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UNRESTRAINED - Erotic short stories

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Let go of your inhibitions and dive into this collection of short erotic stories. Pleasure, surprise, fantasies, freedom, and plenty of hotties- you name it, this collection has it. And it's waiting right here for your enjoyment. So be brave, be wild, be unrestrained! LET'S MISBEHAVE! Love, Scar and Iveto x * * * * * * * * * The collection is co-written by Scar Morelli (@ScarMorelli) and Iveto (@Iveto). For more of their work, check out: Perfidious (ScarMorelli)- Read Perfidious for free on Inkitt. https://www.inkitt.com/stories/fantasy/558689?utm_source=shared_ios Stronger as One (Iveto)- Read Stronger as One for free on Inkitt. https://www.inkitt.com/stories/fantasy/574997?utm_source=shared_ios

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Scar Morelli
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No more celibate

Sitting alone at this roadhouse biker bar, nursing my drink was not the plan for this evening. That was until my fiance decided to bring home his coworker to fuck in our bed after the fact that he refused to sleep with me until our wedding, leaving me still a virgin at 23. Well, screw him!

I didn’t need no man! I was going to be fine on my own!

"What is a sophisticated, fine piece of ass doing in my bar?"

I looked over my shoulder to see a tall, tanned skin man with a really tough feel about him. He had an angular face with a square jaw, a straight nose, full lips, and his green eyes were piercing straight the depths of my soul. His shoulder-length dark hair was tied neatly in a man bun, his beard was effortlessly kept. He wore a cut on top of his white t-shirt, showing his full sleeve tattoos. His muscular body alone aroused me, and I didn't even mention that deep, husky voice made me quiver. For a biker, he was quite easy on the eye.

"Drowning the past! Why? Do I have to ride a bike to be allowed in?"

"Or you could ride me instead!"

Never met a man so outspoken and honest, and to tell you the truth it was refreshingly appealing.

"Straight to the point, I see! Now, why would I do that?"

"I can help you forget and, truly, it would be a sin to pass on to this sexy body of yours. So what do you say?"

"Let's say I agree to this, why would you be any different from all the rest?"

"I would bring you to places you've never reached, I would fuck you like an animal. Wild, shameless, feral sex. But I have a condition."

The words leaving his mouth were like honey, they made me wet my panties in no time. Whatever his condition was, I would agree blindly just to be handled by this Greek god.

"What is that condition?"

"I have a friend who would like to join us. And before you say no, think about the pleasure you could receive."

"Where is this friend of yours? Is he that ugly he sent you to do the talking?"

He chuckled and I noticed his eyes travelled behind me with an all-knowing smile.

"I'm right here, gorgeous!"

I turned around and I came undone. Biker no.1 was hot but his friend was a walking sex god who was oozing danger, adrenalin and a promise of an unforgettable night.

My mind was already made up but I didn't want to seem too eager so I just kept looking from one man to the other, pretending to think. When I thought I stalled enough, I cleared my throat and nodded.

"Could we at least have a drink first? I've never done this before."

"I promise you won't regret it. Let's start with your name, perhaps? I'm Blaze and that's Ranger", said the latecomer.

"I'm Taya."

After my second shot, I felt a bit more relaxed and suggested to get out of there before I chickened out.

They both led me out of the bar to a huge house that stood right next to it which I didn't even notice until now. The two of them led me to the kitchen, where Ranger went to get more drinks. Blaze didn't waste any minute, he swept my long hair to the side and started kissing my neck while he was standing behind me with his hands exploring my already eager body. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back on his muscular chest while he nibbled on my earlobe and his hands were caressing my breast.

"Blaze, show her what she was missing until now."

My eyes shot open, just as Blaze ripped my shirt at the front and my lace-covered breasts were on display. My nipples were peaking through the thin, white fabric and a silent gasp left my mouth.

I locked eyes with Ranger while Blaze's expert fingers were twisting and pinching my erect nipples. I could feel his hard shaft pressing into my back. My panties were completely soaked already.

Ranger slowly walked towards me, his bulge noticeably present. He placed his hands on my ass, squeezed through my jeans and lifted me up, my legs automatically wrapping around his waist. He buried his face in my chest, his mouth finding its way to my nipples. He licked in a circular motion through my bra, eliciting a loud moan from me.

Ranger walked upstairs to the bedroom with me still on his waist. Blaze was right behind and he gave me an encouraging smile when I found his eyes trained on me.

"I want you to take off your clothes and lay on the bed, gorgeous!"

I did, without protest, while both of them stripped down to their boxers. Their body must have been designed for worship. Their muscles were bulging in the right places, tattoos adorned most of their skin.

"Should I tie you down or will you keep your hands to yourself until I tell you otherwise?"

I was rendered speechless. I wanted to scream yes, but I wasn't entirely sure about it. The conflict must have shown on my face because Blaze stepped closer and caressed my cheeks in a comforting manner.

