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23 | Devil In The Sheets

Phoebe’s POV

He looks at me for the longest time then suddenly he throws me down on the bed.

“Whoa Bla-” He unexpectedly cuts me off by kissing me and I open my mouth to provide him access as he slides his tongue.

His tongue slowly strokes mine in a strong frenzy and I feel myself growing impossibly wet with each passing second.

After what felt like ages, he breaks away from me only to swipe his tongue seductively on the length of my neck and pushes one long finger inside my sex.

My gapes open with a loud moan and I move my hips in motion as his fingers keep plunging inside me over and over again, hitting the front wall of my vagina each time.

“Damn it, love, you’re dripping wet” He rasps out and I still move my hips in sync to his fingers greedily taking in all that I have to offer.

My body bucks off the bed as he hits my g-spot and seeing my face contort with pleasure, he continues hitting the same spot with his middle finger and uses his thumb to circle my clit. With all my senses intensified, I scream chanting out his name and grab his shoulder for dear life as the first wave of orgasm hits me.

He doesn’t even let me recover from my first high before he reaches down and grabs both of my legs and pushes them as far apart as they can go.

“No no no no Blaze, not n-” I try to mutter coherently but he pays no heed to my weak attempts and my mind blanks when he latches his mouth on my core which was still overly sensitive from my first orgasm.

I witnessed a new side of him that was filled with desperation as he flicked his tongue over my clit. I pulled the ends of his hair and moaned as he entered two fingers inside me this time and moved them with agonizing slowness. I gasped and buckled as I felt myself inching towards another orgasm.

“Oh, lord! Blaze, don’t stop!

He continued to work his amazing skillful fingers inside me while nibbling down on my clit and sends me screaming over the edge.

My back arches upwards as I come again screaming a coherent version of his name.

Suddenly, his lips crashed into mine and I tasted myself vividly on his tongue. Somewhere along the way, I felt his throbbing erection rest against my thigh, and without any warning; he slides inside me in one swift motion.

Oh my god! Fuck!

All of a sudden it felt like I was back in college at that stupid frat party where I lost my virginity to some guy named Callum or Clent.

The pain I felt on my first time with that jock was nothing compared to what I was feeling right now.

It felt like someone or more like a certain something was tearing down my insides and for a moment I contemplated if someone could grow back their hymen once again.

For fuck’s sake, he’s not even fully inside me!

I pant for air and sensing my pain, he retreats a bit and asks “You alright there, amore?”

I try to find ways to answer his question but fail; he was still barely inside me when he rolled us over so that I’m on top.

“How about you ride me the way you want?” He asks me gently with a soft look in his eyes and I get lost in those blue eyes that glowed underneath the moonlight peaking from the heavy drapes. I faintly nod and take deep breaths before lowering myself on his massive erection.

After having him inside me to the hilt, I could feel him growing against my inner walls and see his jaw clenched as if he was the one in pain.

I knew that he was holding himself back and as much as I would love to have him fuck me into oblivion, I needed to adjust to his enormous size first.

Christ did it hurt like a bitch!

I moved forward and kissed him biting his lip. He puts his hand on my butt and lets out a loud groan as I raise myself off him.

With a silent prayer, I lower myself on him again and both of us moan out in unison.

“Fuck Phoebe! You’re so damn tight” He grates out and his grip on my butt tightens.

God, I don’t think I’ve ever felt anyone penetrate me this deep in my entire life. It hurt a lot, but I still held tightly to him.

The pain was extremely sharp at first but after a few moments of soreness, the pain reduced to a dull ache.

“You ok now?” He asks me with the same gentle look in his eyes.

I smile down at him coyly and purr out “Yes”

After hearing my answer, he smirks at me and a mischievous naughty glint adorns his eyes.

“Good” He states happily whilst inching close to my ear and whispers warningly, “Now Phoebe, I’m going to fuck you until you can’t even remember your own name amore

With that said he flips us over so that he’s on top this time and slides inside me with one powerful thrust.

My eyes roll over the back of my head due to the sudden intrusion except for this time I’m not gasping with pain, I’m panting with unbearable pleasure as my slick core invites his entire length in.

He groaned into my ears as I clawed his back and with another powerful thrust, he had me seeing the stars.

And lord he was so powerful.

He pounded into me over and over again with such intensity that I almost fainted. His cock hit my inner walls in all the right spots and I clawed down at his back even harder. If I saw peeled off skin in my nails tomorrow morning, I wouldn’t be surprised.

