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22 | Chase Away My Pain

Phoebe’s POV

There is so little I know about you…

I trail off as the words spill out of my mouth and get lost in the stream of water cascading over us. I squeeze my eyes shut because I regret verbalizing my thoughts out as soon as they reach my ears. I already dread Blaze’s reply and expect him to call me a hypocrite because that was exactly what I was being at the moment.

Instead, he surprises me by nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck and murmurs tiredly “I know amour, I know”

“Were both being selfish, aren’t we?” I state and stare up at the ceiling with a wistful look on my face. The shiny black marble reflected both of our bare bodies and I observed Blaze’s expression as my question sinks in his head.

“I know” He replies with the same answer again. I was feeling a bit irritated after getting the same response again and decide to steer the topic in a safe direction.

“You know, I’m really surprised to know that you’re so talented. I mean you can cook!” I exclaim the last sentence and laugh.

He releases a short chuckle and I feel him smirk without even looking at him as he stood underneath the shower behind me.

“Why is that surprising? Does our busy little Ms. Interior designer not know how to cook?” He asks me amusedly.

“Oh please, I can cook quite well!” I raise my palm defensively and try to appear offended which I fail to do so.

“Then why were you so surprised to know that I can cook?” He persists again and starts rubbing his thumbs in a circular motion on the side of my hips.

“Well, my brother can’t even boil water properly let alone cooking. In fact, the same goes for my father and all my male cousins so I assumed you can’t cook too” I explain to him whilst enjoying the feel of his fingers on my skin.

However, after hearing my explanation, he abruptly stops his actions and asks distractedly “You have a brother?”

“Yes. He’s six years older than me and works alongside my father” I frown at his sudden behavior change.

“You were right. We really know very little about each other” He says with a deep sigh and his breath at the nape of my neck left me shivering with need at our proximity.

“Well, my mum taught me how to cook before I left for university so that I don’t have to rely on takeout every day. I learned to master my skill in cooking within the time span of four years and often experimented with dishes in my free time among other things of course” He speaks up again to end the growing silence and puts a slight emphasis on the words ‘other things’ and soon as I understand his referred innuendo, I feel myself blushing.

“Now I really envy you; I mean you are so talented” I teasingly drawl out my retort while smiling to myself coyly and jump with glee inwardly.

“Oh, you should really see my other talents. I bet you’re going to love it!” He boasts back.

All of a sudden a thought flashes in my head. I don’t where it came from but I can’t let go of it anymore.

‘What if I finally give in to my temptation and sleep with Blaze to get him out of my system?’ I ask myself to which my subconscious sneers back and says ’Yeah right! More like caving into a new addiction that’s gonna kill you slowly. Nice thoughts Phoebe, nice thoughts!’

No debate was necessary anymore because I’ve finally made up my mind.

I will sleep with Blaze no matter what.

I know this sounds like the stupidest thing to do given to my growing addiction and constant cravings for him but if I can’t get rid of it, the least I could do is give in to it.

With that thought in my head, I turn around to face him and lock my eyes with his cerulean orbs with profound determination behind them.

“Show me” I declare my thoughts.

At first, his eyebrows pulled into a frown but all traces of his smile vanishes from his face when he finally understands what I said.

“I want you to claim me Blaze” With that being said, I move forward and slide my hands up from his biceps to his neck and wrap my arms around them.

He was still looking at me impassively with no emotions present on his face, which made me grow nervous and soon I start regretting my bold declaration.

A few seconds pass by with us in the same position and by the time I decide to pull away from him in mortification, he clasps his fingers around my waist and swiftly pulls me flush against him, and uses his other hand to lift my jaw straight to meet his lust-ridden eyes.

“Don’t tease me Phoebe because once I start, I won’t stop” He warns me and searches my eyes for traces of fear.

However, his warning had the exact opposite effect on me.

Instead of feeling fear creeping in, I felt lust and hunger.

Deep intense hunger for him

Desire flooded my system as I watched his eyes darken with the undeniable need to the point it looked like two sapphire crystals instead of cerulean orbs.

“What part of my face says I’m not serious Blaze? I want you. Not Nate, not any man but you!” I exclaim out as he stares at me.

As soon as the words leave my mouth, he slams me against the cold marble walls and I gasp at the sudden movement and pain.

“Your wish Ciccino” With that said, he crashes his mouth on mine in a wild hungry kiss that leaves me breathless and has my core dripping with the need to the point where I almost feel it slide down my legs.

All words die on my lips as his tongue slips inside my mouth and strokes mine with his, deepening the kiss.

I moaned uncontrollably with my mind going blank and blindly run my hands down his chest over his toned abs and slide them back up to cup his face.

Finally, this is it!

I break away from him and gasp for air as my vision gets blurry from the lack of oxygen and his mouth transfers to my neck.

He presses me further into the wall with his hands on both sides of the wall where I was glued.

He sucked on my sweet spot and I almost slip on the cool tiles as my knees buck out in ecstasy.

Wanting his mouth back on mine, I pull his face back and capture his lips in thirst for another one of his mind-blowing kisses. My hands curl around his hair and I tug on them, making him groan against my mouth, and in one swift motion, he wraps his hands around my thighs and lifts me off the ground, taking us away from the fogged glass doors of the shower towards the great room.

After reaching the end of the bed, he pulls away and I instantly miss his touch.

“Not here,” He says and runs a hand through his wet hair in frustration and uncertainty.

“Why not?” I ask while panting because my patience was running thin with each second and with the way I was turned on, I wouldn’t mind if he fucked me right on the floor.

He shoots me an ‘Are you serious?’ look and says exasperatedly “No! I don’t want to have you for the first time in this dreadful room. For fuck’s sake Phoebe I hate this place even after renovating it five times”

All of a sudden, an idea enters my head and I voice it out “What if we exorcise those memories away?”

He turns to look at me and my eyes drop down to his naked form.

My eyes almost bulge out of its socket when I take in his whole form. Water glistened in the moonlight showing off every curve and dip of his toned muscles on his muscular form. It was evident that he worked out.

A lot!

My mouth waters as my eyes finally lands on his huge bulging erection. It was long and thick with veins protruding out as he was hard. He might be the biggest I’ve ever seen.

Way bigger than Nate

How I know about Nate’s dick is a story for another day!

For a moment I feel deeply nervous thinking how that will ever fit inside me. No wonder he was always so confident and cocky. Pun intended.

But he breaks me out of my thoughts as he says “How exactly do you plan to diminish those memories? Pray, do tell me” He speaks sarcastically and waves his hands around in mockery.

Having had enough of his attitude, I lift myself off the bed and walk to him. When I reach him, I try my best to seductively slide my index finger from his shoulder to his torso which apparently works as desire clouds his features and genuinely tell him.

“What if we chase away those bad memories with good ones? What if only images of you fucking me here replace those memories instead of those horrible flashbacks of your childhood?”

Truth is, despite my growing need to get my hunger appeased by him, I genuinely wanted to help him. I wasn’t lying when I said that I wanted to help him. I really did.

It broke me in pieces to see him in pain and I wanted nothing more than to help him dispel his childhood horrors. I knew the pain of being abused. Not by my family but at least by that man.

I quickly shake my head to get rid of that horrible image that clouded my vision and looked up at Blaze.

This was it.

If Blaze accepts my help, I know that I will do everything in my power to keep my promise.

A/N - So, what do you all think Blaze will do? Will he accept Phoebe's help or will his past empower him?

Let me know your thoughts and I hope you all enjoy this chapter!

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