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29 | Jealousy

Phoebe’s POV

I momentarily stiffen at his question but instead of anger, I’m overcome with guilt and fear. Because of the meds, I wasn’t feeling any rage but fear was still lurking around making me gulp nervously.

“I slept over your brother’s childhood bedroom last night since it was the closest one from the backdoor” I answer him truthfully even though Blaze and I were only asleep for three hours.

I rub the back of my neck nervously while avoiding eye contact and continue “I also kind of requested your brother to stay with me last night because it was late and I was scared. I slept on the bed whilst he occupied the couch” I lie once again and finally after gaining the courage to look at him, I look up and see his frowning face.

Please be convinced…

“Hmm, maybe I won’t say anything to Blaze. I mean for once he was not being a douche and also he helped you” He says cheerfully and from his expression, I get the idea that he possibly has no clue about Blaze’s childhood room.

The thought fills me with warmth knowing that Blaze shared this piece of information with me but not with his brother and a soft smile spreads my lips.

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you. We all are going out for lunch and I mainly came here to pick you up” He says nonchalantly and I was about to agree but instead I frowned at the pronoun ‘we’.

“What do you mean by ‘we’? Who else is joining us?” I stare at him confused because normally the maids deliver lunch to our rooms. I only went out once to have lunch and that was with Ava yesterday after the rain stopped.

Noah looks away nervously and grimaces for a moment.

“Actually me, you, Ava, Blaze, Emily, Andres, Nate and Camille…” He trails off and I stand shocked at the mention of the last name.

“Are you serious?! Where the fuck did Camille come from?” I stare at him incredulously and raise both of my hands with exaggeration.

Great! This day just gets better and better – note the sarcasm

“She moved out of NYC three years back and settled here. We met yesterday at a coffee shop and out of a moment of weakness I asked her out”

“And you thought it would be nice for me to tag along and have lunch with the girl who loathed me because we were good friends. Did I forget to mention the fact that she also happens to be your ex-girlfriend?” I ask him bemused because I didn’t know what to feel.

At this point, I was ok with facing Nate and Emily because Ava will be there, but having Camille was a whole different scenario. The best way to define her character would be Janice from the famous sit-com FRIENDS.

Nah, calling her Janice will be an insult to Janice. At least that bitch was nice to Chandler's friends.

I sigh with annoyance and push myself forward from the bed to get up and change.

“I’ll meet you at the front porch, let me go and get changed,” I say begrudgingly while dragging myself towards the closet. From the reflection of the mirror, I watch his face brighten but I don’t linger to hear what he has to say next.

Inside the closet, I pick up a pale yellow halter neck sundress which is backless except for the solitary button which holds the dress together and the hem reaches just a few inches above my knees.

Definitely not making the same mistake as last time

I check the window one last time to see if the sun is still on full heat outside and finding so, I start changing.


“I’ll take a Panna Cotta for dessert,” I say holding my menu card towards the waitress who was busy eyeing Blaze with carnal fascination.

Oh for fuck’s sake!

I release a frustrated sigh and put my head on my hands, refrained the urge to pull the waitress’s hair from her roots. If this isn’t embarrassing then I don’t know what is.

Noticing my frustration, Blaze sharply glares at the waitress who shuffles quickly to take my order and almost stumbles away.

My cheeks flush with delight and I bite my lips to stop them from forming a smile. However, my amusement dies when I turn to my right to see Ava with a gloomy look etched on her face.

I rest my hand on top of hers and she turns to look at me.

“Are you ok?” I mouth to her and look into her doe brown eyes intently.

She nods her head but I’m not convinced. Before I can persist her, Camille breaks our silence with her whiny loud voice and speaks out “Noah darling why is she here?” I look away from Ava to see Camille pointing at me by tilting her head and her lips were curled with displeasure.

But of course, I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction to know that it affected me. Deep down, I was seething with rage but facing her I gave her a sympathetic smile, which made her look at me with sheer hatred.

“Remind us again, why are you here?” Ava pipes into my defense and we both share a secret smirk. This causes Camille to flush with anger and she stomps off in another direction.

Noah shakes his head with disdain and surprises us all when he looks at Ava and says “Was it really necessary to cause stir such a drama, Ava? Grow up”

I watch him surprised with my mouth gaped open as he rolls his eyes and goes after Camille.

What the fuck?

I open my mouth but nothing comes out and I turn to look at Ava who has her fists clenched to the point that her knuckles turn white. Before I can say anything, her phone starts ringing and with one look at the caller ID, she gets up before whispering against my ear “Its dad. I have to take this”

“So much for having a peaceful lunch” Blaze mutters under his breath and resumes typing on his phone but it was loud enough for me to hear and I nod my head.

