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16 | déjà vu

Phoebe’s POV

I lean to read it on instinct and suddenly the file disappears from my sight and I look up to see Blaze holding the file in his right hand with an impassive look.

“What is that symbol?” I inquire out of curiosity.

“Nothing that should concern you,” He says casually and goes back to doing his work on the laptop with the beige envelope out of my sight this time.

His sudden attitude arouses my suspicion and I decide to drop it.

After all, I was nothing much to him other than some woman he plays with occasionally. The thought wasn’t a good one but I’m soon distracted as my phone starts ringing and I peer down at the screen to see Kyle’s name flashing on the screen.

I smile as I swipe on the screen to answer his phone call.

“Ah look who forgot her dearest friend” His voice greets me through the speaker and I laugh which causes Blaze to look up from his screen and leer at me.

Out of nowhere, a silly thought comes into my head and I rise up from my seat and saunter to one of the nearby spaces between the rows of shelves. I could distinctly feel Blaze’s stare following me as I act like I rose up from there to gain some privacy.

“Oh dear, tell me about it! You know how much I miss you” I say on the phone coyly.

I know that Kyle wouldn’t mind because out of all the men from my friend circle, he was the flirtiest one.

“Ah, don’t you just love me? So what’s up? I heard from Valerie yesterday that you are in Monaco for work. Do you like the place so far?” he asks with his lilting British accent. Valerie was one of my design coordinators at my firm who was his cousin.

“Well, the foods not bad and the location is lovely. So, yes I guess”

“That’s good to know. Oh well, I actually called you to invite you to Sophie’s birthday that will be held after 2 weeks in Belleview. You know how much Sophie likes you and she insisted me to call you as soon as I get home from work” He ends with an exaggerated sigh.

My lips curl into a fond smile as I imagine the tiny five-year-old blonde squealing up and down. I really missed that kid. Sophie was Kyle’s five-year-old daughter whom he adopted to fill his void after his mother passed away. Kyle always loved children and one day after spotting Sophie getting smacked by one of the fruit sellers, he immediately intervened and saved the girl. Ever since that time, Kyle protected her like his own daughter and gave her everything she ever asked for. He really was an amazing father.

“I really miss that little kid. Tell her that I’ll be there and please tell me the cake will be chocolate flavored this time. It better be!” I exclaim.

Last year Kyle’s housekeeper mistakenly bought a vanilla cake instead of chocolate and by the time we all found out about it, the cake was already cut and ready to be served.

I absolutely abhorred vanilla cake and vanilla flavored foods too.

“Remind me again, whose birthday is it?”

“Huh as if your daughter liked that stupid cake last year” I roll my eyes.

“Point,” He said and continued “Oh by the way I also heard that Nate is in Monaco too”

“Where do on Earth do you keep getting this information from?” I state in confusion.

He released a huge sigh and said “Ava called me yesterday just for some friendly chat according to her and at the end when I asked how you were doing she told me about Nate”

“Oh really? What did she say? That I’m unhinged and fragile?” I retort sarcastically at him.

“What? You know she’ll never say anything like that about you or behind your back Phoebe” He mutters in a placating tone.

I close my eyes and massage my temples after realizing my blunder.

“I’m sorry that was wrong. It’s just that I’ve been on the edge over the last couple of days and Nate’s presence isn’t helping the situation one bit” I contritely say.

“Don’t be sorry. You are just upset and that’s an obvious reaction. Don’t them he get under your skin and try to ignore him as much as you can. You and I both know that you deserve better than him. Besides I’m sure that there are plenty of hot French men there for sure just like hot beautiful French maidens” I roll my eyes at his sly tone “Just go and shag one. Or more than one, work or not, have some fun and catch a dick for once in your life Pheebs. Speaking of which, do you even remember what a dick is anymore?” He sniggers in the end.

Typical Kyle, always the blunt one.

“It seems to appear that I’m talking to one right now” I sarcastically remarked.

“Yeah right. Anyway, I have to go. Sophie’s calling for dinner and remember what I said. You know how much I care about you” He says sincerely.

I inhale deeply and say “I know and I love you for that. I won’t hold you up. Bye and say hello to Sophie for me”

“Will do. Bye and take care Pheebs” With that he ends the call.

I release a huge breath and suddenly become fully aware of the presence behind me.

“Who was that on the phone?” Blaze says in a grave tone.

“No one that should concern you” I mirror his own words at him and try to move away from him.

He grabs my wrist and pulls me flush against his chest,

He tilts my face with his fingertips and looks down at me with furious eyes.

“I don’t like to share Phoebe. Hammer that in your head” He whispers menacingly beside my ears.

I shudder at the slightest stimulation of his minty breath hitting my neck and feel the ends of the hair on my body stand up in attention.

As his words register in my head, I look at him boldly.

“And why would I do that? Who am I to you? Aren’t I just some prostitute with whom you like playing occasionally?” I speak with contempt through my gritted teeth.

Hearing my words, he freezes momentarily and groans out.

His hands grasp my thighs and he lifts me up on the table of one of the shelves. I feel the hardcover of books behind the small of my back as he edges closer to me until his face is just an inch away from mine.

“Don’t ever call yourself a prostitute. You are anything but that Ciccino” He says almost gently.

He loosens his grip on my neck and slides them up and down on the narrow length of my waist.

I try my best to drag air in my lungs which seems almost impossible with him staring at me with such hunger and intensity that I almost melt then and there.

We stare at each other for the longest time and my eyes fall down to his full lips that were parted.

I unconsciously licked my lips thinking about all the dirty things that those same lips did to me making me writhe on the bed last night with sheer pleasure.

Noticing my small action, Blaze releases a low growl and slams his lips against mine.

I gasp at the swift rough movement and he takes this opportunity to slide his tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues fought against each other for dominance as he pulled me close to him and my hands voluntarily moved to his head to tug his silky chocolate black locks.

His mouth soon transferred from the hollow of my neck to my shoulders where he tugged at the stretchy cotton cloth of the top away to place small bites there.

I hold onto his shoulder blades for support as he keeps on assaulting my throat.

I figured that he might’ve avoided my neck because it was covered with concealer.

Slowly his lips started trailing down sensually until they were resting on my sternum and he tugged on the thin thread at the neckline to slide down the cotton material from both of my shoulders and dipped one finger inside my bra cup and pushed it down to release on of my breasts and immediately latched his mouth on it.

I moaned with ecstasy as stabs of pleasure surged through my system at the burning intensity of the pleasure that he was drowning me into.

“Holy fuck! Don’t stop…ever” I almost wail out like some witch high on crack and arch my back to push my breasts further inside his mouth.

He doesn’t leave the other one unattended and uses his fingers to pull the nipple of my other breast that wasn’t inside his mouth. My breasts both hurt as they were already bruised from last night’s torture but pleasure and pain both seemed to mold together as he used his skilled mouth to soothe the pain while inflicting pain.

He really was talented in this for sure. Talented with a huge capital T.

“Wow if this isn’t a surprise then I don’t know what is” A voice speaks up and Blaze immediately stands up with a grimace marking his face as he shielded my body away from the intruder.

My eyes widen in horror as a sense of déjà vu hits me…once again.

A/N - Now I REALLY pity Phoebe! No wonder she always says that she's the center of all troubles. Who do you think it could be? Hope you all enjoy this chapter!

P.S - Also next chapter will be a bonus chapter with BLaze's POV!! Stay tuned for the next update!!

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