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10 | Invitation To Sin

Phoebe’s POV

Soon it was evening and I was on my way to my room returning from Irisfield. My crew already started doing their work after I instructed them accordingly.

My whole time was spent inside the palace shouting people instructions to move things and talked with laborers and architects about the safety precautions since the place was really old and I did not want to take any chances of bricks or cement falling off.

So I made sure that the majority of the dents were covered, floors checked twice to see if there was any creaking, modern equipment was installed, all rooms air-conditioned and especially all the dirt dusted to perfection. I studied the blue-print by heart so that I don’t get lost the next time around and noticed a couple of queer things.

For instance, there were a few blank spaces here and there in the blueprints as if someone knowingly erased the maps to those certain areas and there were also a few cellars downstairs that were locked.

I was really curious to know what was behind those mysterious cellar doors but diminished those thoughts immediately as it was none of my business. I was never the type of person who did snoop around and violating other’s privacy.

Sure I was fiery–spirited once but that part of me died a long time ago.

Curiosity does indeed kill the cat!

Over years I learned how to behave towards situations accordingly. It never made sense to me why girls from all those sappy romance novels were always so hot-headed and fiery-mouthed.

Like bitch are you really dumb or something?

The only thing they got out of snooping and being hot-headed was punishment or either disrespect. The funniest part was the majority of them were poor and acted too proud whenever anyone showed them kindness and always expected more. After all, life wasn’t some bed of roses and bloody fairy tales.

My principal in life was “It’s not your fault if you are born poor. But it’s your fault if you die being still poor”. Sure I was born rich but I never accepted help from my parents even in college let alone starting my firm. Unlike Emily, I never whined to my parents to buy me unnecessary things like dollhouses, DSLR, make-up, etc. I was simply satisfied with whatever my parents provided me with.

I always believed that your worth and respect doesn’t come from your rich clothes or your jewels. It comes from how much power you acquire and from your behavior.

Shaking the thoughts away of my childhood, I take a quick shower.

With the towel still wrapped around me, I look for a nice decent dress to wear at tonight’s party.

After looking thoroughly, I settle for the green slightly ruffled one-shouldered short evening dress. The zipper was almost invisible on the left side and the hem reached just above my knee and had a small slit on the right side. The dress hugged my curve in all the right places and was formal-looking too.

I settled my beach curls in a high messy ponytail with a few strands framing the front of my face. I was never really a huge fan of ponytails but I also did not have the time to set my hair either.

I wear a simple black ankle-strapped Jimmy Choos and grabbed my black clutch on my way out.

The castle Ballroom was bustling with men in suits and women in various kinds of dresses chatting happily. I grab a flute of champagne from one of the passing waiters and look for Ava since I knew Noah was not going to be present tonight.

After returning to the Castle I did talk with Noah and he apologized profusely for not warning me about Nate and Emily’s arrival to which I forgave him. He couldn’t be here tonight because he had to work late and promised to join me at the dining table.

After searching for Ava for a good long time, I give up and stand on one corner of the room until a familiar voice speaks up behind me.

“Oh look! If it isn’t Noah Hunter’s girlfriend”

“You’ve got to be kidding me” I mutter under my breath.

I sigh exasperatedly and turn around to face no one other than Emily.

She had a bitchy expression plastered on her face as usual and I roll my eyes at her.

“You look so different. God, it’s a relief to know that you finally gave up straightening your hair to impress Nate. I mean I have to say you really were desperate for him weren’t you?” She asks with a sneer.

I shake my head with pity and offer her my sympathetic smiles and say “Well at least I changed” and continued whilst looking at her rhinestone flashy dress “You on the other hand, you’re still dumb, given to the fact that even after me saying that I’m not Noah’s girlfriend, you still keep on insisting that I am. And of course not to mention you still imagining the world as your own pathetic princess fashion show. I mean for the sake of your family, for once act with a little class and try not showing your cheap personality” I tilt my head on one sand giving her a saccharine smile. I inwardly patted myself on the back for insulting her so nicely.

Seeing her expression turn into loathing and anger was the best part. It was really pathetic to think that I was once bullied by this very pathetic excuse of a human being. I watched her face turning red with anger and before she could retort with one of her lame comebacks, Blaze approaches me with a hungry expression on his eyes and my smile immediately drops as I desire starts pulsating through me.

He ignores Emily after he stands in front of me and takes my hand in his own and kisses a back of it and whispers beside my ears saying “You look absolutely ravishing tonight Ciccino”. A smile breaks on my face hearing his compliment as I look at him shyly through my lashes.

However my blissful moment comes to an end as Emily flips her blond hair over her shoulder in a desperate attempt to gain attention while looking at Blaze. I cringe inwardly as I look at her.

I mean could you act anymore clichéd and be any more obvious!

“Hello Mr. Hunter! I’m Emily Woodwards, you migh-” Before she can even finish her introduction, Blaze cuts her off saying “Ms. Woodwards I’m sorry but I need to have a private talk with Ms. Carter, If you’ll please excuse us” With that said, he clasps his hand in mine, leaving Emily’s mouth open with utter shock and takes me towards one of the large French windows where there was fewer guests.

He grabs a glass of scotch from one of the passing by waiters and says “I now totally get why you hate that idiot. Goodness grief, she’s so desperate” He says shaking his head.

‘And I’m not?’ I think ironically.

“The party feels so boring right now” I sigh bored.

“Then let’s make it fun” He says with a tantalizing smile, but soon it gets replaced with a dark sinful look, calling out my inner freak and he leans forward to whisper in my ear “Meet me in my study within 10 minutes”

He then leaves nonchalantly and disappears inside the throng of people while I still stay frozen with shock.

‘What should I do?’ I ask myself with the turmoil of emotions swirling inside me.

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