Suddenly I notice that the only people left at the table are Nate, Blaze, and I. Emily being herself was running late doing God knows what and Andres was already on his way.

Not being able to take a growing tension anymore, I excuse myself from the table and ask a nearby waitress for the restroom’s direction.

Upon entering the confines of the pristine marble surroundings of the washroom, I make my way towards one of the sinks and splash cool water on my face to alleviate some stress. I legit regret accepting Noah’s invitation to join the luncheon and I can bet everyone is thinking the same thing too.

Suddenly I’m greatly angry at Noah for dismissing Ava like that.

It was so rude and it wasn’t like she was wrong either. No one could stand Camille because of her rude behavior, not even Nate, and judging from Blaze’s reaction, it was obvious that he couldn’t either.

After checking myself in the mirror one last time, I turn towards the door only to see it open itself revealing Blaze.

I frown in confusion at his presence as he steps closer to me.

“Blaze, are you lost? This is female’s washroom” I start laughing but my laughter dies when he undoes the button of his cufflinks and rolls the sleeves of his pale blue button-down all the way up to his forearms, revealing the small intricate part of the ink.

My head spins with desire as I take in his form. He was dressed in a pale blue button-down shirt that was the exact shade of his pale cerulean crystal blue eyes, the fabric clings against the contours of his well-built frame and he completed his attire with black formal slacks.

In one long stride, he stands tall in front of me and picks me up only to place me on the marble countertops of the sink.

He uses his fingertips to angle my face to his hypnotizing eyes and all my senses go haywire when my eyes fall to his sensual mouth that was slightly parted. I unconsciously moisten my lips with the tip of my tongue and he groans.

With one of his hands behind my back, he tugs me forward and plants his mouth right on top of mine.

He tasted like coffee as his tongue softly stroked with mine and my core instantly starts throbbing for attention. As if reading my mind, his other hands reach down to lift the hem of my dress and disappear underneath it.

He pushes my panties aside and enters two of his fingers inside my slick heat. I cry out in ecstasy and his mouth transfers to my neck, to lick the sweet spot at the base.

I try to wiggle but he grips the back of my neck with the hand that was formerly behind my back.

“Keep still Ciccino or I won’t hesitate to punish you” He voices out his dangerous domineering tone which makes me shiver with anticipation and excitement.

He did not even lock the door so there was a high possibility that anyone can come inside and witness us like this and the mere thought of it turned me on even further. Following my gaze towards the door, he lets out a soft chuckle and says “Trust me, love, after we reach my bedroom inside my house, no one will disturb us”

“You promised to not distract me Blaze” I manage to croak out as my legs start shaking with his fingers pumping in and out of me.

“I said I’ll try Phoebe. I did not promise anything. However, I promise to fuck you in every corner of my home once I have you”

I shiver deliciously at his words and I cry out as I release myself and hold onto him tightly so that I don’t fall off the counter.

He puts two of his fingers inside his mouth that were inside me a few minutes back and I look away in mortification at the situation.

He pulls me towards him to kiss me one last time and I taste myself vaguely on his tongue.

“You go out first, then I’ll return,” I tell him as I steadily place my foot on the floor to fix my disheveled appearance.

He nods his head with a smirk plastered on his face and heads out.

By the time I’ve reached our table, I find Emily and Andres both with everyone present except Ava.

I look at Noah quizzically and he shrugs before saying “She said that she needed to head out”

“Thanks to you of course!” I reply sarcastically with a saccharine smile. He appears confused at my retort and I huff whilst rolling my eyes in anger.

I pick up my fork and dip it inside the warm plate of cream penne that was probably served while I was absent.

“Sir, aren’t you going to order dessert?” The mooning waitress from earlier reappears again and looks between Blaze and Andres.

Andres mutters out his order and turns to look at Blaze expectantly. Sensing his gaze, Blaze looks at him and says “Oh don’t bother. I already had mine” He whispers the last sentence sensually with a smirk on his face and continues slicing his chicken steak. I, on the other hand, stiffened with my fork halfway inside my mouth and close my eyes with chagrin.

Sensing someone’s gaze on me, I open my eyes to find Nate looking back and forth between me and Blaze with narrowed eyes as if trying to figure out something whilst everyone was busy eating.

I smirk inwardly at Nate’s expression and wonder to myself.

Hah! See how it feels to be jealous Mr. Woodwards.

A/N - Well at least she's happy with Nate's reaction. Hope you all like this chapter and let me know your thoughts on this!

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