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20 | The Unexpected Savior

Phoebe’s POV



Lastly numbness...

Each sensation took place in turns.

It felt strange as if someone had doused me inside a large bucket of cold water filled with ice cubes.

Oh, wait! There was indeed ice cubes except being the idiot I was, I fell inside whatever that it was willingly.

Despite being wrapped around a warm heavy duvet, I still felt like being trapped underneath that grass-like surface.

The nerve ending of my skin prickled due to the sudden change of atmosphere from cold to warm. I try to move but it feels like someone is pressing me down on the mattress of the bed on which I was currently residing.

As soon as I register someone dabbing a warm washcloth on my forehead, panic seizes me and with my body still protesting from the recent violence, I do my best to open my eyes and try to sit up.

I open my eyes with a small groan and stare at my surrounding.

A familiar face of an old maid comes into my line of vision as she stares at me with sympathy, possibly seeing my state. I think I saw her the first day I came here to this castle. Her name was most probably Sevina or Sylvia.

I blink a few times in vain to make my eyes adjust to the surrounding which doesn’t take that long since the room’s lighting was mellow and warm. I move my head to a side as the lady keeps dabbing the warm cloth to my head and after seeing me open my eyes, she smiles with relief and maternal affection and I find myself trying to return back her smile.

All of a sudden it hits me.

This isn’t my room!

I do a quick sweep of the room and am instantly in love with it. Oddly enough, the room had modern décor with a subtle touch of classic royalty and had a soft masculine feel to it. On the ceiling there was an intricate design of flowers in golden, branching from one side to another. The walls were the darkest shade brown or might be black but it was hard to tell because of the dark night.

It would’ve been almost impossible to see my surrounding if it wasn’t for the warm halogens that were lined on the ceiling paired with modern crystal chandeliers. Underneath the heavy black velvet drapes, the huge paneled window gave me a perfect view of rain pouring heavily outside.

The sound of heavy raindrop beating down on the glass of the windows along with the mossy smell of rain lingering in the room was very comforting.

However, I stiffen as soon as my eyes land on the figure standing behind the concerned maid, staring down at me with his familiar chocolate brown eyes and the familiarity of it twists my inside as anxiety of the situation kicks in.

Nate’s stare didn’t bring me comfort like it did years back, instead, unease gnawed at my chest as he kept looking at me and finally spokes up saying “Are you ok Phoebe?” He asked with his gruff tone.

Gone was his boyish tone that always cheered me up. Suddenly I don’t feel anything for him anymore. If this situation took place a year back, I would’ve jumped and cried with happiness.

Deep inside I knew I was lying to myself. Everything changed over the last four days. Or maybe because I accustomed myself to his absence in my life, no matter what the reason was, I just felt nothing. Not at this moment at least.

“Where am I?” I inquire the maid whilst completely ignoring Nate’s question.

From the corner of my eye, I watch him tense his jaw probably due to my lack of attention to his question.

‘Feels frustrating to not have everything the way you want huh?’ I muse to myself inwardly in mockery at his expression.

My mind also registers a certain person’s absence and instantly the void in my chest grows even more.

I hesitantly look up as the sound of a door opening gains my attention and instantly I find myself drowning in pools of cerulean blue as they eye me up and down with relief evident in his eyes.

He was holding a tray presumably carrying delicious food as the aroma of fried prawn and chicken wafts through the room.

Seeing him, I release a huge breath that I didn’t know I was holding and sink further down into the brown plush silk pillow and embrace the warmth of the matching silk brown duvet. Now that my senses are more vivid than earlier, I trace the faint smell of expensive body wash and aftershave that lingers against the warm pillows.

I feel the bed dip on my right side but I don’t look because I was too afraid to look at him in the eye to avoid another breakdown. The last thing I need him to think of me as a pathetic human which at this point I’m pretty sure I succeeded in making him believe so.

I hear him sigh deeply and ask in a soft gentle tone “How are you feeling, Phoebe?”

Blurry flashbacks of the recent events empower my vision and the terrifying fear of dying surfaces as I clutch the duvet tightly with my fingers almost leaving creases.

“Master if you don’t mind me speaking, I believe that Ms. Carter needs plenty of rest” The maid speaks up and casts her eyes down in fear as if she was about to be scolded.

I see Blaze look at her for a fleeting second and nod his head in agreement.

“Yes she will but she needs to eat something first” He replies with a sharp commanding voice.

“But I did have dinner before” I state with confusion.

