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8 | Off The Hook

Phoebe’s POV

I gasped as I felt tremors of horror ripple through me as I heard Noah on the other side of the door. Blaze on the other hand looked annoyed. I quickly slipped off his desk and looked at him for help. He quickly pointed towards another door on the left side of the study passing the large bay windows, overlooking the lake.

I swiftly sprinted towards the door and once inside, I pushed the lock button on the doorknob and locked it close. I released a quick breath of relief and realized that I was inside a spacious washroom.

I leaned on the door and sank on the floor as I heard Noah’s voice once again.

“Was it really that much of an emergency for you to come here at this time?” Blaze said with clear contempt.

“I k-know I’m sorry-y but this i-is really important” Noah stammered. It was a real shocker to hear Noah stammer because, over the last 5 years of me knowing him, I’ve never heard him stammer. After all, he was that confident. Blaze must really scare him.

“Whatever, let’s get it over with” Blaze replies sullenly.

The next few minutes are spent with them both discussing some Chinese deal that was overseas. While they kept on discussing the deal, I find myself pondering over my recent activities.

Jesus! Blaze is probably thinking how desperate you are Phoebe!

As much as I wanted to convince myself otherwise, I knew that the statement wasn’t wrong. I mean it hasn’t even been two days since I’ve known him and yet we made out and all. I was glad that we did not go far enough to have sex. As much as my body ached for him, I needed to control myself.

The whole situation felt like such a mess right now. I know for a matter of fact that I’ll never be able to have a normal relationship ever. And the sole reason for my fucked-upness is also somewhere inside these very walls of the castle. Then there are my scandalous and illicit encounters with Blaze, whenever I’m close to him, I feel a deep pull towards him like someone is compelling me to be near him. I lose all my self-restraint and it was honestly scaring me big time. I’ve always had every aspect of my life planned out. Every step! However, as soon as Blaze entered my life, my entire thoughts fly out of the window and the only thing I can focus on is him.

I know that any other girl would totally love to be in my place enjoying all his attention. Then again I wasn’t just some normal any other girl. I faced a lot of challenges at a very young age, resulting in me losing my ability to feel any romantic connection with anyone. Turning me into who I am today.

Sure I went out on numerous dates with random men but they were either a failure or ended with a night of sex. Most of the men I was involved with were physical relationships only to make myself feel at least something. But nothing came out of it and at one point I gave up. Yet in Blaze’s presence, my body lights up with excitement and unadulterated pleasure. He had this unique ability to bring out this desperate wanton side of me that I did not even know existed in me.

I couldn’t distinguish my feeling for him. Was it because of the thrill of being in a forbidden affair or was it because he was Godly attractive?

As I continued to hear Noah’s animated explanation and with Blaze’s occasional ‘yes and no’ to acknowledge Noah’s work, my mind wandered back to Noah. Now that I think of it, Noah did mention his few cousins. I always remembered him telling me how his eldest cousin was so domineering and cold-heartedly ruthless; I now wonder if he meant Blaze all along. Sure he was always calm around me but I could tell with the way he treated others, he was not the nicest person to encounter. I myself was once a victim of his coldness when I first saw him. Now that incident feels like it happened a century ago whereas it happened just yesterday. That was the day when I felt something awake inside me as weird as it sounded.

Attractive or not, I had to steer clear of him. The chances of this ending in a disaster were really high.

Suddenly I hear the screeching sound of chairs moving and take it as a cue that perhaps they are done talking.

“Hey, did you by any chance happen to see Phoebe? I heard from Gerard that she came in to visit you” Noah says.

That fucking big-mouthed butler!

At that moment I literally wanted to torture Gerard by electrocuting him or lighting him up on fire to double the fun. My mind was that dangerous sometimes.

“Yes, she did come here,” Blaze says nonchalantly to which I freeze, thinking that he might expose me for the desperate bitch I was for his attention to Noah. But my confusions are cleared when he continues “She came here to discuss some major changes she wanted to do at IrisField since I’m the owner, she felt like asking me”

Noah hums in acknowledgment and says “Wow I really did fuck it up, didn’t I?” almost like he was saying to himself.

“I’m sorry, you did what?” Blaze asks with curiosity.

