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17 | Bonus Chapter Pt.1

Blaze’s POV

Upon hearing that voice, I knew that it was no one other than him.

Still, I turned around grimacing in annoyance as I shoot one of my best death glares at my smirking best friend who stood a few inches away from us.

I felt Phoebe’s scramble behind me to fix her appearance and glance at her one last time to see her flushed beet red. Her eyes hazel green eyes were cast down in mortification which was etched on all over her beautiful delicate features.

I smirk inwardly because I’m the one who’s the reason behind her shallow breaths.

I at least wanted to sample her luscious sweet taste before this little fucker decided to interrupt us.

I refocus my attention back on Andres’ face as he tries to hide his grin.

“Out of all the time you could annoy me, you had to choose now” I state with irritation and fold my arms over my chest.

“I uh-h, I should leave” Phoebe speaks up behind me weakly and her beautiful melodious voice makes my longing for her grow tenfold.

Before she can sprint away from me, I capture her wrist and twirl her around to face me.

“I’ll see you at my study this evening by 8, I need to discuss some matters with you,” I say.

I watch her visibly gulp at my words with her pupil dilated with desire and my body instantly reacts to her look.

If only Andres wasn’t here, I would’ve gladly shredded every piece of clothing that covered her and throw her into one of these couches, ravish her body and fuck her into oblivion.

But my Ciccino, of course, deserved better than that.

She didn’t deserve to be fucked like some whore, instead, she deserved to be fucking worshipped and savored.

It was a big revelation for me.

I couldn’t understand my hunger for her or my feelings.

No matter how much she hid her pain and emotions, her face was often adorned with pain and sorrows, and last night after witnessing her go through whatever it was, I wanted nothing more than to shoot that fucker who was responsible for her this state.

Even after knowing her past with Nate, thanks to my brother Noah, deep down I knew that there was more to that story than she led on. And I was adamant to find out the truth no matter what.

What I felt for her sure was anything but healthy and even I knew that. Yet it still didn’t stop me from pursuing her.

She was a fucking temptress without even putting much effort. She was regally classy and more than hot to drive me and my libido out of the roof.

I didn’t really pay much attention to her the first time when I saw her in Noah’s study because I was too busy dealing with some old rotten business. But the next time when I saw her, it was like a fucking fuse went off inside me and the only thing I could think at that moment was her writhing underneath my body as I drove myself into her over and over again until she screamed out my name.

At first, I thought it was nothing other than some stupid lust but the more I saw her, the more I was intrigued by her both beauty and personality.

She was a tease and she knew it.

And Lord, was she responsive.

I still remember our first heated rendezvous in the kitchen, I knew from that moment that she was not the type of woman to toy around with.

When I finally focused my eyes on her completely, I was driven with pure unadulterated lust and desire. It was like something gnawing at my chest, wanting to escape, wanting to unleash my inner beast.

The possessive beast in me wanted to consume her, claim her, and taint her as mine.

The thought felt oddly ridiculous back then. But the more and more I touched Phoebe, the more I wanted to claim her as mine.

It raged me deeply when I first witnessed Phoebe’s expression after seeing Nate turn into disbelief to anger.

It was like someone hit her right in the face and deep inside those green orbs, I encountered hatred.

Being the observant person that I was, I took Phoebe’s pulse without her noticing and felt it throb underneath my fingers possibly due to large a palpitation which was clear evidence that her hate ran way too deep.

I knew since the moment I saw Phoebe that something was always on her mind.

I noticed it the first time when I saw her in the kitchen when I stopped by for a glass of white wine, instead, I was met with the mesmerizing view of her, and she completely took my breath away since then.

The soft glow of moonlight cast on her face with her bare legs on display as the sheer white curtains gently swayed in accord to the breeze outside, it was almost like staring into a beautiful portrait.

I know that I sounded sappy beyond words but that’s exactly how much effect she had on me.

She was also confident and my most favorite parts were the time when I rendered her speechless. The biggest plus point was that she was quite the obeying kind. I normally hated it when women argued with me on trivial matters thinking that it makes them look smart and oh-so mysterious. Don’t take me as the sexist kind. I was a big feminist myself and respected women kind deeply. After all, my mother was a woman and they created the life that kept humanity going (Even though a majority of their off-springs turn out to be more of a burden than a gift).

I knew deep inside that, women held a lot of power. But I believed in class and elegance were also necessary too. Having women shout at me and trying to act feisty and different to make themselves look confident had the opposite effect on me.

I mean exude confidence but gently, what’s with all the shouting, haughtiness, and that disrespectful attitude. How many men found that hot and challenging was beyond me.

I knew damn well that Phoebe was confident.

Big time!

Of course in a sweet sense.

I was really fascinated when I saw her calmly ordering around the workers with strict authority and giving them instructions. Her gentle manner as she enthusiastically encouraged them, captured me with awe and it was also evident on the faces of her workers too.