He looks at me with his cold eyes which soften as they land on me and says “That was almost six hours ago”

My eyes widen with shock upon hearing this and I whip my head to look at the clock mounted on my opposite and note that it was indeed past midnight and true to his words, almost six hours actually passed.

“Besides you need to eat in order to gain more energy” He shrugs.

A clearing of throat gains our attention towards Nate, who was still standing in his earlier position. His eyes held back fury as he burned holes to where Blaze was sitting.

Rolling my eyes in irritation, I decided to avoid him but soon that thought feels stupid since he was the one who saved me from what I remember before passing out.

I muster lots of courage and turn my head towards Nate and say politely “Thank you for saving me”

A look of surprise crosses his face before it resumes his normal stone-cold look and he mutters back in reply “No problem”

He doesn’t even look at me when he says that but at this point, I’m quite used to his aloof behavior and don’t even pay any heed because truth is told, I couldn’t care less about what he was thinking anymore.

I mean what were you even expecting Phoebe?

“Ok, she needs rest. Nate can you kindly leave” The last part of Blaze’s sentence sounded more like a command than a question.

“Why is she going to stay here in your bedroom? Isn’t that inappropriate Mr. Hunter?” Nate questions whilst emphasizing the word ‘inappropriate’.

That bastard!

I glare at him with contempt and look at Blaze to see his expression.

His face matched my look of contempt and anger as his eyes start darkening dangerously, almost turning into a deep shade of electric blue.

“Are you dumb Mr. Woodwards or did you decide to take a dive in that cold water too that made you lose your sense of reasoning? You seriously want me to shift a woman from my bedroom, for fucks sake she almost died a few hours back” He almost yells in the end and for a moment I see Nate look scared at Blaze’s dominant form.

“Do me a favor and take your leave” Blaze adds again.

Nate shakes his head in disbelief and stomps off towards the carved double doors.

“Fucking fool” I hear Blaze mutter under his breath and I couldn’t help but release a short laugh.

Blaze turns to look at me amusedly.

After a while, silence fills the room with him watching me and with me looking down uncomfortably. I did not know what to say after our fight inside his study.

Finally, he breaks the silence and states “You should eat”

But I don’t reply and instead, I ask him curiously, “Where am I, Blaze?”

“This used to be my childhood bedroom. I figured that bringing you here was the best idea since it was closer from the backdoor” He shrugs.

“What do you mean by your childhood bedroom? You’re speaking as if you don’t stay here anymore”

“It’s because I don’t” He mumbles so softy that I almost don’t hear him.

“Why don’t you?” I persist in asking because I genuinely wanted to know the real story. After all, from the looks of it, there was probably something more to it. I know I was being greedy by not telling my story but then again I’m pretty sure that his story probably did not consist of any dead man.

“Because I have another bedroom on the east wing” He mutters without looking at me as if trying to hide his emotions that his face held.

“Why do you? I mean this place looks pretty nice” I wave my hand around to prove my point.

“That’s because I made it like this a few years back,” He says, with his voice taking a nosedive in the north-pole.

“I don’t understand”

I was really confused and for the first time in my life I was really hungry for information about a person’s life, which was really peculiar as I was never interested in other’s life.

But of course this wasn’t the case when it came to Blaze’s life.

He always had an air of mystery surrounding him all the time. I could just never read him and maybe that’s what drew me towards him because all the men in my life were mostly predictable.

Too predictable

Even Nate was really predicable to me and yet being the sucker I was for him, I still pursued him. Deep down I always had this feeling that he was never really going to get over his ex and yet I still loved him.

Looks like history is repeating itself all over again...

I want to believe that Blaze and I will never be together but all my senses of reasoning abandon me as soon as he is near me.

I wanted him and at the same time I didn’t. At this point, I was fucking sick and tired of debating with myself over and over again. How he managed to weave his way with his mesmerizing and enigmatic presence in my life was beyond me. I wanted to tell him everything but then again I didn’t because I was afraid. What if he blamed me for my past just like everyone?

Moments like this make me wish if I was a boy or if Alana was a boy. I would’ve totally dated her. She understood me like no one else. Even better than Ava, who often made me wonder, how was a person so capable of accepting someone without any question even after knowing all the dirty things he or she did.

I know it was a part of her job but she didn’t make it seem like it was. Compassion simply came to her like it was natural for a human being. I really envied her sometimes.

I end my line of thoughts as I watch Blaze eye me warily, as if contemplating whether to confide in me or not.

I don’t blame him; after all I knew the importance of secrets.

He takes a huge deep breath and starts “This place used to feel like my personal hell hole once”

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