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27 | The New Visitor

Phoebe’s POV

“I still don’t like the chairs over there,” I say whilst pointing at the silver-rimmed chairs piled near the exit that arrived instead of gold-rimmed ones.

I massaged my temples in frustration and rubbed the sweat away from my face with my cotton handkerchief.

The sun glared down at us with its scorching heat as we worked on it. Suddenly I regretted sporting my all-black attire.

After my heated morning with Blaze, I thankfully reached my room without bumping with any staff except Gerard.

Out of all the people, I bumped into him right outside Blaze’s room, wearing nothing other than his black button-down shirt. The butler’s face was truly a sight to behold. His usual stoic expression was replaced with one that displayed utter shock when I opened the door with a shirtless Blaze in tow and thankfully he kept his mouth shut after noticing Blaze’s piercing gaze on him.

Karma sure was a bitch!

As another bead of sweat rolls down on the side of my face, I resist the urge to scream out in frustration. Honestly, the weather here was so queer. One moment it was sunny and the next it was pouring with heavy droplets of rain.

Summer has never been my favorite season ever. I hated how I had to sweat all the time and the heat staring at me right in the face made the whole experience even worse.

I sigh as I rub my face with the piece of cotton fabric again.

Never had I ever thought that it would be so humid and awfully sunny today, so after reaching my room, I grabbed the first piece of clothing article that came into my view, and that, unfortunately, happened to be my black full-sleeved crop top paired with a tight bodycon skirt. The whole outfit was constricting and made me feel like a dying dehydrated fish underneath the bright rays of the sun.

Adjusting my sunglasses, I make my way back towards the shaded pergola where Fiona was barking orders on her phone.

“WELL, YOU SHOULD’VE SAID THAT BEFORE YOU SCREWED OUR NEIGHBOUR” She yelled over the phone so loudly that I flinched and earned a few glares from the nearby workers.

Ok, maybe she wasn’t exactly barking orders

Having had enough of her screaming, I mask my annoyance and address her with my stern voice, “Fiona. I think it’s better if you maintain your personal life outside your work”

Upon hearing my voice, she looks up from her phone and I regret talking to her like that when I notice her hazel eyes brimmed with unshed tears.

I knew that I sounded like an A-grade heartless bitch but work is work. I could not compromise it for the life of me.

Watching her tears crumble down her face, I inwardly sigh and approach her.

“I’m sorry dear. If you’re having a bad day, take your day off” I say with my hands soothingly rubbing on her shoulders.

She releases a huge sigh and looks at me with gratitude and mutters “I’m sorry for my lack of professionalism Ms. Carter. Just so you know, I informed the furniture team about their blunder and they are on their way with the chairs you originally ordered”

“What about the maintenance guy? Did you call him as I asked you to do?” I ask cautiously.

“Yes, miss. I informed them about the plumbing issue and cleaners will be here by midday to finish with the ballroom” She nods her head whilst saying.

“Great! Now you can take your leave” I announce to her cheerfully.

Her eyes widen with surprise as she registers my words and before she can protest, being the workaholic that she is, I interrupt her and say sternly “I won’t take no for an answer, Ms. Romano. Go and take some rest. I’ll have Savita look over your works”

She smiles with sheer gratitude etched all over her face and mutters her ‘thank you’.

“Ms. Romano?” I call after her before she can leave and flash her one of my comforting smiles and say “Never forget your self-worth. If that man doesn’t see you like the way you are, then leave him”

She watches me with pure adoration and nods wordlessly before leaving.

With a soft smile playing on the corner of my lips, I turn around and watch my crew working hard.

I know it was unlike me to comfort my employees but with all due respect, no one deserved to be cheated or betrayed upon.

No matter how much I wear my bitchy boss persona, deep down I was feeling bad for my crew. I myself was annoyed and suffocated with the heat, whereas they were busy moving pieces of stuff and painting the walls a deep shade of burgundy.

I felt awful knowing that they were always working so hard. Moments like these make me wonder, what if no one in this world was poor. Would there be happiness? Maybe but that surely would’ve brought meant chaos for the economy.

Hunger is what kept the world going, at least that’s what I believed. If people weren’t hungry, no one would’ve bothered to work just for a plate of food.

Sighing at my deep thoughts, I sit down on one of the plush grey couches that dominated the insides of the pergola and visibly wince with pain that shoots through the insides of my core.

Damn it! It was almost as if he was still stuck inside me.

Diminishing his thoughts away from my head, I spend the next hour working over the blueprints that were laid out and occasionally went inside the palace to guide my workers.

By the time the clock hit 12pm, my work was done and I was making my way towards the car that was designated to me by Noah. For some reason, a part of me was hoping to see Blaze as I saw him the first day.

For fuck’s sake Pheebs, don’t expect too much!

It was right.

No matter how much I think highly of Blaze, I shouldn’t. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to stop seeing me.

Noah’s constant innuendo about his brother being a manwhore rings inside my head out of nowhere.

Trying not to let him inside my head again, I slip inside the cool interior of the silver Audi SQ8 and sink my head back on the plush pale cream leather seats.

I check my phone as the car zooms past vast greenery and notice with disdain that my mother called me almost six times.

To say I was surprised would be putting it mildly, I was shocked. My parents were always so busy that they often forgot to check up on their kids.

I often find myself wondering if I am the only one who has such an odd relationship with their parents. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but some of their decisions just always managed to get inside my nerves. After the incident that took place 8 years back, I distanced myself away from them and turned into the person that I am today. It was partially my fault that I pulled back from them and moved out of the house but I had no choice. I couldn’t face them knowing what I had done no matter how much they tried to convince me otherwise.

Think about happy thoughts Phoebe. Don’t go down the doom memory lane again…

I was snapped out of my thoughts when the driver announced our arrival at the castle and before he can get out of his seat to open the car door, I beat him at it and get out quickly.

Suddenly I halt right outside the entrance of the castle in anxiety. What if I bump into Blaze? It wasn’t like we went on our own ways on bad terms this morning. It just simply felt awkward. I was mortified thinking that I gave in to him so easily.

However, all my insecurities fly over the roof when I remember all the sweet things he told me this morning. It wasn’t like he professed his undying love for me or something. The fact that he felt something was more than enough at the moment. Deep down we both had the pasts that left us estranged into who we are today even though I have this feeling that Blaze is still hiding a lot of things from me but decide to drop the thought because I was also doing the same thing too.

‘Well at least he isn’t a coward when it comes to honesty’ I think to myself wryly and enter the castle.

As I was passing the wide hallways leading to my room, I notice an email sent by Savita regarding the paint job. I start typing back my response and suddenly out of nowhere I collide with a solid chest of muscles and almost lose my balance.

Instead of falling backward, the intruder clasps my arms and makes me stand upright but unfortunately, I twist my ankles because of my sharp heels.

Groaning with pain, I look up and stand shell-shocked.

Standing in front of me was a man of 6-foot height wearing a black three-piece suit. His brown eyes accessed my form with growing recognition.

“Darien?” I utter his name with utter disbelief.

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