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24 | First Confrontation

Phoebe’s POV

He fucked like the devil.

This was my first thought when I woke up in the morning wrapped around Blaze.

For some inexplicable reason, I was relieved to know that he didn’t leave like last time.

Huh inexplicable

Of course, I knew why I was relieved. If he left like last time, I would’ve been a crying mess by now.

The brown silk sheets cocooned us in its warmth as I play the last few days’ occurrences in my head.

Jesus! Honestly, it felt like someone dragged me through a car wash with my car’s roof open.

Firstly the anxiety of bumping with Nate in Seattle, then this project, the pros, and cons of sleeping with Blaze, the trap at the labyrinth, Nate coming to my rescue, and lastly finally sleeping with Blaze.

He was a temptation I couldn’t get rid of. Everything reminded me of him.

Especially after last night, my body felt like Jell-O from all the exertions. The evident ringing soreness between my legs was a constant reminder of what went down there last night. God, even thinking about it makes me wet all over again.

Suddenly I’m overwhelmed with unnamed emotions swirling around my chest as I stared at the broken flower vase beside the bedside table.

During one of our tryst on the bedside table last night knocked off the expensive Italian vase, and Blaze of course couldn’t care less about it. How the bedside table managed to stay in one piece during all of his harsh poundings was a surprise itself.

Sighing, I slowly turn around and come face to face with Blaze’s sleeping face. If only I had my phone with me, I would have captured this vision a thousand times. Words wouldn’t do any justice to describe him.

He looked so different from his normal broody self. Long curled lashes shadowed his face and a soft pink hue adorned his cheeks. Straight silky black hair fell on top of his forehead and my hands itched to touch them.

I think he might’ve lost a couple of hair follicles from all my harsh tugging.

All of a sudden I’m clueless on what to do next. I don’t know if I’m supposed to stay or leave. If I leave, at one time or another, I’ll bump into him. If I stay, then I’m going to die from the anxiety of his reaction to this situation.

People should legit create a guide for situations like this.

Like, what do you do after sleeping with someone who you shouldn’t be sleeping with in the first place? Do you walk out or do you stay?

I was completely familiar with one night stands and did my fair share of the walk of shame. None of that ever bothered me because I knew that I’ll never be seeing those men. But this wasn’t the case. At one point or the other, I’ll have to bump with Blaze and that might either end up with a confrontation or weird eye contact.

Heck! There are still nine days left before the big event.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this distracted before in my life ever. Not even after getting kidna-

Shit don’t go there, Phoebe!

I shake the dreadful image out of my head and count from one to ten, to remove those ugly memories of my past.

Honestly speaking, this didn’t feel like a work project anymore, calling it a vacation suited this whole last few days better.

Mixed emotions plagued my mind and soon my head starts hurting from all the over-thinking.

I won’t say that I regret having sex with Blaze. Hell! It might as well be the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. However, a tiny part of me regrets doing so because, after this, I’ll always find myself comparing him with every guy I’ll have sex with.

I have always been the one who enjoyed rough sex and Blaze made the whole experience even memorable. The way he gripped my hair, angled my jaw, bared himself inside me, I feel myself flushing at the mere thought of it.

My eyes drop down on the inky spot of his left arm and I wonder how the hell I failed to notice that. I never understood how men marked their skin with black and colorful inks all the time to make them appear mysterious and whatnot. It wasn’t like I was against the idea; I just had a different view.

I remember asking my mum about a small star tattoo that she has on her wrist, she answered with something like ‘This is just a reminder of a happy time. Whenever I feel sad, I look at it and it instantly makes me happy’. I also remember wanting to get a tattoo done too but she was completely adamant about the idea despite my persistence. Her excuse was something like ‘You’ll know when you want to mark a certain date in your life sweetie. Right now you’re just too small to understand the concept of it’.

I wondered why Blaze decided to get this tattoo done.

I really liked how subtle the ink was done. The black ink accentuated his fair slightly tanned skin well and stood out proudly. I couldn’t decipher the image even though it looked oddly familiar.

I traced the black ink with my index finger, feeling its softness, and made out the lines. The artwork was really unique but peculiar. It started from the top of his shoulder to all the way down and stopped a few inches on top of his forearm.

It was a really strange piece of work but it also looked quite attractive at the same time.