With a loud groan, he captures both of my wrists and pins them down on both sides of my head, and grips them so tightly that I almost feel the veins of my hand protesting.

I felt absolutely helpless under his control as he fucked me into submission and I couldn’t do anything other than spreading my legs further as he rolled his hips in a circular motion hitting that sensitive front wall of my vagina.

I would be totally lying if I said that I wasn’t enjoying each second of it.

Something about giving him full control over my body made me push myself closer to some invisible precipice of the abyss.

Tears welled in the corner of my eyes as my mind goes driven with pleasure and emotions both. With the way my eyes were locked with his, I give him a piece of myself I never thought existed before.

A scream ripped out of my throat as I felt my pussy convulse and spasm around his cock. He kissed me with such intense animalistic desperation that it left me breathless.

After breaking away from our kiss, I look into his eyes to find them locked with my own. My heart started beating faster like a hummingbird after noticing the swirl of emotions in his eyes.

The contact became too much for me that I looked away but Blaze took none of my bullshit and released one of my hands to cup my jaw with his fingers by making me look at him.

“Keep your eyes on me Phoebe or I won’t let you come” He voices out his warning.

Please Blaze” I beg him to go slow and to also not ruin me emotionally at the same time but deep down I knew he was doing this to fuck away from his fear of this place but if he keeps on pounding inside me like this, I swear I won’t last another minute let alone the whole night.

I heaved for breath as his manhood throbbed inside me, sending pulses of pleasure through my body.

Soon my legs start shaking to alert me of another orgasm and I brace myself for it.

Stabs after stabs of pleasure rip through me as I embraced my climax.

Blaze grunted out as my walls squeezed down on his shaft like a vice.

Before I could even come down from my recent peak, he flipped me over so that I was on my stomach and I screamed his name as he took me from behind.

He managed to go even deeper like this and impaled himself inside me again and again with such precision in his thrust that I lost my head.

“Fucking hell, how on fucking earth are you so damn tight?!” He asked as he slammed into me repeatedly and I still couldn’t form any response.

He gripped my throat applying just the right amount of pressure that had me seeing everything dizzily.

I braced my hand on the polished black headboard as he arched my hips in such a way that he never missed my g-spot.

“If fucking you was an art, I’d paint you all day Tesoro” He whispered near my ears as he impaled himself inside me.

My pussy clenches at his words and I moaned out “Blaze you feel so good

Indeed he did.

He felt too good that I knew from this moment that parting with him will be one of the hardest things ever.

He increased his pace at my words and I felt that familiar building up inside me once again.

I screamed and moaned out a high-pitched version of his names at his frantic rhythm.

“Almost there” I alert him and whimper as one of his hands reach down circle my clit.

That was the trigger.

I turn into a quivering mess as my earth-shattering orgasm seizes me and soon Blaze follows in my wake as my pussy draws out his come.

We both collapse down on the sheets trying to regain our breath.

After a long while, he looks at me and questions “Are you on the pill?”

“Yes,” I somehow reply as my chest heaves up and down to absorb more air in my lungs.

A frown crosses his feature as he inquires in a grim tone “Why are you on the pill?”

This time, I’m the one frowning as I reply to him “I have hormonal problems which require me taking birth control pills. What about you? Are you clean?”

“Of course I am! I would never think of giving you or anyone any disease. I heard that STDs can be quite awful” he wonders distractedly.

I roll over on my side as exhaustion kicks me with full force and I feel his hot cum trailing down my thighs but don’t bother to get up.

However, all thoughts of sleep abandon me as soon as Blaze nuzzles his face on the nape of my neck and desire floods my system yearning for him all over again.

The next five hours are spent with each other tossing around the bed as we fucked each other and we didn’t just stop there.

We fucked on the couch, on the walls, inside the shower, on the floor. Just name it!

I lost my count during the 8th on how many times I came after an hour.

Only after dawn came, Blaze was finally exhausted and I was left like a complete train wreck from all the times we did it.

The whole air was permeated with the scent of our fucking as it lingered everywhere.

I could feel the soreness creeping in and knew that tomorrow was going to be one long day as Blaze wraps his arms around my torso, spooning me and soon I let sleep overcome me.

A/N - Jeez it's really hot in here *fanning myself*. This chapter is dedicated to all my naughty readers ;)

Hope you all enjoy it!

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