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26 | Heated Promises

Phoebeโ€™s POV

Iโ€™m scared.

Iโ€™m scared because what if Blaze leaves me as soon as he knows about all the gruesome things that Iโ€™ve done unintentionally.

If it were to be some other men, I wouldnโ€™t have cared much because they wouldnโ€™t have mattered.

But the problem was I raised a high bar for Blaze. Deep down inside me, Iโ€™ve placed him on a high podium which I claim to believe only belongs to him.

Iโ€™m afraid that what if he turns out to be just like the rest of those fools who left me because I was too damaged to be ever repaired.

Iโ€™m afraid to be let down by him because no matter how much I wanted to ignore it, I knew that I was developing strong feelings for this man, and knowing the type of person that I am, it terrified me to feel this way towards him.

I release a huge sigh and look up at the false ceiling carved with slim golden flower design and after a while start massaging my temples with my thumb and index finger whilst Blaze remains mute from all my confessions.

From his silence, I could easily tell that my confession floored him and I definitely screwed it.

However, when I turn to look at him, I get the biggest shock and my mouth falls wide open at his expression.

He was literally smirking at me amusedly with his hands behind his head, resting against the padded headboard like I was singing soap opera.

I frown with confusion and before I can say anything, he speaks up.

โ€œVery well, Iโ€™ll try my best to not distract you,โ€ He says with that same smirk plastered over his face and somehow I doubted his words.

My mind blanks when he gets up from the bed and the sheets fall all over the floor from the bed given its smoothness.

He saunters towards me with his naked body on display and my eyes drop down to his massive erection.

My mouth starts salivating at the sight and I feel lust flooding my system.

I quickly look away clenching my thighs together to stop my arousal from sliding down my legs and fold my arms over my chest to hide my erect nipples that were straining against the satin fabric.

Lord this is so embarrassing! Heโ€™s not even touching me and here I am, getting wet for him like some horny prostitute on crack!

When he finally reaches in front of me, I encourage myself to look at him.

My eyelashes rise to remove my eyes from his gorgeous muscles to lock them with his blue spheres.

Humor danced in those cerulean orbs as he took my frame in with his hungry amused eyes.

โ€œI definitely get what you mean by getting distracted amore,โ€ He says cockily and my hands clench with mortification.

โ€œHuh! Donโ€™t flatter yourselfโ€ I replied petulantly.

Suddenly, he turns me to face me away from him with his front pressed against my back towards the mirror that stood proudly in front of us, capturing our reflection.

I looked startled and he looked his usual devilish self even with tousled bed hair. In fact, I think he even looked hotter with his hair mussed up.

Our eyes lock with each other in the huge length mirror as he circles his arms around my torso.

โ€œLet me show you exactly how wrong you are Ciccinoโ€ He whispers behind my ear sensually before tugging my earlobe softly with his lips and uses the tip of his fingers to slide up and down the side from my breasts to my hips sexily

Somehow watching this whole act makes me super aware of how much power he holds over me.

I feel his bulging erection pressing against the small of my back and my mind wanders back to last night. Images of his cock sliding in and out of me cloud my vision and despite my pussy protesting against my will, I want him to fuck me to oblivion all over again.

โ€œI know you are thinking about my cock stretching your tight pussy, Phoebe. I can feel you getting wet and begging for itโ€ My mouth widens with shock at the truthfulness of his words and I release a small moan as he starts kissing down the length of my neck.

Slowly his hands pull up the hem of my nightgown to reveal my pussy that was swollen red and raw from all of his poundings last night and I watch him as he slides one finger inside my heat.

โ€œSo fucking wet and tightโ€ He drawls out and groans.

I clench my eyes shut, unable to watch the scene unfolding in front of me. It was not because of humiliation.

It was because of the erotic depth of it overwhelmed me.

Suddenly Blaze stops all his actions and I almost cry out in frustration.

โ€œOpen your eyes Phoebeโ€ He commands with his dominating tone and my eyes open voluntarily at his order.

At this point I was certain that Blaze hasnโ€™t only succeeded in violating my head with unnamed emotions, he has also managed to make my body turn into a slave under his expert hands, and being the desperate slut I was under his deadly spell, I enjoyed each minute of his attention.

โ€œWatch how wet you are for me Tesoroโ€ He drawls out with his heavily accented voice and on cue, he slides his fingers out of me and I watch them glisten with my juice under the sunlight that entered the darkroom from the large windows.

He spreads the moisture all over my clit and rubs them in circular motions that jolt my body with spasms of ecstasy as I start panting to drag more air inside my lungs.

I watch myself writhe under his skilled fingers and throw my head back against his shoulders being unable to stand the scene in front of me.

โ€œIf only you had any clue about all the things that I could do to you, love. I promise you, one day Iโ€™ll fuck you right against one of these mirrors while you watch my cock slide in and out of your slick cuntโ€ He whispers sensually and his voice is like music to my ears and grip his forearm tightly with my hand as I feel the now-familiar clenching of my muscles in the southern region of my body and a loud moan of ecstasy breaks out of my throat.

Soon after some more mind-blowing stimulation of his fingers, I come hard and release my juices all over him.

My knees buckle from the earth-shattering orgasm and Blaze collects me in his arms.

I sigh with satisfaction after coming down from my high and plant a soft kiss on Blazeโ€™s shoulder gently which surprises both of us.

With inner encouragement, I turn my head to face him and give him a sated smile.

โ€œYou proved your point Blaze I get it. You affect me. I think you also proved my point about you distracting meโ€ I say lightly as I trace his sharp chiseled jawline with my index finger distractedly.

He sighs deeply and lifts my face to look at him.

โ€œFine, Iโ€™ll try to not distract you from your work,โ€ He says with a sincere tone however mischief danced around his light Egyptian blue eyes as he answered me.

Oh lord, what has he got planned?

A/N - Hmm, what do you all think Blaze is up to? Let me know about your guesses and hope you all enjoyed this update.

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