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13 | The Interruption

Phoebe’s POV

I woke up the next morning with a splitting headache and rolled around the Egyptian cotton. I breathed fresh air and suddenly become fully aware of my naked self and look on the other side to find the sheets rumpled.

I jolt into a sitting position on the bed and massage my temples with my hands to relieve some pain away.

It wasn’t like I was drunk last night but I had enough alcohol in my system to earn myself a pounding headache.

I slump down on the padded headboard and look up at the ceiling.

Instantaneously it all comes back to me and hits me like a freight train.

Blaze fucking Hunter was in my room last night!

It all comes back to me.

Every single detail.

I turn to look on the other side of the bed and disappointment washed over me like a tidal wave when I finally registered his absence. I wasn’t really expecting him to be bringing me breakfast on my bed and all but then again I don’t even know what to expect at this point.

I clutch the sheets tighter around my body as I reminisce last night and quickly close my eyes in mortification.

How could you let him do this to you Pheebs!

I remember him coming to my room like a raging bull, calling me a whore indirectly, and allowing him to seduce me.

I almost face-palmed myself when I recalled my stupidity. He deserved a fucking slap in the face and yet being the desperate bitch I was for his touch, I let him side-track me with his sexpertise.

Bitch you regretted not accepting his sinful offer, instead, you got it express delivered at your doorsteps! What the hell are you complaining about?’ My inner-self sneered at me.

The mere thought of his sinful tongue inside me sent my body reverberating with pleasure.

Fucking shit! What the hell is he turning me into?

I shake my head to push away his thoughts and continue with my morning ritual while ignoring the gnawing void in my chest. I also remember him comforting me after that nightmare and instantly my lips tug upward into a soft smile. However, that smile doesn’t last long as I recall that horrendous dream and sigh frustrated.

“Jesus Christ! That guy can’t even let me be in peace even after being dead” I mutter to myself.

Maybe after witnessing one of my stupid panic attacks, Blaze might’ve left thinking that I was too deranged for him. Then again he didn’t seem like the type of man to judge people easily and leave at the slightest squeak.

I shake away all my thoughts once again and head inside the bathroom naked as I drop the bed-sheet on the floor outside. I let out a huge yawn which soon turns into a gasp as I take in my appearance in the mirror.


I visibly cringed when I looked at my reflection. My hazel green eyes were red-rimmed and my nose was a bright shade of pink like I was suffering some flu. My chestnut brown hair was tangled and knotted near the ends and my neck was the worst case scenario ever.

Dark purple bruises adorned the ivory shade of my neck and there were some identical marks on my hipbone and the apex of my thighs. There were also a few bite marks around my breasts but my neck was the worst sight by far.

My eyes widened in horror.


For some inexplicable reason, I find myself smiling over at this and immediately frown as I realize that I’m supposed to be angry. If the circumstances were different, I would’ve been on cloud 9 thinking that he marked me out of sheer possessiveness but that wasn’t the case. We were nothing and this wasn’t even a fling.

Then again I had no clue what happens on a fling or a normal relationship either. Why if you might ask, the answer is simple because I’ve never been in a relationship before. That is if you don’t count Nate and me almost hanging out together.

I stare at myself one last time and head to the shower.

After feeling refreshed, I sit down on the vanity and start dabbing my neck with concealer.


If Blaze things that he can dominate my steps by marking me then he’s got another thing coming. Honestly, I don’t even know how to act near him. Despite, him comforting me and everything, he still came into my room, almost called me a whore (which I kind of am at the moment for his attention), and left in the morning without a trace. Sometimes I felt like we were playing a game. I don’t know what the rules were but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it.

It was immensely thrilling now that Nate was here. I still remember the hard glare he threw my way when I smiled at Blaze flirtily. It might’ve been years but suddenly I was thirsty for revenge. If seeing me with Blaze made him angry then he can fuck himself all he wants because I intend to enjoy Blaze’s attention, each second of it.

Umm, what happened to him being off-limits for you, bro?

Looks like my twisted revenge fantasies have to wait for I myself don’t know where I and Blaze stood after last night. I exposed myself my vulnerable side to him to which he reacted quite gently. But still, he left. A rational part of my brain tries reasoning out that perhaps he left because it’s almost after 10 am and it wasn’t like he was jobless. He had a freaking empire to run and wasn’t just some lowly employee. He was the CEO after all!

Without thinking any further, I apply concealer and makeup precisely. In the end, my neck looks absolutely spotless and I rush to the closet to pick up my outfit for the day.

I settle for a peach-pink skirt and white off-shoulder top that shows off my neckline.

I get ready within ten minutes and while I’m applying pink-nude matte lipstick, Ava enters my room and immediately crunches her face and sniffs around as if something was rotting in here.

“Is it me or does this room smells like some foundation factory?” She asks with a raised eyebrow.

I laugh at her words even though it’s not funny. But I needed to side-track her from questioning me about the smell. Yes, I love the fact that she is often so concerned about me but it’s also kind of annoying sometimes if you ask me.

I discreetly squirt my favorite perfume on my neck so that she doesn’t notice that the smell is actually coming from me.

I did not want to arouse any suspicion anyway. Ava might’ve been my best friend but she is Noah’s best friend too. The last thing I want is her to judge me for Blaze getting down on me for like what? Six times? I definitely lost my count after three.

“Hey” I croak out and clear my throat to hide that my throat hurt like I’ve been screaming for hours.

Oh wait, you have!

Ava frowns down at me and asks “Hey, are you ok? Why does your voice sound broken?”

Shit! Make a quick excuse damn it!

“Uh, it’s no big deal. I just simply had four glasses of cold water before going to bed” I lean back on the loveseat where I was currently sitting and tried my best to look calm.

Because the last thing I wanted was Ava to lecture me over my recklessness and professionalism and bla bla bla…

She eyed me warily and stated in a flat voice “You don’t ever drink water before going to bed Phoebe”

“Yes I don’t but the Coq au Vin I ate at the dinner troubled my stomach and you know I have a bit of a gastric problem so I drank too much water”

She raised her eyebrows mockingly and crossed her arms on her chest.

“Right. You weren’t even at the dinner last night Pheebs” She said tilting her head.

Now I was mad. I get it she’s my best friend and all but I hated it when people asked me too many questions and her ones felt like I was being interrogated by some police for an alibi.

I felt my anger escalating but still maintained my composed face which I was a pro at since childhood. After developing PTSD at sixteen, I became more emotionless and allowed myself to only feel when I wanted to. Not only did it change me, but it also altered my opinion about several things in life.

For instance, life wasn’t like some stupid fairy tales you read about in Cinderella or sleeping beauty. Sometimes I felt like strangling all those morons who wrote those stories and filled our woolly head with lies and deceits about happily ever after and all those bullshit.

I clenched my fists discreetly to distract myself from my growing rage as Ava still keeps staring at me inquisitively.

“What exactly are you trying to accuse me of Ava?” I question her in a menacingly calm tone with a saccharine smile plastered on my face. But my eyes betrayed my tone as I sharply look at her, challenging her to speak.

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