It was quite sexy. I knew that she had no clue that I was there and I intended to keep it that way.

I don’t what got me ever since the day I saw her.

She was like an addiction.

It took all my self-control to not fuck her senseless until she was sore to walk for weeks straight.

Yes, I was that obsessed with her.

I wonder what nana would think if she found out about me mooning like a creep over a girl who’s quite younger than me.

I never understood her. Even after facing such difficulties in her early childhood, she always had a sweet smile on her face from all the portraits that were hung in our family manor house in her memory. I might’ve personally never met her, but I always talked to her in her grave, as weird as that may sound as I never met her but I did it anyway because I knew how important she was to my parents.

Apparently, she always wanted to have a grandchild but due to unfortunate events, she passed away a few months before my birth.

My mom always joked that nana would always say that I would be like my dad.

In fact, I blamed my possessive controlling attitude full-heartedly on my father. Like me, he was also a possessive man whenever it concerned mom.

I could tell without a single doubt, if it wasn’t for my mother who loved my father, she would’ve abandoned my dad without a second thought because I knew how jealous my father was whenever any man tried to flirt with my mother.

And their love was also one of a kind.

I never experienced love and had no wish to after witnessing my friends getting their hearts broken by no one other than their beloved girlfriends.

I was used to girls responding to my presence all the time.

Phoebe was no exception to this trait.

Yet something about her stirred something deep in me.

I couldn’t simply describe the feeling because it was so foreign to me.

I ached to have her, even after knowing that she was one of Noah’s friends. Then there’s Nate fucking Woodwards.

Jesus Christ, I never liked his family. His father was a well-known billionaire who acted like a fucking royalty, treating others like crap and only respecting those who matched his power and wealth. No matter how much he preached about true love and humbleness, he was a fucking bastard.

The best way to describe him comically will be by calling him Draco Malfoy’s father from Harry Potter.

They always boasted about their so-called family bloodline and whatnots. Truth be told, it was quite annoying.

If it wasn’t for my father telling me to act civil around them, I would’ve gladly bit off his so-called ‘royalty’ crap with my famous insults.

My hate for them increased even more after I found out what Nate did with Phoebe.

One of the things I took advantage of Noah was; it was really easy to pump information out of him especially where I was concerned. That kid would do almost anything to please me.

Ever since childhood, he always looked up to me for approval over the smallest of things. I was proud of him because of his hard working nature but didn’t show it because I wanted him to excel further. I knew that once I praise him, he will start acting lazy again.

But as much as that helped me know Phoebe’s past, I still did not like Noah telling me his friend’s personal matters. Sure he resisted at first but soon he has me swearing in secrecy to never tell a soul about what he told me.

Sometimes I wonder if he ever grew up at all. I mean swearing to secrecy.

Like really? What are we? Ten?

To me swearing to secrecy was signing a darn NDA; the businessman in me never took chances because the only thing to shut a people’s mouth was the threat of consequences surrounding contract breach and financial crisis.

And tonight I was bound to find out the real story behind Phoebe’s nightmares and past. I found it hard to believe that such violent nightmares can be triggered by some silly heartbreak and bullying. Sure bullying is a big traumatic issue but it sounded a bit far stretched for nightmares. There was definitely something more.

And also then there are Phoebe’s teasing tactics.

Yeah yeah, sure she could fool her friends but she couldn’t fool me. I knew from the sly mischievous glance she threw my way before receiving her call, she wanted me to be jealous and of course, it worked.

I liked the fact that despite being composed and calm towards others, she was like an open book when it came to me. Then again I was always told that I had an uncanny ability to read people’s faces and their intentions behind them.

I don’t know who the fuck called her but I could tell they were close and I hated it.

No matter how irrational it sounds, I really hated that there was someone who witnessed many parts of Phoebe’s life when I couldn’t. I wanted to watch her smile, laugh, cry, and be happy.

Suddenly an image of Phoebe lying on her bed, fully exposed to my eyes last night flashes in my head and I instantly become hard at the thought. The image literally feels like a tape on repeat. Ever since last night, it kept playing on my head over and over again.

I laughed inwardly when I remembered Phoebe’s blunt question “Aren’t you going to fuck me?

She sported such a cute adorable hazy expression which was drunk with the desire that it took all my self-control to not give in.

I wanted to ravish her in my bed, with all the time, slow and good until I was hammered in her head like some fever she couldn’t ever shake off.

I know I was an asshole to her before but I was driven with rage when I saw Phoebe eyeing Nate and Camille with sadness from the place where I was chatting with the accountant of my company and that jealous part of my brain made me believe that maybe she went with him.

I despised the fact that she thought of herself as some prostitute and hated myself even more because I was the one who aroused that thought in her head. I knew that she was trying to avoid me but as selfish as I was, I would not allow it.

I also need to apologize to her for being such a dick yesterday.