On top of the tattoo, there was an edge of the sphere that resembled the waning moon and started downwards with a series of vice-like lines that possibly looked like vines or serpents and in the middle part of it was shaped into something like a two-tray scale and ends with something in the form of a fire-like sketch.

It was a very odd combo. I reasoned out that maybe the serpent and balance represented lies and justice, but the moon and fire made no sense.

“Did I ever mention that you look very cute when you’re face is scrunched up with confusion?” A rick velvety voice speaks up beside me and I whip my head to face him.

Dear God, it should be illegal to look this good even after waking up.

Looking at him right now, with his hair tousled and a sleepy grin etched on the corners of his mouth, he looked so young and boyish.

Well so far he hasn’t mentioned anything that indicates the fact that he regretted last night so I guess that’s a good sign.

When I still haven’t answered him, his grin gets replaced with a frown and he questions me “Are you ok, Ciccino?

I cringe inwardly at my awkwardness and reply steadily “Well apart from the soreness, oh yeah I’m fine”

“Good” He replies simply before yawning.

Now it was my turn to frown.

“How is what good?” I ask him bemused.

“You won’t get it, love” He smiles with his cute dimples on display and shakes his head as if he’s enjoying some private joke.

I start feeling weird and decide to drop the topic as I try to clamber off the bed with the silk sheets wrapped around me tightly.

As soon as I try to sit up, I visibly cringe at the sharp pain that shoots through my vagina.

As I said earlier, I tried.

Out of nowhere, his arms grasp my bare hips and pull me towards him in one swift movement.

I squeal at the sudden movement and land directly on his lap with his erection bumping against the apex of my thighs.

Even after being awfully sore, my southern region clenches and I feel myself getting wet with each passing second.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He says teasingly and cradles my round bottoms with his warm palms.

“I-I need to-o take-e my morning-g pill” I desperately try to answer him properly but unfortunately end up stuttering at our close proximity. With the way I was wet, he could easily fill me up with one single thrust. As much as the idea was appealing, my body screamed otherwise as my core protested with the still evident dull pain.

“Hmm, I feel kind of bad. Don’t you have side effects from those pills” He looks up at me curiously with an adorable expression and I try my best to not smile widely as I straddle my hips to balance myself on top of him.

“Well, it’s not that bad for me. However, I’ve heard that some women suffer terrible head-aches and episodes of nausea” I answer him.

Upon hearing my word, he visibly cringes and distractedly draws circles on the side of my waist.

If only anyone had any clue how much this mere stimulation made my nerve ending alert, sending electrical shocks throughout my system and causing goosebumps to rise up on my skin.

“You sound almost like a feminist you know” I look at him with a coy smile playing on my lips as I stare at his beautiful ocean eyes.

“I don’t think I’ve ever given anyone the impression to think otherwise” He replies seriously to which I honestly say “Uh, aren’t you French men slightly aristocrat or something?”

He laughs heartily at my question and throws his head back laughing “This is 21st century Ms. Carter. Besides, I’m not originally French. I’m half Italian and half American”

I raise my eyebrows at the new found information and again think wistfully.

Huh I really don’t know this man at all

Sensing my change in mood, he asks me “What’s going around that beautiful head of yours, love?”

I smile at him calling me ‘love’ because for some weird reason, I really liked it when he called me with sweet names like ‘love’, ’Ciccino’, ’Amour’, ’Tesoro’, even though I have no clue what ’Ciccino’ or ’Tesoro’ means but I don’t think it has anything to with whores or sluts at least.

I make a mental note to check what they mean.

I look down to find Blaze still waiting patiently for my answer and I speak truthfully saying “No matter how much you try to dismiss the topic, I just can’t help but ponder over yesterday’s incident at the labyrinth”

He tries to speak but I hold up my palm signaling that I wasn’t done yet and thankfully he gets the hint.

“I understand that you don’t want to say it but please understand Blaze, I almost drowned. I know this is none of my business and I’m not that important for you to answer my question. But I just can’t get that thought out of my head” I feel something inside me breaking as I mutter out the words that plagued my thoughts. Even though all I said was right, I can’t help but feel sad thinking about my importance towards Blaze.

I see his jaw clench at my words and look away from him to focus my attention on the large paneled window with my hands still circled around Blaze’s neck as I wait for his answer.

A/N - What do you think will be Blaze's answer? I hope you all liked this update! Enjoy!

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