"Maybe next time, yeah?"


Wait, what have I agreed to just now? I had no time to ponder because Blaze kissed me with a passion I've never experienced before.

His hands were massaging my breast and he slowly pushed me to lay down.

"Don't move, gorgeous! Let us worship this perfect body!"

The next moment, one of them was ripping my bra, while the other ripped my underwear.

Their mouths and tongues moved in a similar rhythm. Blaze was paying attention to my nipples and Ranger was getting closer to my core. As soon as his tongue licked my clit, I bucked my hips forward with a moan.

"I think she wants to be punished, Blaze! Don't you, Taya? You want me to punish this sweet pussy of yours."

"Y-yes, please.."

Ranger attacked my pussy, his tongue was exploring every inch of it, my juices coating his lips. He slowly pushed a finger in me when I hissed.

"What's the matter, gorgeous? "

"I'm...I've never..done this before?"

They bother stopped, unsure of what to do.

"Please, don't stop. I need this! I want this, please!"

I felt really pathetic begging but I must have been doing something right because they continued right where they left off.

"We'll be gentle the first time..but prepare yourself, you'll be fucked senseless afterwards."

"Blaze, come taste this pussy. It's sweeter than honey!"

Blaze climbed between my legs and started licking, while Ranger was kneeling near my head. Curiosity and lust made me lift my arm and caress his impressive hard-on through his boxer.

He hissed and threw his head back with pleasure.

I felt my muscles tighten and my release sneaked up on me like an unexpected rainstorm in summer. I bucked my hips up and down, fisting Blaze's hair with my other hand while unheard screams left my lips. So this is what orgasm felt like!

"Mmmhhmm.. She does taste fucking delicious. I can't wait to bury my cock deep inside your warmth."

Perhaps his words made me bolder because as soon as my breathing got under control I slowly pulled Ranger's boxers down and his long, thick cock sprung in my face. My hand wrapped around his mind-blowing girth and I licked his tip slowly.

"Ahh, fuck, gorgeous… why don't you wrap your lips around me?"

Without a second thought, I took him in my mouth, my head slowly bobbing back and forth. He must have enjoyed it because he was grunting, his hands on the back of my head increasing my tempo.

I opened my eyes to see Blaze sitting on the edge, caressing himself. I felt emboldened and my fingers were gently massaging my clit in a circling pattern. The power I experienced when I beckoned him over and he came like a lost puppy was intoxicating.

He kneeled next to me, naked, and while my left hand was pumping Ranger's cock, my right went to Blaze's. I took him in my mouth and sucked on him, at the same time they were playing with my clit and my nipples, feeling another orgasm coming.

I took turns in sucking their dicks, getting them hornier by the minute.

"I want you to fuck me now!"

"Did you hear that, Blaze? She wants your cock in her pussy. Why don't you give her what she desires while I fuck that perfect mouth of hers!"

"Yes, please!"

"It's going to hurt at first but the pleasure is right there, I promise."

I nodded at him while he positioned his thickness at my entrance. He eased his tip in slowly, stopping every so often for me to get used to his size. It was painful but nothing as bad as they said it would be. Once his full length was in me, he moved slowly in and out a minute or two.

"Blaze, fuck me, please.. oh my… yes.."

He picked up his pace, thrusting faster as Ranger grabbed my hair and guided my mouth to his cock. They fucked me with the same tempo- Blaze was hitting my G spot, while Ranger hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag.

"Fuck, Taya, your pussy is so tight!! Best pussy I’ve had.."

"Fuck me harder, Blaze.. yesss.. that's it!"

He was pounding my pussy like an animal, without mercy. My moans were muffled because Ranger's cock filled my whole mouth.

"I want to feel you both inside me!"

"Greedy, aren't we? Are you sure you're ready for that?"

"Yes, I want you... oh, Blaze… fucckkkk…"

Without me realising, Blaze pulled me on top of him without losing any contact. He never stopped thrusting until Ranger positioned himself at my back entrance.

"This is it gorgeous, no turning back after this!"

"Yes, please… take my ass"

Blaze was kissing me and his fingers were on my clit. Ranger gently eased himself in, causing a slight discomfort, but nothing that wouldn't turn into pleasure.

Blaze was already deep in me and they both started to move slowly.

"Oh, wow… yesssssss! This feels so good… yessss! Faster!"

I felt so full with both their impressive cocks deep in my holes. My moans were getting louder and our breathing shallower.

Their pace never faltered. It was getting faster, wilder and definitely more animalistic, just like they promised.

"Oh..yesssss… don't stop… I'm cumming….oh yes, yes, yeeeesss….."

Without another word I exploded, reaching heights I've never experienced before. Not long after, they both shot their hot seed into my mouth. I swallowed every drop greedily and licked them clean.

That was the first of many that night.

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