Coming back to the present, I release my hold on Phoebe’s hand and give her a look of warning to not dare disobey me like last time which she thankfully gets as she nods her head meekly like a good girl and swiftly she turns around and moves towards the threshold of the library.

I couldn’t help but eye her delectable derrière as her wide hips sway in rhythm and I knew that it wasn’t intentional.

As she finally exited leaving me and Andres alone, I hear him snigger behind me which soon turns into a full fit of laughter.

I throw him an exasperated look to which he responds saying “Man you’re dead” with a slash motion of his fingers on his throat.

I roll my eyes at his childish behavior.

“What do you think little Noah is going to do when he finds out that you’ve been fucking his best friend behind his back?” He asks.

“What part of my face says that I give a fuck about Noah finding out?” I mutter in annoyance and continue “Besides I’m not fucking her. She deserves better than some casual fuck”

Upon hearing my last sentence, Andres’s eyebrows raise with surprise.

I understood his shock because I loved to dispose of women as one disposes of tissues. Not because I was a player or anything. It was simply because all the women I bedded were nothing other than whores underneath those expensive designer clothes.

Wow, that even jinxed!

Sure they came from a wealthy background and all but their personality was rotten and spoiled beyond words. The only thing I felt for them was a pity because they were just so damn airheaded.

I promised them nothing but in the end, they always found out ways to trap me into believing that they loved me.

Many of them did love me for sure but I just wasn’t simply into them. I know my character isn’t shining either; I myself also have a lot of demons too.

Yes, Phoebe responded to me a lot since day one but she was anything but a whore, she was the pure epitome of calm and beauty.

She wasn’t anything like the women I bedded in the past.

The best way to describe her character would be…interesting

And tonight I was going to try my best to unravel her past, a few more parts of it at least.

“I’m surprised at this. Is she like playing hard to get type?” Andres’s voice breaks me out of my reverie and I face him with a smile.

“Nope, not at all”

His face crunches with confusion and I decided to put the poor lad out of his misery as I explain further “She’s very responsive trust me. Besides I really like her” I shrug.

He still tries to absorb my words and before he can respond I ask him “So what brings you here?”

“Well I was here to pick an erotic novel but instead ended up witnessing one,” He says sarcastically.

I snort and go over to the lounge area to pick up the envelope that contained the Starovski deal and hand it to him.

He eyes the serpent symbol warily and looks at me with a seldom look in his eyes with all traces of humor from earlier vanishing.

“Do you think that they are the one who did it?” His voice drops down dangerously.

“I don’t think Andres, I know that they did it,” I say with my arms rolled over my chest.

I watch his eyes go devoid of any trace of emotions as he stares at the envelope with silent fury.

It saddened me to see my best friend hurt but I knew that justice will soon be served, by hook or by crook.

I watch him look at me with resolve in his eyes as he answers me with a devilish smile “The time has come my mate”


Soon the time passed away in a blur as I concentrated on my work.

By the time evening rolled around.

Exactly at eight sharp, I heard a soft knock on my door.

I glanced up from the document that it was reading and shout ‘come in’

Soon the door opens revealing Phoebe in a soft light peach silhouette knit dress.

She looked sophisticated as usual but it was evident from one look at her face that she was nervous as hell.

Her cheeks were flushed with a rosy hue as she clutched onto the door handle of my study.

“You can come here Phoebe, you know that I don’t bite,” I say teasingly with a smirk.

She looks up and locks her doe-eyes on me and raises one of her eyebrows as if contemplating if I was lying or not.

She tentatively takes a step inside the room and soon is sitting on the plush white chair opposite my desk from where I was sitting. She rested her hands on her lap and inquired calmly “What did you want to discuss about Mr. Hunter”

Suddenly out of nowhere, images of her sprawled on my desk flashes in my head like a kaleidoscope of pictures and I do my best to suppress my groan.

As much as I would like to bend her over my desk and do all the things I have planned for her, I couldn’t because I needed to focus on the matter at hand.

“First off it's Blaze for you, second off I did not call you here to discuss work” I simply state as I folded my hands on the edge of the desk.

Her expression clouds with dubiety as she regards me silently. Just as she was about to open her mouth to spew a retort, I speak up “If you can blackmail my butler into coming here by telling that you want to discuss the project, why can’t I?”

She snaps her mouth shut and casts her eyes down with obvious embarrassment.

“Look at me Phoebe” I command her and she raises her eyes obediently to meet mine and I continue to ask pensively with a grave tone “What is your past with the Woodwards, Phoebe?”

I watch her visibly gulp with panic and panic as she studies my stoic expression.

Boy, this is going to be a long night…

A/N - Yes yes, huge update! And also with Blaze's POV! It was really hard to write this chapter because just like Phoebe, Blaze has his own secrets too. To unravel them, stay tuned for the next updates! Hope you all enjoy this chapter!

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