are spread open, ending up at the bottom of my ass. Thumbs spread my pussy wide open and a tongue spears in slowly.

“Fuck.” I whisper as I push back towards his face. After a moment, the tongue pulls back, sliding down the length of my slit and ending on my clit, giving it a few flicks and sucks.

“Shit.” I moan out, slowly riding his face. I don’t know who it is between my two bosses but whoever it is is doing a good job of fucking my pussy.

I feel some movement beneath me then his tongue is back on me, bringing forth immense pleasure. Hands trickle up my chest, resting on my breasts and pulling on my nipples. Two fingers slip through my opening, filling me up nicely and thrusting in and out.

“Oh my...oh fuck...” I begin to bounce my ass, which garner spanks on it.

“Look at my little slut. Shaking her fat ass for us. Fuck baby, you look so good...both of you.” I hear Hudson speak and it’s safe to assume that it is Alecander who is eating me out so spectacularly. Hudson pulls his fingers out of me and instead inserts his tongue in me.

It’s a phenomenal feeling that I am experiencing. Two tongues on my dripping cunt, spearing and licking, tasting all that I have to give, making me feel so fucking good.

“I’m gonna cum. Shit, i’m gonna cum on your faces.” I mumble, bouncing my ass some more. Hudson removes his tongue and stuffs me with three fingers, drawing out a cry from me. Alecander removes one hand from my breast and his fingers meet my clit, pinching and rubbing it from side to side.

My one hand replaces Alecander’s hand, pulling on my nipples while speaking profanities. I can hear the two men kissing and knowing that their tongues where in my pussy and now in each other’s mouth pushes me closer to the edge.

“She tastes perfect baby. So sweet and so wet Felix.” Alecander groans out, continuing to rub me.

“Yes my love. She’s so tight and her pussy literally squeezes on whatever is in her. I can’t wait to fuck her.” Felix groans out too and they’re words push me further, until I’m just a jump away from falling into a world of pleasure.

“I’m gonna come my loves, just now.” My bouncing quickens as my climax hastens, wanting to desperately meet me. They remove themselves from me and a whine leaves my throat.

Spanks are suddenly delivered on my ass, one by one and harsher that the previous one. My screams sound through the room and fists grab the sheets.

“Fucking slut. Teasing us constantly with your tight outfits and perfect figure. Giving us such a good cunt to taste. Watching us kiss and stroke each other’s cocks. Getting wet when we’re talking about your pussy. You deserve the punishment and when we’re done, we’re doing to fuck you hard and you’re going to take it like a good girl.” Alecander speaks as they both spank my ass repeatedly, never stopping for even a second.

They make me count the remainder of their hits which total to 30. My ass feels hot and painful by the time that they’re done but it’s a tantalising pain that I experience.

There is some shuffling and Felix comes to the front, holding my head by my hair and positioning himself to enter my mouth. On closer inspection, his cock looks so big and hard with prominent veins running through the length of it. It also looks to be a bit thick and I am just hoping that he can fit in any of my holes.

I can assume that Alecander is positioning himself to enter me as well as the head of his cock is nudging against my opening. I push back, wanting him to just shove himself into me.

They both push into me, slowly to make sure that each inch is felt upon entrance. There is a bit of discomfort from being stretched so much since accommodating for such large appendages is a task but once their in, I moan loudly or as loud as I can with a cock in my mouth.

I’ve been filled to the brim, deliciously slow and the groans that they release is validation that I am providing them sufficient enough pleasure.

Alecander pulls back only to thrust in with so much power that I have to pull myself away from Felix in order to let out the loudest moan that I have ever done.

“Fuck Alec baby. Fuck me like that.” Felix immediately shoves his cock back into my mouth, fucking my face at the same pace that Alec is doing. I’m grateful for not having a gag reflex and being able to take him comfortably down my throat.

With them, it is intense passion, driving themselves into me and releasing the sexual beasts that they hold within themselves. I simply thrust back onto Alec’s cock, making sure that my ass moves the way I want it to and making sure the clapping noise sounds throughout the room.

I want this to be a phenomenal fuck.

On a particular thrust, Alec manages to hit my spot, causing my eyes to roll back and moan around Felix’s cock which I have been avidly sucking.

“I just hit her spot Felix.” Alec groans and continues to pound on that spot with the same force as before.

“Her with it. I wanna see if she can squirt.” Felix groans back, pulling away from my mouth and sliding his tongue into it, engaging mine in a sensual dance. Alec does as told, making sure to play with my clit.

“You’re going to squirt for us baby? I know my baby wants to make us proud, make us happy. Fuck Ren, you’re so perfect. Cum for us my love, cum baby.” He says in between kisses as a pressure builds up. Alec’s thrusts and rubs add to the pressure and he suddenly pulls out as the first squirt comes.

It’s an absolutely intense euphoric feeling. I shake as squirt after squirt leaves after each pulse of my pussy. My body is shaking and my eyes roll to the back of my head, completely surrendering my body to this pleasure. My upper half collapses, face pressing itself against the bed as moan after moan leaves my body.

As soon as I am done cumming, Felix pulls me onto his lap, swiftly entering my quivering cunt.

“Shit baby!” I shout as his mouth latches onto my nipple and he thrusts upwards, immediately connecting with my g-spot.

Alec stands over us on the bed, pulling our heads upwards and pushing his cock into our mouths, alternating between us after a few strokes. Seeing Alec’s cock in Felix’s mouth is so taboo and so sexual. My fingers find my clit and begin to viciously rub at it. I can’t believe I am acting out one of my most erotic fantasies with my muses.

Alec shoves himself back into my mouth and Felix resumes sucking on my nipples with a couple of bites. I continue to rub my clit, wanting to squirt again for my other baby Felix, wanting to make him happy and it doesn’t take too long. I lift myself off his cock and whilst rubbing my sensitive clit, spray all my cum on his cock and the sheets in random intervals, thighs shaking as I do so. I moan around Alec’s cock which gifts me some delicious tasting cum. He groans out and continues to fuck my face, ejaculating until he can do no more. He lets go of me and falls onto the bed.

Felix pulls me back onto his cock and smashes his lips to mine, tasting his other lover’s cum and thrusts at an incredible speed in and out.

“Cum in my pussy baby. Cum in my wet slutty pussy and spray that cum all over my walls. Make me your cum bucket.” I break the kiss to look into his ocean blue eyes, holding his face and throwing my ass onto his thighs, making sure his cock delivers hit after hit. He groans and his cock sprays his cum all over and inside me. I can feel each spurt and the warmth it brings and a smaller orgasm takes place.

After he is done, he removes himself from me and pulls me down onto the bed, in between himself and Alec and they both hold onto me. We are a mass of intertwines limbs and mumbled words accompanied by kisses.

“She is the one. She’s ours.” That is the last thing that I remember as I fall into a blissful sleep.

This is an excerpt from my newly published book “trois est une entreprise”. Please do check it out if you are intrigued and want to know more of what will happen in their story x

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