“She’s kind of mad-Huh! Kind of my ass-for not informing her beforehand about Nate and his sister’s arrival” He says sadly.

“Why is she upset about that?” Blaze persists.

I swallow bile down my throat fearing, what if Noah told him what he knew. What he knew was just a part of the story and it was ugly enough already to make anyone run away from me and my mental baggage.

“Umm, honestly it’s not my place to tell you this. Let’s just say that she, well for the better word, loathes them immensely and has a good solid reason for it” He answers calculatedly. I sigh with relief and inwardly thank Noah for not spilling my dirty secret to Blaze.

“Well if it’s of any help, she left quite a while ago,” Blaze says.

“Oh. I just hope she forgives me soon” Noah says sadly. From the tone of his voice, I almost imagine him with his head hung in sadness and immediately feel guilt wash over me for being such a bitch towards him without letting him explain. Then again he did deserve that since he knew why I hated them.

Huh! If only he knew the whole truth!

“It’s late Noah. I think you should go to bed. Leave your friend alone for the night and apologize to her in the morning” Blaze remarks sincerely to his younger brother as if he forgot that I was still inside the bathroom. I had to admit that I was grateful to Blaze for giving Noah that piece of advice because I indeed needed some time to myself to go over these issues.

“Yeah. I guess you are right. It was a really hectic day” By the time he finishes, I hear footsteps fading, probably because he’s headed out. I put a hand on my chest in relief because of not getting caught. But my joy soon vanishes as the footsteps come to a halt.

“Is that a robe sash?” Noah voices out with curiosity.

I instantly freeze as I look down to find my robe was undone and the burgundy sash which was fastened around my robe missing. My heartbeat accelerates and I can feel the pounding of my pulse on my ear due to the adrenaline rush.

Damn it!

It must have fallen off during my heated encounter with Blaze.

Weirdly enough Noah chuckles and says “Is that thing left by one of your latest conquests?”

I cringe at the fact of considering myself as one of Blaze’s so-called ‘conquests’. Huh, truth sure does hurt like a bitch sometimes.

“What I do with my time is none of your business Noah. Leave and go to your room” Blaze says in a menacingly cold authoritative tone to which Noah weakly apologizes and gets out of the room quickly this time for real.

I put my head in my hands and clutch my hair tightly in frustration as I sit on the edge of the bathtub inside the bathroom.

Soon the door opens and I will myself to look up only to find Blaze leaning against the doorframe, watching me.

“I really should go,” I say softly while clutching my robe tighter around myself.

After a long pause, he replies “Fine. Do you want me to escort you back to your room?” He asks sincerely at the end. But I shake my head because I know once he’s near my room, I won’t be able to control my newfound raging hormones that only exists around him and might probably end up sleeping with him.

He lets out a loud sigh and comes towards me. I eye him cautiously as he saunters towards me slowly like a predator circling his prey.

After he reaches me, he strokes both of my cheeks tenderly with the back of his hand and plants a soft kiss on my forehead.

His action surprises us both because he has been anything but gentle since the day we both met.

I sag against him and reluctantly move away. He takes the hint and leaves me inside the bathroom without looking back.

After coming outside, I notice him re-arranging his documents which were pushed aside during our make-out session. I blush at the memory of his mouth on my breasts and squeeze my thighs on instinct as I feel myself get wet again.

Christ! Get a grip, Phoebe! You are not in high school anymore.

“Well, I’ll head to my room” I shrug and look at him for his response. He just nods his head without sparring me any glance which makes my face fall. Looking down I stalk towards the door and when I’m about to pass the threshold of his study, he calls up “Phoebe”

I quickly twirl around expectantly and see his face contorted in confusion. Like he’s fighting with some inner dilemma. Finally, he lets out a sigh and says “Be careful on your way back, and good night. I’ll see you tomorrow” He ends with a soft smile.

I mirror his smile back and mutter a good night on my way out.

As soon as I’m out on the hallways, my face is split into a full-blown grin. It was not like he confessed his undying love towards me, but the way he said those few words made my insides flutter with some unnamed emotion.

After I reach my room, I undo my robe and shrug out of it and flop down on the bed. Soon I get settled under the warm covers and feel myself drifting off to sleep.

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